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pirouette in the dark: secluded darkness

by kai spencer

kai spencer jasmine goes on a journey to find darkrai
I awoke in a strange room. the walls were white and the floors were wooden tiles. I went to lift my head up and felt a searing pain go through my head. I grunted and fell back down on the bed. "jasmine your awake!" Alistair said with a sigh of relief. "Alistair" I exclaimed I sat up and ran straight into his arms as I embraced him. "jasmine! aren't you hurt?" he asked me frantically. "just a bit but at least your here". I sighed. 2 hours later I walked out with my honey hair in a side braid and wearing skinny jeans, a shirt from the boutique in lumiose city, laced boots and my poke ball belt on. I quickly grabbed my pokemon satchel; and followed Alistair to the main office. "at least your ok. if you died I would've died because your like my sister. "are you sure you want to go catch darkrai?" he asked me. "positive." I replied. I sent out articuno to fly me to the pokemon centre in lumiose city. we got there and I quickly went in and replaced articuno with vulpix. I walked out and standing there was looker. "looker ". I gasped. "looker, Emma will be so happy to see you here". we both ran to the looker bureau and walked inside. "emma look whose here". I told her "Mr Looker your here!". we were about to rejoice when the strange foe appeared with darkrai appeared except he wasn't a slithedring man snake. he was lysandre.
  1. kai spencer
    kai spencer
    here is the second part of the series. sorry bout the cliff hanger.. :D plz rate
    Jul 17, 2015