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Sandust City

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Iron's arrival.
The sandstorm rushed around Iron's body. He felt no pain from it, but he felt the sand all over his blue fur. The sun was burning proudly and the sky was as dry as the desert. He had been walking for a few days now during the night and resting during the day. But today, he was close to his destination and decided to continue walking and would rest upon arrival.
Iron could see the city up ahead despite the sand blocking his view. The heat began to rise within him and his nose began to sweat. The thirst in his throat increased and his feet felt soar.
"We made it this far, what is left is nothing to us." Iron spoke to himself.
The sand began to clear up as the tall sand like buildings rose higher. Cactus and pokemon became visible along with some shops set up for those that provide items to wonders of the desert. A Sandile sniffed everyone going to the city and offered berries in exchange for silver while a milktank smiled from her shop only of her delicious milk. Iron saw an old Raticate sitting under a cactus and up ahead two gravelers guarding the entrance to the city. He stepped up to the giant red metal door.
"Who are you and what is your business in Sandust?" One of the gravelers said as he scanned Iron with his eyes.
Iron cleared his throat and answered "I am Iron of Steel Palm Village. I am in search of a master to teach me the powerful move, bone rush."
The gravelers nodded to each other. They both used rollout against the door. The giant entrance slowly opened and presented the grand city to Iron. He was amazed at how there houses and shops build one on top of another. They were made of a reddish sand and only seemed to have one door and window. The streets were narrow filled with Pokemon walking by. The sides had tents, stands and a few street performers.
Iron walked to a nearby hotel called "The last resort". Inside it was humid and cool. He approached the front counter that was being attended by a sunflora.
She smiled and said with a smile "Welcome to last resort! Room for one?"
Iron nodded in agreement and the sunflora handed a small key with a room numbers. "Second floor to the right, we breakfast at sunrise and dinner at midnight." She said with a smile as she tilted her head sideways and watched Iron walk away.
Iron reached his room, it had a small feather bed in the center with a small desk against the window and a rug with an designed of some big red Pokemon from the creation legends. He threw his pouch on the bed and sat in the middle of the rug. He began to meditate, preparing to explore the city.
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