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Theater of War: Scene 4

by Shadow_Pup

Shadow_Pup (This is a little scene)
Lights up on a trench David, Archie and Francis are seen crumpled around the trench area. Greggory is seen bleeding from a stomach wound lying against the trench, Tyler is situated next to him leg trapped beneath some sandbags.
Enter Anthony
Anthony: “Sergeant report”
Tyler:(grimacing) “We were attacked, they caught us by surprise, me and private Morris are all that’s left.”
Tyler points to Greggory, who is slowly losing consciousness.
Anthony: “James, Parsons get over here Private Morris needs an immediate evac, get him to the nurse tents”.
Leonard and Frederick enter, move Greggory onto a stretcher and exit. Anthony removes sand bags and helps Tyler stand.
Anthony: “Let’s go”
Fade black out

Fade lights up on Frederick and Leonard carrying Greggory between them. Frederick is chuckling to himself.
Leonard: “what’s so funny?”
Frederick: “Nothing, it’s just, this guy hasn’t been the most pleasant fella, we’ve been around each other for about a month now and I already want to claw his eyes out”
Leonard: “Yeah well some people are like that, come on let’s just get him to the tents”
Suddenly David, Francis and Archie now dressed as Germans spring out from behind the ‘trench’.
Leonard: “Shit, lookout”
Leonard pulls out a pistol gunning down German Francis and German Archie. But German David cuts Leonards shoulder with a knife. Frederick guns German David down.
Frederick: “You ok?”
Leonard: “I’m fine let’s just get to the tents, come on”
Leonard and Frederick carrying Greggory exit the scene.
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