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sans in the poke world: sans in the poke world part 6:END? maybe maybe not....?#2?##$@

by vergames

vergames after alphys sans undyne and mettaton were dead papyrus is left lets see what happens
GaStEr:"iTs JuSt YoU My SoN hEh WhAt a PiTy!!>:D" papyrus:"n-no..." *papyrus puts sans jacket on* super rayquaza:RAAAAAAAAYYY! *papyrus kills super rayqauza in one hit with a bone wall the super rayqauza bursts into glitchy black pixels* gaStEr:"wHaT?!" disbelief papyrus:"gaster you killed everyone i cared about besides the human... now i will kill you.....heh i used to belive in you like you could come back good....but now i know" GaStEr:"fInE I wilL CoMe oUt In My PhIsIcAl Form!" ash:"papyrus i will help GO PIKACHU!"