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See You Again : The Series(Based Off The Song): See You Again Part 2

by LadyStephanie

LadyStephanie This is part two of my story hope you enjoy it.
Previously On See You Again.
It was a fresh summer morning and my parents were gone for the day as well as my grandparents and aunt and uncle. I was 6 at the time this happened , my only regret was not knowing how regrets in life effect the people around us.

And Now For Part Two Of The Series.
I was holding my Sasha's hand and shaking a bit.... I mean we were breaking the rules of our castle and going out but I just stayed still and never spoke . Then someone walked down the stairs or most likely fly down the stairs and it was my beloved Noibat my parents got for me two years ago. Noibat loved me because I was kind to him. I also gave him a name his name was Nate.
Later Sasha, Noibat , and I snuck out of Castle we all hoped that we wouldn't be caught and we wouldn't get hurt.
To be continued....