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Sapphire Things :3

by CombuskenBrazil

SapphireSprite.png HNI_0043.JPG
CombuskenBrazil Well, Sapphire "is May" in the Pokémon Adventures mangá.
My birthday is in May... I like Sapphire/May... Got it? (HO HO! Sooooo good!)

1st - Sapphire sprite (Recolor? There's some changes...)
2nd - What I want for my birthday? (3DS) (Spoiler: A hug (Spoiler: From Sapphire))

About the second... If someone wanna give this gift... Well, call Sapphire... Or draw me/Richard (Combusken, my OC) hugging Sapphire... Or just come on to my party. Just enter in this pokéball at May 24th (In pokémon games, groups are partys... HOO HOO, I'M SO GOOD WITH JOKES!)
Hope you like it! Thanks, now have fun.
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