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Sealistic 2017

by Storm The Fabulous

Storm The Fabulous A special to celebrate the awesome come of 2017

For a new year and new horizons!
It was 10 AM, I was awake, only 14 hours from new year, and I decided to make myself a cake for breakfast. So I got all the ingredients and started to prepare the cake

It was already 11 AM when I put the cake into the oven, but something felt very weird.
Then I remembered. "I need to enter to PokeCharms to say Happy New Year!"

I stayed in Pokecharms for a while, and when I left, It was... 1:30PM!!!!!!

It took me 4 more hours to get ingredients, make the cake again, and put it on the oven.

I then ate the cake. 6 and a half hous was worth it to eat a cake.
But I did not finish it, I needed to invite people. After all, that is what New Year is about.

I invited friends and family and we all stayed up till 12AM

When the clock said it was 12AM, like a MILLION fireworks blasted.
It was a great night.