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sans in the poke world: sans in the poke world part 3:the wrong way with a capital R!

by vergames

vergames after ash and sans meet some thieves apear!
???:"perpare for trouble" "make it double" "to protect the world from devastation" "to unite all peoples within are nation" "to denounce the evils of truth and love" "to extend are reach to the stars above" jessie and james:"JESSIE" "JAMES!" "TEAM ROCKET BLASTS OFF AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!" "SURRENDER NOW OR PERPARE TO FIGHT!"
sans:"who are those two?" ash:"thats team rocket they steal other peoples pokemon"
sans"Thieves? i will show them" *sans grabs team rocket with teleknises and fling them away* jessies&james:"WERE BLASTER OFF AGAIN" *bling* ash:"i think its this way"
*they walk out of ash's home town* ash:"uh oh this is the wrong way!"
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