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My Original Pokemon Story (Name WIP): Sanctuos Region Map

by UnfocusedTrainer

Sanctuos Map.jpg
UnfocusedTrainer So here it is, the map of Sanctuos. Took a while to make and so I'm gonna give a brief description for each place.

Sause Town- The "Beginning Town" and where Professor Bert Palm resides.
Hurch City- The starting city with the Trainer School/Registration
Chancel Forest- Dense forest full of Pokemon
Chancel City- Grass Gym, botanist study
Shelt City- Bug Gym, honey harvesting
Shelt Meadow- Field of grand flowers and a wide variety of trees for different honey
Teple Town- Fire Gym, Blazing Stage location
Shrin Town- Rock Gym, Fossil Research and Restoration
Torium Mountain Pass 1- Where Fossils are
Quay City- Poison Gym, Port
Gahi Bay- Major Waterway, source of water pokemon besides rivers
Sylum Town- Location of the Grand Castle Ruins
Torium Mountain Pass 2- Strange Crystal Caves
Anchorage Town- Ground Gym
Torium Mountain Pass 3- Entrance to the Ancient Labyrinth
Ancient Labyrinth- Underground maze meant to hold a mystical and powerful artifact
Hidut City- Sanctuos Power Plant (through the Crystals) and Department Store
Ivower Town- Steel Gym, location of the Ivory Tower
Sanum City- Dark Gym, Shadow's Past Club
Victory Road- Cave leading to Champion's Highway
Champion's Highway- Large glass bridge connecting the mainland to Touchstone Island
Touchstone Island- Holds Pokemon League Citadel
Pokemon League Citadel- Where the Elite Four and Champion reside

And yeah, thats it. If you guys have idea for some places I should maybe add to make it feel more complete, let me know :)
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