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Green Arrow: Eternal: S2E5: The People

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma As Green Arrow and Black Canary attend a press conference for Chief Broderick Westberg, memories plague Oliver Queen's mind... Memories of an old friend.
“Thank you all for being here today.”
Green Arrow lay down on the roof, watching the events happening from below. Chief Westberg had made a decision to confront the public about all the recent events concerning Green Arrow. He had asked for the Arrow himself to attend.
Ollie did one better - he brought Black Canary along as well.
“Guess we’re starting.” Black Canary said, watching from beside him.
“As I’m sure you all are aware, in recent days a vigilante named Green Arrow has taken up residence in Star City.” Westberg began. “Possibly related is the increase in supervillain-related crime, such as the Vertigo incident, the Tockman incident and the Onomatopoeia attacks. Today, as Police Chief, it’s time to make a public statement on the police’s attitude towards Green Arrow.”
The press began to clamer. Cameras began to focus, microphones were adjusted and notepads were flicked through. No matter what Westberg said now, it was going to be important to Green Arrow and his allies.
But for some reason, Oliver couldn’t help but think how one of the press at the front looked like Roy…

“Hi there!”
The young Oliver Queen raised his head. His father had enlisted him in a public school. It was his first day, and he didn’t know anyone. Needless to say, the seven-year-old was fairly worried.
That’s why he was surprised when a red-headed boy came over to him. “How’re ya doing?” he asked.
“Oh! Oh, uh… good, I guess?” Oliver sighed.
“Is anyone sitting here?” the boy asked, gesturing to the desk beside Oliver.
“No.” Oliver replied. With a smile, the red-head sat down in the desk before pulling out a comic book. Oliver took a look at the cover. “Hey, wait! Is that a Justice Society comic?!”
“Yyyyyyyep!” the boy said with a smile. “The Justice Society is awesome, aren’t they? Especially Wildcat.”
“Wildcat?” Oliver wasn’t aware there was a Wildcat on the team.
“Take a look!” The boy pointed towards the comic cover.
THE TRUE ADVENTURES OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY #15 - The Justice Society has finally met a foe they can’t defeat! Can Wildcat save the day from the Gentleman Ghost? Find out in: BLACK AND WHITE
“Wildcat is so cool. He’s just an ordinary guy who does things his way!” The red-head said.
“Wildcat looks cool. But Doctor Mid-Nite is cooler.”
“Doctor Mid-Nite is a normal guy, but he’s a doctor too! And he’s got all these cool gadgets!”
“But Wildcat doesn’t need those gadgets! He just uses his bare fists!”
“Listen up, class.” the teacher said at the front. Oliver and his new friend snapped to attention, Roy putting the comic away.
“Hey, what’s your name?” the boy asked.
“Oliver Queen. How about you?”
“Roy Harper. Nice to meetcha!”

“Arrow, listen up.” Canary said, gently elbowing him in the shoulder.
Oliver snapped back to reality. “Right, got it. Sorry, memories.”
“Green Arrow is a hero.” Westberg began. “He has saved the city many times over already, and he’s barely started as a hero. With all the superheroes popping up, knowing who’s a hero and who’s a villain is important. The Star City Police Force will be doing anything and everything possible to help Green Arrow and his allies, such as Black Canary and Doctor Mid-Nite, with their missions.”
Oliver let out a sigh. “Good to know he’s on our side.”
“Now all we have to worry about is the press and Godfrey.” Canary said.
“Godfrey?” The Arrow hadn’t heard the name before.
“G. Gordon Godfrey. He’s been running a smear campaign against superheroes since the Nobodies attacked…” Canary groaned. “Probably my least favorite person on the planet.”
“Counting the supervillains?”
“Counting the supervillains.”
“With that said…” Westberg continued. “If Green Arrow does betray the public trust, becoming a villain, my force will hunt him down and arrest him like any other man, and he will have fair trial like any other man. However, I find it hard to believe that will ever be necessary. If you want to see why… well, why don’t they come tell you themselves?”
“That’s our cue.” Black Canary said, standing up.
Green Arrow did as well, drawing his grappling arrow and shooting it onto the end of a pole they had placed on the roof specifically for this entrance. Black Canary grabbed onto Green Arrow and held him tight as the archer dropped off the roof, the two slowly descending to the talk and applause of the press and people.
“Thank you for the kind words, Chief Westberg.” Green Arrow said with a nod, Black Canary releasing him. The archer turned to face the crowd. “And they’re not just words. They’re the truth. I would never betray this city. My life is dedicated to protecting and improving this city, and hurting it is the exact opposite of what Green Arrow was created for.”
“You remember the Justice Society?” Black Canary asked, taking the stand. “A group of heroes dedicated to protecting the world. They were public, sure, and we’re not. But we have the same goals. Green Arrow and I can only hope to live up to the legacy left behind by the first Black Canary, the original Doctor Mid-Nite, the late Hourman, the missing Red Tornado and the retired Doctor Fate and Wildcat. I can’t speak for Batman, Nightwing or Superman, but I suspect they feel the same way.”
Green Arrow nodded. “And like the Justice Society of the Golden Age, we can and WILL do all we can to protect the people, Star City and beyond.”
To protect the people…

“To protect and serve!” the young Oliver Queen said, his bow in his hand.
“Ollie, that’s the police, not Robin Hood!” Roy Harper chuckled.
“Well yeah, but…” Oliver rubbed the back of his head. “Aren’t they the same in a way?”
“No way!” Roy replied. “Robin Hood helps people by breaking the law, the police maintain it.”
“But they both stop villains!”
“Oliver! Roy! Dinner’s ready!”
The two boys turned towards the front door before looking back at each other and smiling, moving inside. In the house, Moira Queen was sitting at the table, reading through the paper. As she did, Robert Queen finished up cooking.
“Hey, mom!”
“Hello, Ms. Queen!”
“Hello, boys.” Moira smiled as the two boys sat down at the table to eat.
“Thank you for letting me stay here tonight.” Roy said.
“Oh, it’s not a problem!” Moira replied. “It’s the least we can do for Oliver’s best friend.”
“I hope you three like ravioli!” Robert smiled, bringing over several bowls. The boys began to dig in, the Queen parents looking at each other happily.
“So… how’s Bow doing?” Robert asked to Roy.
“Dad’s doing just fine.” Roy replied. “Just a bit stressed about things back home.”
“Well, I hope we can see him soon.” Robert smiled. “It’s been a while since we’ve talked. What were you boys doing outside, actually?”
“Playing Robin Hood!” Oliver replied cheerfully. “Robin Hood’s the best.”
“And not a police officer.”
The Queens chuckled at the two boys.

The people let out a small cheer to Green Arrow’s rallying cry. The press, however, were focused on the interview.
“No cue cards for that, by the way.” Arrow chuckled, lightening the mood. Canary gently elbowed him in the side.
“I think that’s all for now. Any questions?” the Chief asked.
The reporters began spewing out questions frantically. Westberg quickly raised his hands. “Whoa, whoa! One at a time, please!”
Green Arrow pointed to one reporter. “Lois Lane, Daily Planet.” the reporter said. Oliver had to think for a moment. Daily Planet? So she had come all the way from Metropolis for this. She looked extremely tired, though - had she been working some all-nighters recently? “Black Canary, you mentioned the previous Black Canary. She was the one that died in the JSA’s final battle against Per Degaton and the Ultra-Humanite, yes?”
“...she was.” Black Canary said, her face turning somber. “She sacrificed herself to stop them.”
“What reason did you pick up the Black Canary mantle?” Lois asked.
“I wanted to offer tribute to her, and remember why she fought like she did - why I fight like I do.”
Green Arrow pointed to another reporter. “Cat Grant, WGBS. Green Arrow, what connection, if any, do you have to the Batman?”
“We’re colleagues.” Green Arrow chuckled. “He showed me the ropes when I was starting out, and we stopped a crime together. Haven’t seen him since, actually, but I’d like to think we’re at the level where we can grab some coffee together.”
Black Canary pointed towards a third reporter. “Alexandra Brackett, Gotham Gazette. Black Canary, has your recent work been influenced by your work as part of the Birds of Prey in any way?”
“Yes.” Black Canary replied simply. “The Birds of Prey gave me training and experience - turned me into who I am today. And… I also know what it’s like to lose a partner. I’m not going to let that happen again.”
Green Arrow looked at Black Canary. He could tell she was remembering Batgirl.
“You’re not the only one.” Green Arrow said to her, putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Just… go away, Oliver!” Roy shouted back. Oliver had just come to Roy’s room and found him in the middle of an injection.
“NO! I came here to check if you were okay and I find you doing… THIS?!” Oliver gestured towards the syringe. “Roy, I thought you were better than this… all the drugs.”
“Your father practically drinks for a living!”
“RESPONSIBLY!” Oliver retorted. “And while we’re on the topic of fathers, what do you think Big Bow would-”
“DON’T YOU DARE BRING HIM UP!” Roy roared. Oliver was taken aback. The older teenager took a step back, looking at his red-headed friend.
Though… he wasn’t really his friend anymore.
“Roy, I…” Oliver gritted his teeth… before turning around. “Roy, I know you’re mourning for Big Bow. We all are. But I’m not just going to watch you do this to yourself… and I also know I can’t help.”
Oliver began to walk to the door. “Come find me when you’re better, Roy.” Oliver said with a growl, throwing the door open.
“Where the hell are you going?!” Roy said in a drugged stupor.
“To find where Roy Harper went.” Oliver said, before slamming the door.

“Well, if that’s all…” Westberg said. “I think we’re just about done here. Green Arrow, Black Canary, thank you for coming out.”
“We’re the ones that should be thanking you for the invitation and support, Chief.” Black Canary said, smiling.
“I think it’s time to head out, though.” Green Arrow said. “City patrols to do - you know how it is.”
Green Arrow notched a grappling arrow to the pipe from earlier, Black Canary grabbing onto him again, before the arrow pulled them up to the roof. As the press disassembled, the two heroes landed on top of the police station’s roof.
Waiting there was the Question.
“Oh, hey! You’re Mr. Faceless. Arrow told me about you.” Black Canary said.
The Question held up a folder.
“I found them.”

“Oliver Queen?” The large, grey-bearded man leaned back against the wall. “It does make sense, does it not…?”
“He always did like archery and justice.” Roy said, holding his grey mask in his hands.
Suddenly, a beep came from the big man’s cell phone. He looked at it to see a text come in from an unknown number.
Question has you in his sights. Expect visitors.
“I think it’s time to gather up the gang. Apparently Question’s on his way, and I find it hard to believe Team Arrow won’t be tagging along.” the man said, getting up and walking out of the room. As he did, he grabbed his large silver warhammer.
“I’ll fetch them right away.” Quiver donned his mask, running off.
“Good.” Smithy smiled. “Let’s give them a warm welcome…”

This is mostly a filler part, in all honesty, but it does give a bit more insight into the history between Oliver and Roy in DC: Eternal. VERY different from most mediums. But overall... I think it works.
You'll understand why these changes were made further down the road.
Anyways, next up is the battle against the Living Weapons! Green Arrow and Black Canary get a rematch against Quiver and Blade, and Mid-Nite, Diggle and Question return to face off against the other two Living Weapons, Barrel and Scythe! Two of the Living Weapons are going to have quite the impact on the DC: Eternal universe...
Make sure to follow the rest of the DC: Eternal universe to get the whole story!
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