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Seems to be my 3rd Gen 5 adventure... I

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil Yep, reset again! This is my current team. These pokémons are:
Tai the Dewott - Holding Mystic Water;
Lucas the Lucario - Holding Silk Scarf;
Arcken the Arcanine - Holding nothing; ( :V )
Krooly the Krokorok - Holding Soft Sand;
and Susan the Ducklett - Holding Nothing too.

I was searching and Arcken and Krooly have something in real life (the others are names, duuh), so, this is just coincidence! I was just thinking in random names. (Related with the final evolution)

This game I'm playing as a girl (what? I'm not a fanboy (not now), or something (just for Sapphire)), named Mei. My rival is Huyi, I tryed to do something with the Japanese name (Hue) and the English name (Hugh), and I created Huyi! (Again, if there's something named like this, just coincidence)

Hope you like the drawing! Thanks, now have fun.
(Probably the first part, so, here comes new drawings! (Or no))
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  1. Pikachucat
    i love it but me favorite is tai
    Apr 19, 2015