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Hyperion Trio: Scorpio Y

by Anime Psyclone

Scorpio Y.png
Anime Psyclone Scorpio Y is very powerful, and it's cannon shots and fist is imbued with a special toxin. That toxin is also in it's whole body. It is said that Gemini X is one of the few on it's level. Scorpio Y is very intelligent.
Type: Poison/Normal
Ability: Y Toxin: All attacking moves have an added 20% chance of poisoning the opponent.(Example: Scorpio Y used Power-Up-Punch! It's Y Toxin poisoned the opponent!)
I used Typlosion's legs and area where they connect for it's bottom. The legs are modified Haxorus Legs, and the upper body is Machamp, A fanmade Pangoro Sprite, and Magmortar. The head is Marowak's Skull. The colors are Muk, Drapion, Mewtwo, and for it's eyes, Genesect.
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