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Ennen Creatures: Set 16

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 16.png
NonAnalogue The pegasus is a winged creature that lives above the clouds, in the same environment as the grand gryphon and the elf. The pegasus is not sentient, and its sharp edges mean that it is unfit for riding or anything else involving physical contact. Element: air

The skeleton has a bit of a misnomer. The actual creature is not the skeleton itself - rather, it is the cloud of mist seen above the bones. This mist-based creature finds bones of the long dead and manipulates them in lieu of having an actual body. The mist can be difficult to see, leading to the common misconception that the skeleton is moving under its own power. Elements: death, mist

The gibberer is found in deep water and deep caves alike. A distant relative of the deep-sea horror, then gibberer's main mode of defense is a scream that can induce insanity if exposed to it for extended periods. The gibberer's mouth is strictly a defense organ; it absorbs nutrients through the darker-colored tips of its tentacles. Elements: void, emotion
  1. sadmaninmysoup
    the skeleton is my favorate.
    Mar 12, 2015
  2. Pikachucat
    hahaha the on i love is the gibberer
    Mar 12, 2015
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