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The Shinobi World 101 (NARUTO AU): Section 1 : The Five Great Shinobi Countries | Entry 2 : The Land of Water|

by kyuukestu


Located to the far east, the Land of Water is the only of the 5 Great Shinobi counties not located on the main continent. Instead, the scattered archipelago of islands dot the eastern oceans, with handful of large islands and an unknown number of smaller islands. Often mistakenly called the Land of Mists for the frequent misty fogs enshrouding the islands, the Land of Water is the undisputed #1 among Maritime powers in the Shinobi world -though admittedly, they are also the only maritime power in the Shinobi world. Their Shinobi village, Kirigakure, was once infamous as the Bloody Mist village for their bloodthirsty proclivities, and particularly their brutal graduation examinations which had pit children against each other in matches where only the survivors would live to graduate.

The Land of Water is ruled by the Water Daimyo, and its citizens are said to be attuned to the oceans, often having the affinity for Water Nature Release.


The Land of Water is not exactly a economic powerhouse. In years gone by, the frequent internal conflicts have damaged both country and economy alike, they occupy the second stratum of economic power along with the Lands of Wind and Fire.

Prominent Shinobi Powers

  • Kirgakure
Minor Shinobi Powers
  • Nadeshiko Village
Other Locations of interest
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  1. kyuukestu
    The thing with implementing Shinobi as a work force outside of the Military, is that it needs to be something revolutionary! As in, the shinobi can't take over for jobs that regular civilians perform.

    Consider your example of farming;

    You make a great point they'd be excellent farmers! But what about the existing farmers? A large farm requires many many hands to run. Without the convenience of modern vehicles they need sheer manpower to plant, tend and reap the acres of land they farm on. With one Yuki replacing all of that, they'd easily drive 100s of others out of business.

    It's the same dilemma people are faced with in modern times, If I have a cheaper and more effective method of performing this task(machines in modern times, chakra in AU context), why would I still hire all these people?

    However, I'll state that underwater farming was a novel idea. Since there's no one capable of doing that among the regular people you'd be creating an entirely new market, and entirely new jobs instead of simply sweeping through the current market.

    The mines are a pretty bad place, historically the people that worker there weren't all that rich and wouldn't be paid all that much. With the need to subject themselves danger of the mines collapsing all whatnot, they're basically the bottom rung of society.

    Now you need to actually do all this in the RP lmao, no way in hell I'm letting you double economic output off-screen. Put your nose to the grindstone and make those long posts about world building and improvement~ suffer with me!
    Jan 30, 2019
  2. Shen: King of the Mist
    Shen: King of the Mist
    Huh...very logical argument there.

    While I’m not suggesting that the Yuki alone hoisted the entire economy up by double for the country, I’m saying that they applied a large boost, especially to those who would aquire their services for Missing-Nin purposes, assasainatioms, and the like. As they greatly expanded the Missing-Nin Corps as well.

    Great argument with diluting the market and out-performing standard fishermen. Although a balance is a very tricky thing, there is something else that they could do for food other than fishing. have you considered farming? Yuki farmers would be astounding, capable of using their bloodline to not only water their entire crop over a large area, but also prevent it from freezing in winter, and need I say farming underwater, where farming Sea Kelps and herbs would be vastly improved as well due to them just needing a few hand movements to cultivate an underwater field of potential.

    This could lead to civilians taking other jobs other than fishing primarily and focus on other ones such as the building market, or mining their expansive platinum mines of the mist.
    Jan 30, 2019
  3. kyuukestu
    For one Clan to directly double the economy output of an entire country, they'd need to have influence and the manpower to span said country.

    The Shinobi Clans are filthy rich, as they should be, the revenue for a single A ranked mission is already in the range of several hundred thousand. However, that's just it. All the Shinobi clans should be rolling in more wealth than they know what to do with, but it doesn't translate to a prosperous economy or a high standard of living for regular citizens of the country who are not shinobi and will probably never interact with them.

    To stimulate economic growth, the Yuki would then need to invest all their resources into improving the nation and not just the Mist Village. For example, they'd need to teach regular citizens to read and write, fund schools and hospitals, create jobs and areas of development for the nation, etc.

    They'd need to spend their time, not within the Mist Village, but instead on all the other towns in the Land of Water and helping them increase their standard.

    Their capabilities could actually harm the economy even more because they're too capable. The fact that they can easily outperform the regular fishermen means that all those who rely on fishing as a source of income would be run out of business. For the time period we're set in many of the civilians are uneducated and generally un-skilled workers, if the Yuki outperform them and take their jobs then your economy will most definitely collapse.

    Personally, my solution to this Country Economic issue is the Taketori Clan, who I'll be using as proxy to influence areas beyond the boundaries of Konoha.
    Jan 30, 2019
  4. Shen: King of the Mist
    Shen: King of the Mist
    Actually the entire Yuki clan being alive alone contributes massive amounts. Especially toward job revenue through missions due to them being one of the most popular clans in the world. Not only that but their ability to weave and control water at will makes fishing nothing more than a flick of the wrist issue, and you can only imagine how much that contributes, along with the Lives saved due to their existence in the war
    Jan 30, 2019
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  5. kyuukestu
    Ah, for the purposes of these entries, The Land of Water, and The Hidden Mist Village, are not one in the same.

    The Mist will get its own entry in Section 3: Shinobi Villages.

    Despite massive changes coming to both Leaf and Mist villages, I don't consider those changes enough to influence the overall economy of their respective countries.

    So while the Mist is most definitely prosperous and the Village has a bustling economy, it's still just a village and I'm pretty sure elsewhere in the land there are normal civilians who are dirt poor. (Think the contrast between Konoha and Tazuna's village in the Zabuza arc.)
    Jan 30, 2019
  6. kyuukestu
    yea...but they'd need to more than double their economic outputs to be on par with Iwa and Kumo, and I've seen nothing to suggest THAT massive a jump -an increase of 150%- in economic power. So I'd still call them 2nd World.
    Jan 30, 2019
  7. Shen: King of the Mist
    Shen: King of the Mist
    Except though this is an AU, not canon. And the leaf/mist went through the most changes
    Jan 30, 2019
  8. kyuukestu
    I'm going off the Economy stats provided by the Data booklets where Konoha, Kiri, and Suna all have 2/5 while Iwa and Kumo have 5/5
    Jan 30, 2019
  9. Shen: King of the Mist
    Shen: King of the Mist
    Mist is a first world economy though? Where’s your reasoning that they aren’t?
    Jan 30, 2019
  10. Vacat1o
    Very nice.
    Jan 30, 2019
  11. kyuukestu

    Kumo and Iwa are 1st World Economies

    Konoha, Suna and Kiri are 2nd World Economies

    Everyone else is 3rd World or worst.
    Jan 30, 2019
  12. kyuukestu
    Well, there are only two positions on a large scale.

    Iwa and Kumo tied at the top.

    Konoha, Suna and Kiri tied at the bottom.
    Jan 30, 2019
  13. Shen: King of the Mist
    Shen: King of the Mist
    Wait so your saying they are the second weakest economy wise? *spits out water*
    Jan 30, 2019
  14. kyuukestu
    Jan 30, 2019