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Savior vs Demon

by ☆Shiny Demonhoura☆

☆Shiny Demonhoura☆ The powerful Deity creator vs the Deity of Death and Destruction!
It was Evigen,the Deity of Destruction vs the Deity of Light,Aoivera.It was personal..Aoivera knew Deava was behind his and Vereza's millenia of slumber.If Aoivera couldn't ask him why..He was going to beat the answer out of Deava's mortal shell.

Deava : I defeated all of your precious Human creations.Your little Region is mine for the destroying.My Pokémon army will take down what's left of your pathetic heroes.
Aoivera : No...No,you won't get away with this.

The hair curl knotted itself.

Deava : You're so scared right now,aren't you?
Aoivera : I'm NOT afraid of you!
Deava : Your hair curl says different.
Aoivera : *harshly* Shut up!

Aoivera summoned a sword of psychic energy,trading blows with Deava,who had his own sword of psychic energy.Aoivera's psychic sword impaled and ripped apart Deava's side.The wound smoked.

Deava : You don't understand,do you.

Bleeding profusely,Deava remained grinning,as if to mock Aoivera's shallow attempt to fight back.Deava had dropped his psychic sword as well.

Aoivera : What are you?!
Deava : *panting* The end of your Region!

The psychic sword dispersed.Aoivera was troubled by Deava's unusual calm and evil smile in such a situation.He froze in place,feeling an uncanny rush of energy coming from Deava's body.

Deava : *panting* I will show you what fear looks like..Keep displaying those eyes full of fear and helplessness.They suit a weakling like you.

The surge of power was taking a toll on Deava's mortal body.His delicate flesh began to peel away from his body,like ice cream to the sun.A new form underneath the skin began to show.An inhumane scream escaped Deava's lips as his flesh kept melting. Aoivera couldn't imagine the pain Deava felt,but he remained composed.The 10 Guardian Pokémon had their hands full,with a never ending horde of powerful,evil Pokémon.Deava's screams of agony could be heard for miles.

Aegis : *grunts*Why do they keep coming back?
Goobor : *snarls* Die!
Constantine : *panting* Shit...
Vereza : *panting* We're outnumbered...
Schaar : Why won't they die?
Jacel : I'm getting tired..*panting*
Aegniz : It's looking like they're respawning.

With scythe in hand,Constantine continued to attack.Schaar and Aegniz also helped too.It was overwhelming.The Guardian Pokémon were wearing down from the endless wave of evil Pokémon.It felt as if there were no light at the end of the seemingly long tunnel.

Ophyuchius : *panting* There's too many..
Toras : *weakly* We're toast..They're way too strong.
Vergo : *snarls* We can't give up.
Scaurpio : For the Ganset Region!

A dying Jacel catapulted to the earth.Hyouri followed closely.and then Arazel.

Vergo : Red Guy!!!

Dropping Star Rider,Vergo ran to Jacel's aid.One by one,Pokémon began to drop.Aoivera's eyes flooded with tears.He felt helpless as his creations began to die off.They were dying for the world they vowed to protect.The world they loved.The Humans they grew to understand and value.

Jacel : *weakly * I'm sorry...
Vergo : *in tears* Red Guy..
Vereza : *coughs* No...this isn't..This isn't true.
Arazel : *pained* No fair..
Schaar : *weakly* I can't die here..

The pure white Deity of Light stared at each Pokémon as they fell.
Tears streamed down his cheeks.It was a mixture of anger and sadness.A situation that spiraled out of control.He couldn't watch
any longer.

Aoivera : *screams* Stop....STOP!You WON'T destroy what I've created..I won't let you.. *snarls in tears* Over my dead body..

Aoivera's rage pent up from so many innocent souls dying in front of him.So many innocent lives lost..He created a huge blade of compressed psychic energy and tossed it into the vast horde of evil Pokémon..Killing them off easily

Aoivera : *snarls in tears* Why them...Why... *roars* Answer me!!You..you..you freaking bastard!!!!What have they done to you?!

The screaming quieted.Deava's loyal Beezu tried to approach the new Pokémon in front of her,but couldn't.His aura was way too strong.

Beezu : *sobbing* Master,It's me..Beezu! Your Pokémon.
Aoivera : *sniffling* He's no longer your master.

The Pokémon was thin,tall,and imposing as far as appearance.His skin a pale cream colour,and eyeballs now a bright pink.His brown hair now white,and spiked as if lightning hit it,and eyes were three instead of two..He was no longer Deava,and no longer human.The three eyed Rogue stared at Beezu as if she were now trash.The unknown Pokémon leashed out one arm blade,and put it to Beezu's throat.

Unknown Pokémon : If you value your life,I suggest you move out of my way.
Beezu : *sobbing * Why don't you remember me?
Unknown Pokémon : I won't warn you again.

Beezu buzzed out of the unknown Pokémon's way. And he approached Aoivera, with arm blades leashed out to attack.They were long,sharp blades of bone,an extension of his wrist,capable of flexing forward to pierce whatever is in front of him.In this case,Aoivera.

Aoivera : Bring it..
Unknown Pokémon : As you wish...

Aoivera created a psychic energy blade and struck the unknown Pokémon.The two fought fiercely,purple sparks glittering the sky.Aoivera realized the bony blades withstood the sword strikes.They were hardly chipped or fazed whatsoever.The two were now in a deadlock.This Pokémon was beyond anything Aoivera had seen or felt.

Unknown Pokémon : Even on my worst day,You can't defeat me. I've trancended Humanity,can't you see?!Your humans cursed me..
Limiting me to the once mortal man you saw.The weak,defenseless
Human being,you all knew as Deava.That body hosted the one who stands before you.I will erase this world,and create a new one under MY rule.Not yours!Your reign is over,Deity of Light.

He kicked Aoivera in the ribs,and the sound was an ear shattering crack.He catapulted to the earth,the unknown Pokémon close behind him.Aoivera formed two psychic swords to guard against the oncoming arm blades,crossing his own together,blocking the attack.

Aoivera : *snarls* Get off me!

With all his strength he pushed back the unknown Pokémon,slicing into his chest and arm.

Unknown Pokémon : *in anger* No more games..Time to erase you..forever! You will be extinct!

He punctured the breast muscles of Aoivera's chest.Lifting him up easily,staring into his frightened eyes.

Unknown Pokémon : ...
Aoivera : *gurgling* Who are you? *gasps in pain*
Unknown Pokémon : The one who slays the former King.

The unknown Pokémon drove the blades deeper into Aoivera's breast muscles.Blood began to spurt from the deep punctures.

Aoivera : *in agony* Aaaaaghhh!
Unknown Pokémon : Your cries go unheard.

He watched Aoivera struggle. Pulling out the bloodied blades,he held up the bleeding Aoivera like a trophy by the throat.The blood wet the unknown Pokémon's face,as Aoivera's heart began to beat faster in fear.He couldn't respond back.

Unknown Pokémon : You're now worthless to the very world you created.Look at all your hard work,destroyed..For this chaos will be the last thing you see.You,like all Pokémon will fear me.This former world needs you no further!Your beauty will be non existent..and your name will be forgotten! Are you ready to die for the world you love?The world you failed to protect?I'd crush your scrawny neck,
but that would be a soft death for you.I want you to suffer in your final moments of existence!

The unknown Pokémon threw Aoivera into the air and pursued him,punching him extremely hard in the face,breaking his nose,and kicking him in the back,breaking it also.To finish the job, He stabbed Aoivera in the stomach and heart,and again,lifted him up..his weakened body sliding down the long arm blade.

Unknown Pokémon : You're beautiful,and defeated Goodbye..
Aoivera : *gurgles* Uggh..*retching* Guuughhh...
Unknown Pokémon : Think about how you failed your creations as you sink to the bottom of the abyss.

He vomited blood.lots of it...and died immediately,his beautiful clothes now bloody rags.His stomach insides spattered out onto the Rogue Pokémon's face.He smiled as if achieving something.
Staring into Aoivera's pale face,his mouth still pouring with blood.

Unknown Pokémon : Forever..

He threw Aoivera into the vast sea of crystal blue water below.As in life,Aoivera was also beautiful in death.His flowing garments now crimson rags as he descended into the darkness.The sea turned blood red as he sank into the abyss.His mouth twitched as if trying to say that "I'm sorry" for failing to protect the world he created.The sobs and wails of the remaining living Pokémon drowned out as he continued to sink.His blue eyes turned to glass as he exhaled his last breath.As everything faded to black,Aoivera kept apologizing in the back of his now dying mind.The beautiful Creator died off,and the Unknown Pokémon watched Aoivera sink as if to relish in his death.He waved a goodbye with a smirk on his face.Aoivera unconsciously raised a hand,to reach out to what he had lost.As he died,he continued to blame himself for what happened.Sinking,Aoivera felt a warm cradling,but was already dead,and that warm cradling is the last thing he would ever feel.This ocean was way different than all the others..

In defeat Aegis blamed herself for the death of Aoivera..