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Ruins Of Blackthorn: Season 1, Chapter 1 - Orev

by Staroid

Staroid Chapter 1 of Season 1.
I ran and ran, until my legs felt like they'd worn themselves out. I had my sword in my grasp, and I looked behind me...no one was there. I didn't take any chances, so I climbed on top of a tree, and rested for a little while.

I thought I could take a nap, but I was mistaken, because as soon as I closed my eyes... BAM! A wolverk started hitting the tree with its head, attempting to shake me off. I didn't just stand there and watch it happen, however. Instead I lunged in for an attack and stabbed it with my sword. The wolverk couldn't take the pain, and so it ran away. I stared at it with pity, and started walking back to the kingdom.

"Hahaha, yeah right!" exclaimed my older brother, Erebus, "Like you have the guts enough to face a wolverk all by yourself, Orev!" I yelled back at him, "It certainly did happen Erebus. I am no coward, and so I'll fight back if I must."
"Be as it may, you still are weak. You can never defeat me, for I am the king! Now off with you, Orev!"

I started running back to the forest, paying no concern to the townsfolk, who were looking at me with a confused expression. Wary of my surroundings, I thought it'd be safe to head in the middle of the forest, where it was said that any beast that had come into the center had turned into a passive animal. It wasn't long until sunset now, and I thought I might have to return back to my camp.

When I had arrived, the sky was a deep purple. Stars twinkled in the sky, making me feel at ease. But then, I remembered how Erebus did not believe that I was able to defeat a wolverk. Anger arose inside of me, and, subconsciously, I dug my blade in the ground.
'l'll prove you wrong, Erebus. I will.' I growled, under my breath.
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