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OC's: Sapphire Designs?

by Star.Prince

Star.Prince Hey guys, so I'm trying to decide Sapphire's design, and here's two out of four of them. I like one the most out of all of them, but oh well. Which one do you like more?
1.: Looks relaxed, so most likely a musician. Will like food, sleeping, video games, and of course have like a million plushies. Once was a homeworld warrior, but soon realized that what they were doing was wrong so deiced to fight for the earth, when the war was over she went off and started making stuff and industrializing shit. But she realized that she wanted to be a musician once musical instruments were invented so she did that as a thing for thousands of years.
Personality: She doesn't seem like it but she's sassy, determined, gets a little overboard with everything that annoys her, sarcastic, mostly happy around friends (she with them all the time), and likes to hug.

2.: Was kind of a mechanical badass on homeworld until she didn't want to do that anymore. She still makes a bunch of stuff, but doesn't really like to. She's very unemotional and distanced, like the cannon sapphire, but is not tinny and a lesbian. (LOL I just wrote that) She has a bunch of plushies hidden from her friends, and hates sleeping, but not eating.
Personality: Detached, unemotional, serious, sassy, and a huge jerk. But other then that she's really nice.
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  1. Localised
    You have really gotten a lot better at drawing, I hope to see more ~
    Jun 6, 2016
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