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sans in the poke world: sans in the poke world part 1:sans vs rayquaza

by vergames

vergames a story where sans gets stuck in the pokemon universe rayquaza not know he is not a threat attacks sans
*the sound of the portal made by a glitch is gone* sans:"huh where am i?" *sans looks around confused* rayqauza:"RAYQUAZA" *sans grabs rayqauza with telekinesis* sans:"heh wanna have a bad time?" *sans flings rayqauza into a tree* rayqauza:"ray.."
*sans uses his bone attacks against reqauza* *rayqauza dodges* *rayqauza hits sans*
sans:"ngh..." *sans health-0* sans:"no..i wont lose" *the earth shakes* *sans becomes ultra sans* sans:"heh now i am as big as you come at me" rayqauza:"RAY!!!!-QAUZA"
*sans blocks* sans:"heh" *sans shoots a laser out of his mouth* *sans becomes normal* sans:"welp i better get home but how?"
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