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Dreaming a Performer's Dream!: Santalune City!

by AbbieEeveelutions

AbbieEeveelutions The girls go to Santalune City and fight the Santalune City Gym Leader, Viola, along with a Pokémon Showcase debut! 3 debuts, actually. One will win! Who will be winning and achieving the title of Kalos Queen? Find out!
~Heartdust's P.O.V.~
As we got there, people and Pokémon crowd the city, but not much. Hope was behind me and Lucy, staring at our backs. Then we trained a bit for the battle, since all of our Pokémon were too weak. Hope had a breeze since she only had Marshmallow, her Swablu, but me and Lucy had a lot of Pokémon to level up at the same time, so we did like a Horde Encounter type of thing. Later, Hope fell asleep on the ground, and we had to drag her all the way to this friendly family's home, with 2 parents and 2 kids. Pretty much Hope was asleep on the bed. Then I spotted a silhouette of a ninja scarf at the window. What is that? A ninja and his Greninja? I thought. Suddenly there was a knock on the door! I opened it, and nothing was there. Weird, I thought. This had to be just me. I thought. I mean, what kind of person knocks on the door and leaves before someone answers? Anyways, Hope woke up, and said,

"W-where am I?"
"You fell asleep on the ground so we dragged you to this family's home that promised us we can stay there."