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Ennen Creatures: Set 10

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 10.png
NonAnalogue The utrititan grows exclusively in the deepest parts of the jungle. It can grow to easily 10 to 15 times the size of a man, and is carnivorous; it will feed on just about anything it can trap in its suction-powered trap. The utrititan reproduces very infrequently and is hence very rare; this counteracts its otherwise-unchallenged position at the top of the food chain. Element: plant

The scrick is normally found scavenging for food among the scraps left by bigger predators. The scrick feeds almost wholly on oils; this means that occasionally scricks can be found in urban areas near art galleries and studios eating the paints off of the canvasses. When confronted, the scrick will let out a high-pitched squeal to stun its opponent, then flee. Elements: oil, emotion

The virion bat is unique amongst bats in Ennen with regards to its reproductive tendencies: the virion bat has no gender. Instead, it reproduces by biting - when it bites a hapless victim and injects it with the liquid stored in its fangs, the victim will gradually, over a period of days, metamorphose into another virion bat. Interestingly, the memories and thoughts of the victim are preserved, though its instincts become those of the virion bat. Its wings are completely vestigial and used mostly for intimidation. Elements: disease, confusion
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    can't wait
    Mar 7, 2015
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  2. Thomas Runner
    Thomas Runner
    Can't wait for Set 11, i can already tell it will be AWESOME!!! i also know this from looking at the pictures and Bios from sets 1-9
    Mar 7, 2015
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