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OC's: Sapphire Ref. Sheet

by Star.Prince

Sapphire Ref. Sheet.png
Star.Prince [​IMG] [​IMG]
Reference. Lol.
Pronouns: She/Her or (sometimes) They/them
Weapon: Scythe
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: She's very stubborn and depressed, but covers up the depression with a happy let's-go-attitude. She gets angry very easily, and likes to be with friends.
Nicknames: Saph, Sappher, Sapphs, Blue
Likes: Flowers, Sand, Shells, Trees, Music, Drawing, Pastel Colors, Candy Red, and Sleep
Dislikes: Bright Colors (Other then candy Red), Her hair in a braid, Wearing A Dress, and Seekers.
-Wears Flower Crowns Sometimes
-Has a home made out of sand
-Has a back up home in a tree just in case
-In the war she had her hair short
-If she was any route in Undertale, she'd probably be the Neutral or the Genocide route
Ariados twice and Localised like this.