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Road of a Champion: Serena's Assistance

by J62

J62 Serena helps ash in his training and chats in their break
*ash and Serena talk at the resort's lounge*
Ash: So Serena, you know when Fennekin evolved to braixen? I was wondering if Braixen could spar with my Sceptile so we can work on type disadvantages.
Serena: Sure Ash! I'll do anything for you!
*Serena blushes instantly but ash didn't notice this*
Ash: Thanks a lot Serena! Let's go to the battle grounds.
*they both walk off to the battle grounds with Serena walking by Ash's side and then they come across gary*.
Gary: So where are you two lovebirds headed?
Ash and Serena: No its not like that! We're just friends!
*both of them blush*
Ash talks in his head: could she like me too? She is blushing, I'd better quit blushing before she finds out I like her.
Serena talks in her head: he's blushing too? Could he really like me?
*Serena giggles*
Ash: What's funny? Anyway we were just going to train Gary, would you like to join us?
Gary: No thanks, I was just going to see lance, talk to him about my strategy, you should talk to Diantha, she is the one who picked you.
Ash: Maybe later, see ya later Gary! C'mon Serena.
Serena: sure thing sweetie! I mean ash..
*they both blush again*
Ash: Wha-what?
Gary: Hmmm..?.
*ash and Serena arrive at the battle grounds and send out their pokemon*
Serena: Okay Braixen, Flamethrower!
Ash:Sceptile, use detect!
*sceptile then used detect to dodge the flamethrower *
Ash: Good! Now use Bullet Seed and Solar Beam at the same time!
Serena: Use flamethrower again to counter that attack.
*the two attacks collide but sceptile's attack combo was too strong even at a disadvantage and pierces through the flamethrower after a few seconds then hits braixen for a critical attack *
Serena: Hang on braixen! Use psychic then recover!
*psychic makes sceptile limp and recover rejuvenates braixen*
Ash: you're getting good Serena!
*Serena blushes at ash's compliment*
Serena: thanks ash! Braixen use calm mind!
Ash: Sceptile use leaf blade on braixen's pressure points!
* leaf blade hits and braixen falls to the ground, KO'd*
Serena: We didn't even get to charge up calm mind! Oh well, you did good job braixen, return.
Ash: that's sceptile for you, hit fast and hard.Return!
Serena: Let's go the pokemon center to heal up our pokemon.
*ash and Serena walk off to the pokemon center*
At the center..
Ash talks in his head: calm down, you just have to walk up to her and ask her to go out
With you to the resorts restaurant.
Serena: Hey ash!
*ash gets out of his trance*
Ash: yeah?
Serena: our pokemon are almost healed up! Just a few more minutes.
*Serena sits beside ash*
Ash talks in his head: nows my chance!
Ash: so you wanna go to the restaurant with me tonight Serena?
Serena:s-s-sure ash, I'd love to!
(That's it for this chapter)