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Photo Blogs: Saturday, May 25

by PokeStorm

Wall 1.JPG
PokeStorm Hey everyone I'm back with another blog post!

So today was my first work day for my Eagle Project. We built 2 10foot sections of a wall that we're adding on to. Obviously they're upside down in the picture, but the three feet (a little less than a meter if you're not American (I hate our measuring system! Why can't we use Metric like everyone else?!)) that is sticking out will be in a 3 foot deep hole filled with concrete and gravel. We're gonna finish the project on Monday. But I'll post something else the day after.

Yesterday, Friday, I got out of school and I was just so exhausted. I don't know why, but yeah. Maybe it had something to do with my eye, I don't know. Today my parents called the hospital and I'm gonna start taking antibiotics to heal my eye. It hasn't gotten better at all. So OOF!

I finally got back my Bluetooth headphones! My parents took it away for some dumb reason I don't even remember, not that it matters anyways. So now I can listen to music again without the stupid wire. I always get it hooked on stuff, and I'm usually too lazy to tuck it inside my shirt. But yeah.

I'll add more to this post if I remember more, but I'm trying to finish the text before I leave the house. So thanks for reading, and I'll catch you most likely Tuesday! Glennis out!