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Tsuki's Notebook: Self Profile: Tsuki Yuki *Repost*

by sSoul

sSoul A brief analysis on Tsuki as a character and a repost of a previous work due to the quality of my camera being worse after faceplanting into it. Therefore this is all the information from the page reposted.
She is from this RP

Self Profile
Tsuki Yuki

Home Village: Kirigakure(Hidden Mist)
Home Clan: Yuki Clan

Completed Missions:
D Rank: 0
C Rank: 0
B Rank: 0
A Rank: 0
S Rank: 0

Known Jutsu
Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu(barely)

Specialized Nature Transformation
Ice Release

Ninjutsu: 1 (Below Average)
Taijutsu: 0.5 (Below Average)
Genjutsu: 1 (Below Average)
Intelligence: 4.5 (Excellent)
Strength: 2 (Decent)
Speed: 2 (Decent)
Stamina: 2 (Decent)
Hand Seals: 1 (Below Average)
Weapon Usage: 0.5 (Below Average)

Fighting Style: To Be Determined
Defining Character Trait: My(Tsuki's) Intelligence
Signature Jutsu: To Be Determined
  1. sSoul
    Edits Explanation: Due to the fact that Tsuki had yet to become a. genin until recent, she has yet to complete a single mission. At the request of @Rohan Kishibe's a weapons category has been added.
    Aug 20, 2018