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sans in the poke world: sans in the poke world part 5:END? maybe maybe not part 2

by vergames

vergames after meeting with gaster they must fight a super rayqauza
*sans throws bones at rayqauza* *alphys uses a lazer cannon on rayquaza* *undyne still blocking rayquaza with her spear* *mettaton goes neo to destroy rayquaza with his arm cannon* sans:"USE EVERYTHING YOU GOT!!!!!" mettaton neo:"I AM DARLING!"
*mettaton gets smacked by rayquaza's tail and explodes* papyrus:"METTATON NOOO..."
gAsTEr:"OnE PoInT FoR GaStEr" *rayquaza breaks through undyne's spear and eats her*
alphys:u-undyne n-nooo! gAsTTeeeR:"t-ThIS GoING BeTTeR THeN i ThOuGht" *rayquaza goes to attack sans and eats him and eats alphys* papyrus:"no...." to be continued