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sans in the poke world: sans in the poke world part 4:the battle against rayqauza again!!!!

by vergames

vergames sans and ash after defeating team rocket went on the wrong path and find them selves against rayquaza again
ash:"SANS WATCH OUT THAT RAYQAUZA LOOKS HUNGRY AND MAD!" sans:"uh-oh i guess its hangry AHHH" *sans dodges rayquaza* sans:"heh here comes a gaster blasters"
*sans fires the gaster blasters at rayqauza* *rayqauza dodges* rayqauza:"RAAAAYYY!!!"
*rayqauza comes at sans and ash with its mouth wide open ready to eat them but sans stop rayqauza with teleknises* sans:"time to die you scaley bag of trash" *sans becomes ultra sans and blasts rayqauza to smitheriens* to be continued
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