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Sea whinny and Seaecho!

by EspeonTheBest

image.jpg image.jpg
EspeonTheBest These are my first two fakemon and my entry for @Stelluna 's scratch contest.

Sea whinny-Grass, Water
Seawhinny lives in the darkest parts of the water searching for hidden treasure. It loves shiny things and will do anything to get its 'hands' on it. The green mane acts like algae, moss, or seaweed to hide from preatetor like Sharpedo.

Seaecho grows legs to aid it in swimming. It lives in sunken ships and can read the currents, allowing it to know where ships are on the surface and what the weather was like. Seaecho will save sailors if they fall overboard or if a shipwreck happens, giving it the nickname 'The Sailor's echo'.

These are the first two Pokemon I've ever drawn on my IPad, so excuse the shaky lines please!

  1. EspeonTheBest
    I'm getting to that, I'm still trying to get the shiny button to work...
    Oct 10, 2015
  2. Stelluna
    Awesome! Do you think you'll be able to enter them on Scratch?
    Oct 10, 2015