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The Shinobi World 101 (NARUTO AU): Section 4: Shinobi Nobility | Entry 3 : Kirigakure's Yuki Clan |

by kyuukestu

kyuukestu Alrighty boys, I know this is the one you've all been waiting for~

but Ima need more input from Shen on this stuff xD especially before I can smoothly insert a section for Jin's Book of Xenos.

@Shen: Ghost Gym Leader
@Rohan Kishibe
@Mystic Zander
@Retro Master

The Yuki Clan occupy a paramount position as the undisputed leaders of the Noble Clans of Kirigakure, the village hidden in the mists, their peers including the Hozuki Clan, Karatachi Clan, and Hoshigaki Clan. Their clan is renown for possession of the rare Ice Release Kekkei Genkai, which they can use to effects just as deadly as they are beautiful, and just as bone-chillingly cold as they are overflowing with fervent ardor, and Ohhh boy are they passionate! Even calling them unique between Heaven and Earth isn't much of an overstatement.
Combat Style

Kekkei Genkai

Internal Structure

The Yuki are, one of many, feudal clans that exist with the Clan Leader as the final say in Clan matters. Below the Clan leader are a division unique to the Yuki Clan, The Yuki Honor Guard. The Honor guard are a elite squad who report to and are appointed by the Clan Leader themselves. For one to become a Yuki Honor Guard, they must have done a feat in service to the Yuki worthy of being directly sought after by the Head of the clan. Also, they must amongst the strongest fighters in the Yuki, with the Leaders of the Honor Guard being among the 6 strongest in the Yuki Clan. To demonstrate this, it is usually pro quo to fight an serving Honor guard or the Clan leader themselves to prove their metal.

Upon receiving a passing grade, they will have to vow their life to their new purpose, separating themselves from everyone they've cared about, their previous life gone -never to return. Then, they must pay a toll, a price that varies between each and every Honor Guard. Upon initiation, they are taught how to use an ancient powerful art passed down by the Yuki for generations: The Art of Shattering Sword.

The leaders of the Yuki Honor Guard also double as leaders for six different divisions within the Yuki’s infrastructure. They are the strongest warriors in the Yuki’s ranks as well as the strongest of minds. Each has given up their former life, and ties to said life, to follow a new path devoted to a lone principle: Knowledge, Change, Heritage, Strength, Will, Heart.

Guardian of Knowledge

The Guardian of Knowledge is in charge of the vast amount of intel the Yuki have in their possession. Some that is widely known, and some that only the Clan Leader himself knows. The Guardian of knowledge also has a diverse skill set due to the knowledge and memorization of many of the skills and forbidden skills kept under their protection. The Guardian of knowledge has sworn an oath to speak no words to anyone except fellow Honor guards and the Clan Leader themself.

Guardian of Change

The Guardian of Change is devoted to improving the Mist from the inside, making brilliant infrastructure in both design and functionality. Creating defenses and powerful fortifications which rarely falter, even under the most extreme of pressures. Their fighting style is as fickle as their title, ever changing and to be hard to predicted.

Guardian of Heritage

The Guardian of Heritage is a valued historian that is aware of the passing of events in great detail. Has the ability to write with chakra on any surface, proving very useful to his occupation. They keeps the history of the Yuki and the Mist, recordings of every person in the village and where they were (to the most part) during key events. They have an ancient fighting style that pre-dates most to the point where it’s considered an extinct fighting style.

Guardian of Strength

The Guardian of strength is the sword and shield of the clan, the first one the clan head calls in a time of war. In charge of the arsenal and military training, the Guardian of Strength is unrelenting, only putting up with the cream of the crop. He has the most raw power of ninjutsu amongst the honor guard, and has the most skills in swordsmanship.

Guardian of Will

The Guardian of Will is seen mostly at the Clan Leader's side. He keeps the Leader on course and is there to advise him of possible outcomes and plans. They are incredibly intelligent and make foolproof plans that proved to turn the tables in the civil war. Their tactics are second to only to the Clan Leader, within the ranks of the Yuki, and they're a key strategist amongst the clan. Their fighting style is all about precision strikes to areas you wouldn’t expect a foe to propel an assault upon.

Guardian of Heart

The Guardian of Heart’s specialty is reading people. A key adviser directly to the Clan Head, they have the main purpose of being the voice of the clan, being one with the people, keeping the Clean Head updated on the state of the people, and if there is unrest or any trouble makers. They're impressive in their ability to raising morale of their allies and lower the morale of the enemy. They knows how to build soldiers up and how to shatter them, masters of psychological warfare. Their fighting style prompts them to always aim for the head, weather to inflict instantly fatal ninjutsu, or cast rather violent genjustu.

Clan Grounds

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