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Sans X's Guide to Youtubing (Gaming)

by Sylvious

Sylvious Hello! Inspired by Rovenz (His guide is honestly better but maybe not idk), here is my expert Guide to Youtubing!
Hello fellow peoples! It's Sans X with my expert guide to Youtubing (Gaming)! Thx Rovenz for inspiring me and here is the guide!


First, you need the tools. You need these for recording and editing the videos you will be making. You need the recording software first. Here is a list of the most popular recorders.

Quicktime Player: Is available on Mac and Windows, is free, but can only record your computer screen. I recommend using this for beginners as it isn't that hard to get used to it, but you should bump into the later recorders if you are familiar with the features.
OBS: Is free, can stream, record your screen, has Game Capture, has plugins, can record webcam (Webcam is useful for most youtubers), available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and has a powerful API.
Bandicam: Cost money for full features, but has game fps control, best graphics, can record a webcam, but cannot stream and is only available on Windows.

Honestly I think you should use OBS as it can stream, is free, and is
available on most platforms.

Now, you need the editing software. Here are the most popular editing software:

Windows Movie Maker: Only available on Windows, Windows Movie Maker is a basic but decent editing software for Windows users. If you want to have a free editor, and happens to have a Windows PC, then use this! I recommend starting with this as it is very basic but go to a better editor later.
iMovie: The Mac version of Windows Movie Maker, iMovie is another basic editing software for Mac users. Again, if you want to have a free editor, and happens to have a Mac, then use this! Again, I recommend starting with this as it is very basic but go to a better editor later.
Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro is an awesome editor compatible with Windows and Mac. This editor has more features, so it is more complicated, but that is good. It can be pricy if you buy the best version, but I recommend using this as it isn't so expensive, but has most of the features.
Sony Vegas: This thing is freaking expensive! Sony Vegas can go up to $500 in price. If you somehow want to spend $500 on an editor, then go ahead! Sony Vegas is the best editor ever in my opinion. With basically every single feature, Sony Vegas is the king of editors. Though, it is complicated to use. But look up some tutorials and you'll be fine!

If your channel will be focused on console gaming, you need a Game Capture. I recommend Elgato Game Capture. It is pricey, most prices are around $100, but it is sure worth it, since it's the best Game Capture around in my opinion.

You also need a microphone. Here are a list of the best microphones:

Samson Go Mic: This Mic is pretty cheap (about $30) but has solid sound quality and is very small. I recommend this mic if you want a decent microphone but is on a budget.
Blue Yeti: If you ever heard of this microphone, then I guess you probably watched a Youtuber's setup video. Blue Yeti is the microphone most Youtubers use. It's about $100, but is great. What makes it so great is that it has multiple modes. This is useful if you are recording different types of videos. The sound quality is a lot better than the Samson Go Mic, and I recommend using this.
Audio-Technia AT2020: I watch The Game Theorists and Theodd1sout, and they just happen to both use this microphone! The Audio-Technia AT2020 is a great microphone as it has professional standard quality, has wide dynamic range, and also has good build quality. It's around $100 too, and is also recommended. Blue Yeti may be better for you, but the Audio-Technia AT2020 is also a really good pick.

You also may need a pop filter or stand to make your videos a lot better with the sound. Pop filters cost around $10 and stands cost around $20 (At least).

A headset is optional, but is needed if you don't want to sound coming out of the speakers of your computer. Using any Razor or Turtlebeach headset is the best. Though these headsets are very good, they do cost around $100, and in some cases $200.

The setup costs a lot. The lowest budget you can use for a setup is $60 (OBS (Free), Windows Movie Maker/iMovie (Free), Samson Go Mic ($30), Pop filter ($10), Stand ($20)) and the highest budget you can use is $930 (OBS (Free), Sony Vegas ($500), Blue Yeti/Audio-Technia AT2020 ($100), Pop filter ($10), Stand ($20), Best Razor/Turtlebeach Headsets ($200)) so you need quite a lot of money for a decent setup.

Now that we have gotten all the tools we need for our Youtube Channel, we need to know how the Youtube algorithm works so we can get our channel to be popular. When somebody searches, it brings up videos that have the keywords in the title or description. The first videos that pop up are the ones with the most views and/or likes.

  1. Rovenz
    Huh? Mine better than yours? HA! DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH

    this is better than mine easily
    Feb 27, 2017