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Hawkman and Hawkgirl: Eternal: Season 1 Episode 3: Heads or Tails?

by What Did You Do To Snoke?

What Did You Do To Snoke? Hawkman and Hawkgirl take on The Coin aka James Phillips, a thief who is able to open any door with the help of just a coin.
5 Years Ago...

The hot summer sun blazed through the piles of metal and trash in Midway City junkyard. Not only that, but there was a terrible stench coming from the waste and from the people who hid there. There was a gang, full of a male dominated hoodie wearing thieves, those who had stolen and had gotten away from it, but were still being hunted by the police. There were other offenders too, as bad as murderers. The gang hung around various suspiciously placed caravans and trailers they owned. The group split into smaller other groups. The leader of the gang as a whole was Carl Sands.

Carl Sands grunted. "Not too many jobs today." He laughed and about three other gang members laughed with him. "I'm still curious as to what was in that truck we stole. It's too bad no one can pick the lock."

A group of gang members ran up to Carl Sands. "Carl!" One of them shouted. "We found James. He was stuck in some trash container. He managed to get out...eventually." They pushed forward a short man in a white hoodie, in stark contrast to Carl's chaos black hoodie.

"Excellent. Are you James Phillips?" Carl asked.

"Yes. The police don't even know my name. Say, that lorry looks like It could contain quite the loot."

"You think so?"

"Give me something to open it with."



Carl reached into his pocket and threw James a toothpick, a piece of glass and a stick, from the floor. The men laughed but James was serious. There was a mighty lock on the back of the lorry with a metal bar going across. It took James less than a minute to pick the lock with the three items. When the lock opened the door and the metal bar went flying, the thieves dropped their jaws and gasped. Sitting in the lorry were what seemed like hordes of dollar notes-millions of them!

"Good to do business with you..." Carl smiled.

2 years later...

The police searched the junkyard with no success. Carl Sands and his gang were gone...or so they thought. Narrowly avoiding the police, Carl gathered the thieves into the back of the old lorry. "I know there's not so many of us now after the police raids...and I know it will only be a matter of time before they find us out...so we need to split up, take Midway City in different corners. We must each decide where to go."

In the crowd, was James Phillips, who pulled down his hood of his hoodie to reveal a blonde mop of hair. He marched outside the lorry as a group of thieves surrounded a much taller one, all in dark hoodies. James and the other thieves were about to go their separate ways when the oddly shaped taller thief approached James.

"You are the one who can open locks well?" The voice was like an otherworldly whisper.

"Yeah but not always...sometimes I struggle...what would you want? You heard the man, we're going our separate ways now!"

"Me and you...we are not like other thieves...take this..." The man dropped a coin from a green claw like hand. The coin fell into James's hands.

"It's just a-"

"No. It's made of a special metal...able to open any lock. Try it."

One year later...

James Phillips was now working at one of Midway's most prestigious banks. No one knew he was the same person who was part of Carl Sands' gang because no one knew he was a thief. He stood at the counter as a long line of people came at him, by the time they were gone he sighed. He didn't enjoy his job one bit. He wished to be gone from the bank and, in fact, just take the money and walk out. He had been bullied terribly by his employers. That was that. It was time to leave. He looked down into his pocket and found the coin the strange man had given him a year ago. How he had it he didn't know but he remembered the conversation with the man...he didn't believe him. But being a lock picker, he could use just about anything to open a lock, so he chose the coin. He marched down to the dungeon which held the deposits of money and started to use the coin to pick the lock on the door: it was tight and almost impossible to breach. He was amazed when he found that he didn't need anything else to open the door: just the coin. The coin was magical, it emitting strange energy in front of him. James jumped when the door instantly opened. He grabbed much of the dollars in front of him and stuffed them into a briefcase he had. An alarm sounded. James Phillips ran as fast as he could put of the bank and so his criminal career began again.

2 years later: the present

"Tell us why we're here again?" Kendra Saunders aka Hawkgirl pleaded once again.

"There's a man who can help us find the criminal who's been stealing from a number of locations. The police haven't found him but, if it's who I think it is...we can raid his house." Carter Hall aka Hawkman explained as he marched forward.

The two of them were half dressed into their superhero identities and marched across a grassy hill until they reached a plain of grass with a caravan site upon it. It was a site just outside of the main city area and so was in the less inhabited outer area of Midway City. Carter seemed to know where he was going, reading out a number of a piece of paper he had written down. "This is the one. That's what it said on the advert." Carter breathed and knocked on the door of a poorly built white caravan. Immediately, a young man wth blonde hair appeared.

"What?!" The blonde haired man said but he recognised Carter and Kendra's superhero consumes.

"You're James the locksmith? We saw your advert and we have a job for you." Carter explained. "Don't tell anyone...but..." He pulled his Hawk mask and wings up for show and so did Kendra.

"Hawkman? Hawkgirl? Of course, of course!" James exclaimed.

Soon, they arrived at the scene: a large house with two pillars. James soon got to work and picked the lock with his coin. He made sure not let the Hawks see it. They thanked him as they entered a large marble room. A man came down the stairs. "What...are you doing in my house?!" He exclaimed.

"This is a Hawkman and Hawkgirl raid! You are to remain quiet as we have the authority of the police." Carter announced. They searched the rich man's endless stream of cupboards and everywhere they could see, but they did not found what they were looking for, a stash of stolen money. Soon, police cars turned up. A policeman walked in.

"Officer, this is bad form! I have done nothing wrong! They broke in without any notice! Arrest them!" The rich man shouted.

"I will not arrest them, because they aim to do well. But they should know it's innocent until proven guilty." The officer spoke. He marched into one of the rooms the Hawks were in. "You two! This man is clean! Next time tell us when you're going to break in!"

"It's our mistake. We assumed he was guilty. Sorry officer." Hawkgirl replied. The two of them left the house with James Phillips. James scrambled out with a smile on his face.

When they arrived at the caravan, James was eager to have them leave. "What are you doing with that briefcase?" Hawkman asked, pointing to the brown thing below.

James placed it on a desk."Nothing."

"Do you mind if we come in for some coffee?"

"Uh..." James was nervous.

The two of them marched in. James tried to push them back. Hawkman and Hawkgirl gazed at the pictures of the walls: of James in his gang.

"That's Carl Sands. I recognise that man." Hawkman pointed out. "Master thief...now the Shadow thief...you were part of his gang?"

"Only temporarily. They forced me."

"You worked in Midway City Nexus bank?" Kendra said, looking st records on a table. "2 years ago, apparently."

"Isn't that when that bank robbery happened? I remember. They're still trying to find the robber. They said he used a singular coin." Hawkman looked up at James suspiciously.

"Alright you got me..." James put a black mask on. "I'm 'The Coin.' A single coin is all I need to pick a lock. I strange person gave it to me during my time in the junkyard."

Hawkman grabbed the Coin. "You're not getting away! I'll turn you in now!"

The Coin pushed Hawkman to the side before flipping his coin, now in his hands. "Heads." He said as it landed. He ran off, as fast as his legs could carry him. Hawkgirl tended to Hawkman's bruises as he shook the pain off. The two of them ran out of the caravan and found The Coin was gone. It was like a maze in the caravan site. Hawkgirl had an idea. She took the skies. It had taken a while to master, but now she was confident. In the sky, she could see the who,e site and the people in it. Hawkman soon joined her. They realised The Coin was now in the city and flew after him. They joined him at the enter emcee to the city. The Coin entered a hotel, locked the door from the inside then began climbing to the top floor. He held a pistol up to the receptionists and residents taking them hostage. He arrived on the 50th floor of the massive hotel and took a hard to locate room and locked it from the inside where he waited.

"Tails for me to jump out of this high rise window." The Coin said to himself as he looked down the window.

Outside Hawkman and Hawkgirl broke in and started to search every room. It soon became apparent that he was on the very top floor. Hawkman marched towards the room The Coin was on. Hawkman tried to budge the door open but it did not work. The Coin fired several shots at Hawkman and one hit him. The other shots badly damaged his replica wings.

"Tails." The Coin said as he flipped the coin and the other side appeared to him. He broke it open with his gun and jumped out. Hawkman slammed open the door but it was too late. Outside, Hawkgirl flew to try and catch The Coin but he dodged her. Saddened, the two Hawks just wanted to save him but they were surprised when they saw The Coin take out a jet pack from his bag seconds later stopping him from hotting the ground. He zoomed into Midway City bank. Hawkman and Hawkgirl flew together where they saw him taking money into a bag. He had once again raided the Nexus.

"Heads or Tails for more mayhem!" The Coin screamed, like a madman. Hawkman and Hawkgirl landed next to him. "Heads!"

"You're just trying to wind us up!" Hawkgirl exclaimed. She dashed forward to punch him. The two engaged in a fight. The Coin jumped down below and found himself surrounded by police officers. They aimed their stun guns at him. Electricity came out. The Coin threw his coin up. "Tails says you don't stun me!" The electricity was reflected back by the tiny coin and the police officers became stunned. More of them now fire bullets at him. The Coin flipped his cent coin into the air once again. "Tails again! Don't you guys ever learn?" The coin reflected the bullets in one go, as if the bullets were being directed by it. The bullets dented holes I'm the police cars and badly injured several policemen. Hawkman and Hawkgirl jumped down.

"I am The Coin. Luck is on my side!" He exclaimed.

The police officers were dead on the floor. Hawkman and Hawkgirl approached The Coin, who was standing on a police car. "Stand down. You cannot beat us."

"Do you know what? For a second...I thought...had I seen you two before when you asked me to be a locksmith. Haha I did! You two work at that museum over there! I'll ruin you both, expose you! You'll have to stand down, because all your enemies will come flowing right through."

Hawkman rugby tackled The Coin off the car. "Oh no you don't!" The two went tumbling down the rugged hill. Eventually the thief got his coin back and flipped it. It was about to land when Hawkgirl flew in and grabbed it.

"Looks like your luck has run out." She stood proudly.

Without his coin, James struggled on the floor. He could no longer pick locks or protect himself. Police officers came and took him.

"Many thanks Hawkman and Hawkgirl." A police officer smiled. "This guy's been on the run for years!"

"It was all because of her!" Hawkman pointed to Hawkgirl. They smiled at each other.

Hawkman looked upon the glittering coin the their had used. "This is..unbelivable...nth metal, in a coin? The person who gave James this was Thanagarian in origin."

I'm still away from my home but I've managed to write this. There is a wifi connection but it isn't the best, not on what I've been restricted to, as I don't even have a computer.

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