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schindler's fist (new username + Instagram and Facebook + more stuff in the description)

by BooBerry

BooBerry /H E L L O/

Hey guys, guess who is still alive nvnbknkjnnknjknnjlihbu

Well anyway, here are a few things I want to announce because I can:
- As you all noticed, I've changed my username (again) into Myrtiille (PRONUNCIATION: me-er-till/my-er-till), however, you can still call me Aiko or by my new preferred nickname, Myr ^o^

- I now have Facebook and Instagram!!! If you want to follow me, for Instagram, my username is _myrtiille_, while Facebook on the other hand is Yuuki Agustin

- I will discard my Pokesonas and few of my fursonas, and start a new and fresh batch of them, so expect new OCs by me (you can see them in my signature, however, for now, the 'fursonas' spoiler will be there while I work on the other OCs)

- In the future, if can, I'll also be making a Tumblr and YouTube account! However, I'll go by different usernames ;v;

Well, that is all! I'll also try and edit Umi's bio, and make some other bios for my others furries, and other shitty stuff like that!

/B O O P/
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