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Hawkman and Hawkgirl: Eternal: Season 1 Episode 2: Shadows of the Past

by What Did You Do To Snoke?

What Did You Do To Snoke? Carl Sands is an ordinary thief with a love for inventions and an obsession with his defiant shadow...until he accidently builds a machine in prison which sends him to the planet of Xarapion. There, he helps a budding scientist, Thar Dan, escape from a part of the planet imprisoning him where only Carl's thievery can help. He gives Carl a device which helps him become his own shadow and dons the name the 'Shadow Thief.' Armed with these demensional powers, he takes it upon himself to stop Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
Kendra Saunders awoke in a bed in a dusty old room. It appeared to have been recently converted into a guest room with it’s polished wooden floor…yet the rest of it felt ancient: books lined themselves up to be read on the book shelves next to her. Her bed in question was a single bed but it was not without glamour. It was like something from an old castle and it was. As she got up, Kendra recalled how Carter had made her the bed and set up her room and things and shown her the toilet at the end of the long expensive hallway. She got ready, spending a heavy amount of time looking at her face in the mirror, and went down the stairs. She was greeted by one of Carter’s understudies who helped him in his work. The understudy seemed very happy to be having a new guest working with them, as she took Kendra to a hidden ‘staff only’ room where a group of understudies were having breakfast. Kendra took a seat on the elongated wooden table next to Carter. He smiled a warm smile at the woman. Kendra was wearing a white vest with a black opened jacket let lose. Carter was wearing a t-shirt and casual gear. As Kendra tucked into the food they had prepared, Carter started reading a newspaper. He pushed the newspaper towards Kendra and she read the headline.

“Hawkman locks up long-overdue thief.” Kendra read, as she laughed, before recognising the thief with the grey beanie on the set of images released.

Meanwhile, in Midway Detention Centre, the police officers arrived with Carl Sands, the ‘long-overdue thief’ who had stolen from many places across Midway City, including its bank. In this detention centre, Carl waited for a verdict. He was overseen in court hours later. With the slamming of the hammer by the judge, that rich man who got every right, sentenced Carl to what seemed to him like a lifetime of imprisonment. When was Carl going to get out? Not likely. Not ever, he thought. As he was marched into Midway City Grand Prison, his life flashed before him. Memories of him in his gang of criminals: a group comprised of thieves and muggers. Sands had worked his way up, getting the support of many members, before he challenged and killed the leader of this gang and the gang bowed down to him. Now, all the members of that gang were locked up. He thought about how he could bump into any one of these bandits. He then realised that most of them were dead or were put into prisons in their own states.

I have to get out. Carl Sands thought every second that he was alive in that filthy cell. Days went by and he hated almost every minute of it. There was a trickle of light coming from a tiny bared square window behind him. As the light filled the room it casted a shadow below Carl. Upon seeing it, Carl entertained himself by making signs with his hands and arms, looking down below at his shadow to see the shapes and formations he had made. Carl could make his shadow into numerous animals and was currently making it into the shape f a dog shadow when the shadow suddenly deformed. It became irresponsive to Carl’s actions and instead did a creepy wave towards him. Carl was surprised at this but he knew one thing: it had happened again. Since birth people had mocked Carl for his autistic traits…his constant complaining about his shadow being irresponsive and scary. Whenever he tried showing his parents or even a doctor, he was looked down upon, because his shadow always behaved like an ordinary one around others, making people believe he had a mental problem. He had even been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The doctor who had done so had judged Carl when he was told Carl was hearing voices in his head. Carl insisted that the voice came from elsewhere…his shadow.

In that cold iron cell, Carl heard the voices again, a whisper that was crying for help. That night, there was a strange portal floating in the air-a rip in the dimensions. It disappeared but Carl saw a strange mystical world beyond. When Carl was let out for dinner, he discussed what he saw with the other imprisoned thieves, they thought he was mad.

“Listen here,” Carl whispered to the gang he was sitting with. “We can break out…what I’ve got here is a special talent…shadowbending I call it.”

“You’re mad.” A bald man said frankly to Carl. Fingers were pointed on Carl as more people got up to other benches to eat. Carl was left alone with an old man.

“So what are you in here for?” Carl asked the old man, who did not look like a criminal. The old man gave a smile to Carl.

“I’m a fraudster. I sold machines to people which were said to teleport them and create holes in other dimensions. Most people didn’t believe me…but a man who claimed to be a dimension traveller himself sued me when he bought one of my machines.” He threw Carl some pieces of the machine.

“Interesting…” Carl looked at the four round pieces of metal with wires coming out. “I was once a mechanic…I’ll use my abilities there to fix this up.”

“That shadow you’ve got is really something…let me smuggle some machine bits and components from the other prisoners and the guards…”

For the next week, the old man and Carl built the machine. The old man provided the blueprints and smuggled some old screws, metal and fixed together the machine. The machine was a large ball that fitted in Carl’s hands. Carl managed to hid it in the prison cell. When there was a prison riot and the guards were too busy with other matters, Carl received outside support here. When the machine was finally complete, Carl met up with the old man in the canteen during a lunch break.

“I did it. It’s complete.”

“Good show.” The old man smiled. “When you told me you’d been working on these kind of machines too…I knew you were the man for the job. I know it may sound nuts…I haven’t told anyone this, but I’m not from this dimension. I’m from the planet Xarapion. I came over here a number of years ago when my best friend built a machine which allowed us to travel between the two planets. He provided me with the blueprints in the first place. I learnt English as soon as I got here and enriched myself in the culture.” He pressed a button on a device on his neck. His skin went white and his ears became pointed, like an elf.

“You’ve been an alien all this time…” Carl jumped.

“Give me the device.” The old man ordered. Carl gave the Xarapionian the device and a strange portal was created. “Our lives work…complete.”

The portal started sucking everybody and everything into it. Soon, the portal ate most of the prison. Carl found himself on the strange planet that was Xarapion. The first thing he noticed was the amount of dead bodies on the floor…including the old man and many prisoners. Carl frowned as he started walking, trying to find the person the old man was friends with. If it was set to the location the old man was last at, he thought, it must be nearby to someone who can help Carl.

Carl gazed at the planet in awe. There was lush grass growing in large fields but it was a purple colour, not green. The fields soon withered into a vast brown sandy desert below the hills Carl was standing on and, in the distance, civilisation. But the first possible home he came across was a tiny wood-like cottage. The door was left open. Carl entered the cottage to see a singular room with a wooden table and all sorts of devices on it. There were countless books on the shelves and Carl recognised some of them as they were in English. The Xarapionian who lived here had obviously been to Earth before and had made contact with humans. Carl grabbed a number of the devices before suddenly a white faced dwarf with elven ears popped up from behind the table and screamed.

“Ah!” He screamed

“You scared me!” Carl yelled.

But the little man had enough. He fired a bullet from one of his laser guns. A portal surrounded Carl and he teleported back to Earth. On Earth, Carl looked around. He was back at his old home in the junkyards of Midway City-his old trailer where he had done his experiments prior to being locked up. Carl tried to process what happened. That Xarapionian had weapons which could control the dimensions. Reaching his trailer, Carl decided to continue experimenting. He rebuilt the device the old man had made him from scratch, with help from his blueprints. Upon loading the machine, a portal opened again. This time, it opened right in the Xaraponian’s house. The face of the weird scientist appeared.

“Earthling!” He shouted. “Do not come back! None of your business!”

“How do you know English?” Carl asked.

“I studied it…with my friend when I went to your planet. We travelled to Earth many a time after we built our dimension manipulators.”

“I think I met him…in prison…what’s your name?”

“I am Thar Dan. You shouldn’t be coming over…it is risky…”

“Yep, that’s what my friend said. You seem to be isolated from the others…why is that?” Carl, although a thief, only stole out of the need to help himself. Deep down, he was a kind and tortured soul.

“They put energy field round Thar’s house when I refused to donate machines to leaders. I cannot leave estate. Am trapped now, yes.”

Carl jumped into the portal and appeared right next to Thar. “Let me help you. Is there some kind of key to this energy field?”

“Yes but one of the kingdom’s guards has it.”

“Don’t worry. I’m a thief. I can find a way to steal it off of him.”

It was some time later after Carl had ran off. He was pointed to in the general direction by Thar Dan. Carl had probably stolen from a number of Xarapion guards on the boarder of the city but have not found the key that was needed to break the seal preventing Thar from leaving. Carl worked out that the seal only worked on Thar because it was a spell. Carl arrived back at Thar’s cottage with the key. Inserting the key into a hole in the magical wall, Thar couldn’t believe it.

“I honestly didn’t believe you could do this…you are a hero…now I can move…I think I’ll move further out into the farmland. Listen here, you can have my lab as a reward.” Thar Dan looked down at Carl’s irresponsive shadow which gave Thar a thumbs up. “I’ve also taken an interest in your shadow…your condition…”

“I seems to come out only when you are around.” Carl smiled. “Noone believes me.”

“That is why…you should take this…this device…I’ve actually been working on it for some time…” He handed a square shaped device attached to a kind of vest or shirt in the middle to Carl. “I call it, the Dimensiometer. Not only does it allow you to travel to other planets…but…it lets you do crazy things with your shadow…you can control it and become one with it.”

Carl placed the vest onto his body and activated the Dimensiometer. He transformed into his shadow. “Alright.” A whisper could be heard. “I’d like to thank you for your gift…and for giving me your lab…but really now it’s time for a new pair of boots to lead the charge.” In his shadow form Carl grabbed Thar Dan and stabbed him with his shadowy claws. How he did it seemed impossible. Carl must have jammed the Dimensiometer. As Thar Dan fell to the floor, Carl laughed. “Now, to steal what I want, kill who I want!”

In Midway city, there had been a surge of crimes. Kendra and Carter watched the news as there was a bigger one every day. As Hawkman and Hawkgirl they had arrested a number of thieves but the last week of stealing had been by the same person. But neither the Hawks nor the police were able to find anything about the man. Kendra and Carter sat down together to try and piece together who the thief might be.

“Seven robberies…all on each day of the week!!” Carter exclaimed. “How are they getting away with this? We were there on the scenes of the crime and there was no one there. He was just too quick.” Carter had written down notes of each case on a whiteboard. There were plans of the buildings, photos, you name it.

“This is ridiculous.” Kendra stated. “It’s like we’re trying to find someone that doesn’t exist. Have you checked the CCTV footage?”

“Oddly enough…all the places he’s stolen from…the reports suggest he stole from a different location from where the CCTV cameras are…”

“So the CCTV cameras aren’t being positioned properly. Let him steal from another place but have the camera in all possible locations.”

Carter got into his Hawkman outfit and visited a large bank, the location of several caches of money the thief had. Carter was able to predict the thief would come back here again, as the thief had stolen several times from here.

“Have your branches from outside of Midway City deposit as much money as possible into one room of the bank.” Hawkman was telling the director of the bank. “This is the thief’s favourite spot. Now we wait. I have had the police deploy CCTV cameras in all of the rooms and at every angle. That place, in terms of cameras, is tighter than Fort Knox.”

“CCTV cameras will help catch who he is…but we can’t garuntee the money will be safe.” The director of the bank looked worried. “It’s going to happen again isn’t it. I’ll have to close the banks down!”

“No you won’t.” Hawkman reassured him. “We’ll catch him…me and Hawkgirl.”

That night, Hawkman and Hawkgirl sat and waited. The bank’s deposit of money, plus the temptation of rare diamonds did indeed attract the thief. There he came, whizzing through in a black costume. He dodged through the doors so quickly and so easy, it was like he was teleporting straight through. Hawkman and Hawkgirl had no time to react.

“Damn.” Hawkman cursed as he heard the alarms and saw the shadow of a man disappear without trace. “We lost him.”

“What do we do now?” Hawkgirl asked. “The plan failed!”

“No it didn’t…we wanted him to be tempted to the bank. Let us look at the CCTV footage.”

In the monitor room, there was no sign of the thief on any of the cameras, accept for one. At one short sudden outburst, was the thief, in a black costume and balaclava. Carter asked the technician in the monitor room to pause the video. It took some time of perfecting, having to rewind and fast forward, as the thief’s physical form only appeared for less than a second, but they finally got an image of him on the giant screen.

“There he is!” Hawkgirl exclaimed.

“That’s odd.” Hawkman frowned. “He entered the building with only appearing for milliseconds on the CCTV. Something’s wrong. Continue the recording, but only at 0.25 speed.”

The technician did so and tape went on, extremely slowly. The technician couldn’t imagine why Hawkman would want to see every excruciating frame play out but he did so anyway. On the screen, the thief had approached the building for milliseconds, before vanishing into the door. Hawkman took a look at the man and realised that his shadow was acting extremely oddly.

“Look at his shadow…” Hawkman said to Hawkgirl.

“It’s as if it’s not his!” Hawkgirl shouted seeing the shadow of the man making a completely different gesture to the running pose the thief was doing. “Go forward a few more milliseconds.”

The technician did so. They saw the man literally turn into his shadow as he entered the door.

“He’s a ghost!” Hawkgirl cried. The only supervillain she had really taken on was Hath-Set, who had appeared to her and Hawkman as a ghost, so this comment was showing her minimal knowledge. Yet, it could be seen a smart comment as the shadow like figure was like a ghost, or wraith…or a shade.

Which prompted Hawkman’s response. “He’s like a shade. There seems to be some sort of machine on his chest…hmmm…I wonder…” Hawkman thought about it. Could the machine have something to do with it? Then Hawkman started to think: had he seen the man before. Upon rewinding the tape, Hawkman instantly recognised the man’s body shape and face.

“I’ve met him before. We’ve met him before. Remember that thief yesterday…Carl Sands?”

“Yeah.” Hawkgirl replied. She remembered it clearly as one of the defining moments of her visit to Midway City. “We should set another trap…”

“And risk him stealing more stuff?” The technician asked. He couldn’t believe it.


“You’re suggesting we lure him to Midway City’s museum? Got you.” Hawkman smiled. “We can ask the curators to set traps.” He winked at her as she smiled.

About half an hour later, Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders were setting traps around the museum. They attached nets which they hoped would ensnare the thief, now being dubbed the ‘Shadow Thief’ by the media. They were fitting the last few traps when they were screaming noises from across the road. The Shadow Thief had stolen a large TV from a TV store. Too big to handle in his shadow form, he ran with it in his human form. Hawkman swooped down and grabbed the TV off of him before pushing him into a wall. But the man had vanished. He had transformed into a shadow then appeared behind Hawkman to push him himself. Hawkman felt the pain but got up. Carl Sands was standing there.

“Trying to lure me into a trap?! That won’t work.” He spat.

“If you stop your thievery, I’ll make a deal with the curator of the museum to give you some of his rare paintings.” Hawkman replied.

The Shadow Thief now had four shadows going out simultaneously. They disappeared from the base of his body and surrounded Hawkman. They stabbed him with daggers made of shadow. Then Carl felt a kick to his head. Behind him was Hawkgirl. She threw a net at Carl but he dodged the attack. She then started hitting at him with her mace. She hit Carl once before he turned into a shadow Hitting the ground to get at Carl, Hawkgirl realised it was pointless, as she slammed her Mace into the shadow, Carl didn’t even feel an ounce of pain. Then Carl’s shadow went out of control. He ran towards the museum in a stealing frenzy. The shadow had taken over him. He transformed into a human just before he approached the steps and was caught in several netting traps.

Hawkgirl gave Hawkman a handed and lifted him up. “You okay?” She asked him.

“Just about.”

“He’s going on a frenzy now…it seems as if he can’t control that new power of his.” Both of them walked over to the Shadow Thief, who was in one of their nets. Suddenly, he transformed into his shadow form and broke out and teleported back onto the steps with several paintings. Then he got really angry. His body became fused with his shadow and he wasn’t just a shadow anymore. He was some kind of 3-dimmensional shadow humanoid now, instead of being a 2-d one. He grabbed Hawkgirl and Hawkman with his massive claws and threw them across the road into a car. Hawkman and Hawkgirl retailiated by flying together at massive speeds towards the Shadow Thief. Together, they hit him with their maces. The Shadow Thief couldn’t keep up the pressure of both of their attacks and transformed back into his human form.

“There you go…you’ve beaten me.” Carl Sands said, panting with energy. “But…no…I’m not done…I’ll be back some day…I’ll have my revenge for throwing me into prison like you did…” He transformed into a shadow a disappeared completely.

“Yes we couldn’t lock him up again today…but we will find him again and when we do we will guarantee his demise.” Hawkman said to Hawkgirl. “Nice work.”

“Yeah.” Hawkgirl responded. “I think I’m getting the hang of this.”

The two of them entered the museum from a side entrance and took off their gear. They sat in one of the well-hidden rooms discussing their memories.

“Are you sure you can’t remember anything?” Carter asked Kendra.

“I’m starting to remember a few sporadic moments, seconds of a life before…being stabbed by someone…but I see most of it in dreams…”

“If you weren’t a reincarnation of Shierra, you wouldn’t have learnt to fight and use your wings as you’ve done today. What you’re doing here, is good.”

“Thanks.” Kendra smiled at Carter.

“I find it strange that I can’t remember anything about Shierra’s death. I think what may have happened is that she went missing as we ended up going our separate ways…but I never heard of any news of her dying…it is a mystery we must figure out together. Anyway, we need to practice our fighting skills for next time. Fancy a quick session in the gym?”

“Sure.” She smiled. The two of them went off together. There was something going on between their hands below as they walked side by side.

In Midway City’s junkyard, Carl Sands returned. He packed his things and headed to an old laboratory down the road. There, he activated a machine and the face of an old priest appeared.

“You are the one who can weave shadows?” The old priest looked at him.

“Yes…yes I am…”

“Pleased to make an alliance with you…we have so many clients now to take on Hawkman…and Hawkgirl…”

If you're wondering why the next episode is out already, it's because I want to cover for the next week: I am going abroad on holiday for about a week. After that, my activity will drop. This won't be the only episode with the Shadow Thief in, that's why I let him get away.

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