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Ennen Creatures: Set 17

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 17.png
NonAnalogue The symbit, shown here not to scale, is a small parasitic insect. Upon finding a host, it will burrow in through the back of the victim's head and nest in the brain. From there, it can control its host's functions. Victims of the symbit tend to adopt the same blank eyes and wide mouth of the symbit itself (as seen in the unfortunate ammon pictured), though the reason for this is still unclear. Element: Void

The obsclutch is a shy, nebulous creature found only in urban areas. They tend to live in dark corners of basements and cellars, though attics will also do in a pinch. Nobody has ever gotten close enough to one to examine it in detail - when approached, obsclutches will slide along the edge of the room to another corner. When exposed to light, they disappear entirely. Element: Shadow

The urmurk was first created by a mage named Corona the Obviously Evil. Corona wanted to give her lair the proper atmosphere, and so decided to make a creature that could generate just the right amount of ominous haze. After Corona was defeated by Garland the Fairly Magnificent, the urmurk escaped into the wild and reproduced. Now, they're common fixtures for certain types of parties. Element: Mist
  1. Pikachucat
    on kinda looks like a black hole
    Mar 13, 2015