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Pokemon Trainer Stories: Sapphire's Story

by Noyeh Kaguya

Noyeh Kaguya
The daughter of Professor Birch, Sapphire is a rude, wild tomboy, with absolutely no manners, who would usually wear clothing made out of leaves. She eventually encountered Ruby, the son of Petalburg Gym Leader Norman, who was in the process of running away from his new home in Littleroot Town.

While saving Ruby from two Mightyena, Sapphire injured herself. In gratitude for saving him, Ruby tended to her wounds and made an outfit for her. In Volume 19, it is shown that the reason why Sapphire chose to wear the clothes he made for her was because he wrote, in a letter enclosed with the clothes, that the clothes would definitely fit her. Sapphire gets her third outfit change later on. Once again, Ruby makes the clothes for her, and told her personally that the new clothes would fit her.

Sapphire may be wild and tomboyish, but in actuality, she is a devoted Pokémon Trainer who would go to any lengths to achieve her goals and protect what she treasures most. She became very upset when Ruby declared that he would rather go back to Johto than stand beside the Gym Leaders as they prepare to face Team Aqua and Team Magma. She persuaded Winona to battle her later, and the Gym Leader was so impressed by her fighting spirit and her will to defend Hoenn that she gave Sapphire the Feather Badge.

Weeks later, Sapphire was revealed to have a crush on Ruby, though it had been hinted on several occasions before that. At the Battle Frontier, however, Ruby claims to have forgotten the events during the Groudon and Kyogre affair including their confession of their feelings for each other due to the time void while leaving Mirage Island; whether or not this is true, however, has yet to be proven.

The reason for Sapphire's wild, tomboyish personality is due to an incident that occurred when she and Ruby met briefly at the age of five. The two were attacked by a wild Salamence. Ruby protected Sapphire, leading her to believe that she should stand up for herself more. It is highly probable that, because of this belief, she chose to abandon her docile personality, turning her attention to Pokémon Battles. She did not recognize Ruby when they encountered again, only realizing his identity when she saw the scar on his forehead which he received during the Salamence attack.​