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Sableye's diary: Sableye's diary part 1

by masterball gamer

masterball gamer A story about a sableye writing a diary about his struggle through life
I find It so hard to do anything nowadays as soon as I leave the cave there's always a Pokémon laughing at me or a face teasing me.I used to be one of the strongest Pokémon alive I would dodge and dart around the field, disappearing and coming up behind them.My strongest move was dark pulse I used to always be the star.But those days are gone,those days I spent with my trainer (Orlando) are lost and in the past. I stopped battling because my trainer did something so terrible I could never forgive him...

Today I went to my only friend Patrat. I owe him so much you see. He kept me alive all winter he fed me so I wouldn't have to face the other Pokémon. He was trying to persuade me to go out and try and make some friends and that's when the idea hit me.I could teleport outside and maybe just watch for a while!
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  1. Cugi
    good work
    Nov 4, 2015
  2. masterball gamer
    masterball gamer
    Hope you guys like
    Jul 29, 2015