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Green Arrow: Eternal: S2E4: The Question and The Answer

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma Oliver is contacted through a strange means by a strange man. Who is the Question, and how does his information on the Living Weapons pertain to Green Arrow?
“Mister Queen, some mail is in for you.”
“Ah, thank you.” Oliver Queen nodded to his assistant, taking the mail. Right now, however, he was in the middle of looking at some paperwork. “God, I never knew being CEO meant signing a billion papers per hour…” Oliver sighed. “How is being a superhero easier than this?”
Looking over the papers, Oliver quickly flicked through most of them, signing where he needed to and adding comments on what he wasn’t cool with. He still had a lot of work to do with this company…
When Oliver glanced over towards the stack of letters, he was taken aback when he saw one completely unsigned. No stamps or anything.
Curiosity overtaking him, Ollie decided to open it up.
Inside was… what looked like a Discord server link?
https://discord.gg/zSpC27e (Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers) - Need to talk to the Arrow - Q
The Arrow…? So this Q, he knew about the connection between Ollie and Green Arrow. Well, maybe not the precise connection itself, but he knew there was a connection. How much did he know…?
Questions for later. Or maybe the conversation. Fyff had joked about creating a Team Arrow Twitter the last day, but a Team Arrow Discord had yet to be brought up. It could become useful in the future, but they already had superior communications. But now they needed at least a Discord account. Oliver pushed the paper and mail to the side, bringing out his personal laptop. He quickly signed in, opening Google Chrome and heading to Discord. He made a new account quickly, “GA” as the username.
Now Green Arrow had a Discord account. Guess people wouldn’t expect that.
Oliver quickly typed in the Discord server link. Up came the box for a server invite.
“Let’s Talk.”
Oliver clicked the invite link, and appeared in a blank room with only one other user known as “Question”. His profile picture was a large question mark. Oliver wondered if he should bother putting a profile picture on.

-> Hello. Is it GA you’re looking for?

Well, Green Arrow’s presence had been announced in style.

Question - Today at 1:36 PM
GA - Today at 1:36 PM
Who are you?
Question - Today at 1:36 PM
I think you already know that.

Had to be the faceless guy. He already spoke in riddles enough.

The attack on Westberg. Who do you think is responsible?

So he knew about the incident with those men. Of course he did.

GA - Today at 1:37 PM
League of Assassins makes the most sense to me
Question - Today at 1:37 PM
But they’re not the only possibility, are they?

What was he implying? Oliver had to wonder. Aside from the League, what options were there? Maybe the crew Emiko was working for? It’d be hard to imagine anyone from Gotham having reasons to attack the Chief here, especially with Batman cleaning up the Nobodies and Scarecrow’s gang.

GA - Today at 1:38 PM
What do you mean?
Question - Today at 1:39 PM
What do you know about the Living Weapons?

This was something Oliver had never heard of before. The Living Weapons?

GA - Today at 1:39 PM
The what now?
Question - Today at 1:40 PM
A group of young adults molded into deadly warriors by a man named Smithy. Every five years they churn out some of the world’s deadliest, personalized assassins.

Smithy… Oliver recalled where he heard the name from before. Question was the one that told him the name before, when he and Dinah encountered the faceless man outside Q-Core.

GA - Today at 1:41 PM
So you’re saying these Living Weapons are the ones responsible for the attack?
Question - Today at 1:41 PM
The Living Weapons are more like an agency. Someone else hired them to take out Westberg and make it seem like the League.
GA - Today at 1:41 PM
Are you sure about this?
Question - Today at 1:42 PM
No. I’m a conspiracy theorist. But I’ve had my eye on Smithy’s organization for a while now.

Oliver stared at the screen for a few seconds.

GA - Today at 1:42 PM
A faceless conspiracy theorist
Question - Today at 1:43 PM
And you’re a grown man running around the city with a bow and arrow.
GA - Today at 1:43 PM
So what makes you think this Smithy is related to the Westberg attack?
Question - Today at 1:43 PM
It fits his MO to a tee. Subtle yet obvious, and especially the silver. That’s a trademark of all his trainees. Furthermore, each of his trainees specialize in a single weapon.
GA - Today at 1:44 PM
That makes sense
How much do you know about these guys?
Question - Today at 1:44 PM
I have files. Many files.
GA - Today at 1:44 PM
Meet up tonight to discuss this more in person?
Question - Today at 1:45 PM
The docks, 7 PM. Bring a friend if you want.
Also, destroy my letter to you. I’ll delete this server, but just in case. I already connected you to Oliver Queen. We don’t want to enable others to do the same.
GA - Today at 1:45 PM
Got it

A few seconds later, the server suddenly vanished. Oliver was left thinking. Question… a new ally for now. But he didn’t know enough to be certain of his alignment yet.
Standing up, Oliver logged out of Discord, checking and double-checking that he remembered the password before shutting down his computer. 7 PM. He had lots of time before then. May as well check the rest of his mail and hopefully finish up with those papers.
Grabbing the letter from the Question, Oliver gently tossed it into the decorative-but-functioning fireplace. He sat back down at his desk as the flames consumed the parchment.

At seven o'clock PM exactly, Green Arrow dropped down into the Star City docks. “Why is it always the docks?” he wondered to himself.
“Funny. I was wondering that as well.”
Turning around, Green Arrow spotted the shadowy, faceless man. Exactly who he had been expecting.
“The Question?”
“Exactly.” Question nodded.
“So, these Living Weapons. You said you had files?” Green Arrow asked. The Question held out a file full of information, handing it over to the Arrow. Oliver quickly browsed through them. “This is a lot of info…”
“It’s one of thirty files. That’s my overall file. The others are specific.”
As Green Arrow looked through the folder, a specific symbol caught his eye. He pulled out the paper. “Wait… what’s this symbol?” The symbol was nine circles formed together.

Nine circles…
“That’s the symbol of the Ninth Circle.” the Question said.
“...wait.” The Arrow did a double-take.
“The Ninth Circle has quite a bank, don’t they?”
“The Ninth Circle… I’ve heard that name before.” Green Arrow replied. “They’re connected to the Vertigo incident. Merlin’s on their payroll.”
“They’re a bank.” the Question replied. “A bank of evil. A store for ill-gotten funds and a place to take out loans for evil operations. The Batman’s dealt with them more times than he can count… though he doesn’t know he has.”
“And you do?”
“I’m a conspiracy theorist.” the Question shrugged. “It’s my job to look into any and all outlooks.”
“I don’t think you’re paid to make crackpot theories.”

Before the Question could respond, there was a rustling above them.
“You hear that?” Arrow asked, notching an arrow. The Question nodded.
Suddenly, an arrow flew towards them. Before Oliver could respond, the Question deftly caught the shaft between his fingers.
“A silver arrow.” the Question observed, looking at the design of the bolt. “Either someone’s out here hunting werewolves, or we’re dealing with a Living Weapon. And it isn’t werewolf season.”
“Wait, what’s that supposed to- You know what, never mind.” Green Arrow glanced around. “He’s an archer. Think it’s the same one I fought at the station?”
“Likely so.” Question replied, the two heroes moving back-to-back. “From what I’ve gathered, Smithy’s never trained more than one recruit in a weapon at a time.”
“Good to know.”
Green Arrow’s eyes glanced about the docks, spotting a flash of silver. “Got him.” Green Arrow made a prediction shot, firing his arrow in anticipation of where he would be.
The arrow sunk into a shipping crate as the archer rolled under it.
“You missed.” the archer said.
“Did I?” Arrow smiled.
Green Arrow flicked his wrist towards the enemy archer. As the archer glanced back, the explosive arrow blew up, flinging the archer into the air. He quickly fired a grappling shot from his bow in midair, pulling himself over the heads of Green Arrow and the Question.
“Hey! That’s my trick!” Green Arrow said, firing off a grappling arrow of his own. As he did, the Question ran off.

Green Arrow and the archer raced across the rooftops, now out of the docks. “Rooftop chase. Isn’t this what we did last time?” Green Arrow asked with a chuckle.
“Do you EVER stop talking?!” the archer demanded.
“I do when Canary has something better for me to do.” The Arrow smirked at his own joke.
The archer growled, turning and firing a shot at the Emerald Outlaw. Green Arrow rolled to the side, drawing another arrow. “Can I at least have something to call you by?!”
“Quiver.” the archer said, firing another shaft. This time, the arrow exploded before hitting Green Arrow, but it released a thick cloud of smoke.
“Smokescreen arrow? That’s… honestly pretty cool.” Green Arrow said before being blinded by the smog. When it faded, he was gone.
“Great. I let him escape AGAIN.”

“This was still a net gain.” the Question said from behind him.
“Wh- How’d you get here?!” Green Arrow whirled around, looking at him in shock.
“I have my ways.” The Question then held up the arrow he caught. “We have this now. It’s not exactly a commonplace arrow. I might just be able to track the Living Weapons down with this.”
“Huh.” Green Arrow smiled. “Well, when you figure things out, you know where to find me.”
“This is my case, you know.” the Question said. “Why do you want to get involved?”
“For one, you brought me on. For two, if the Living Weapons are connected to the Ninth Circle, they might be connected to Em- the Crimson Archer.” Green Arrow said. “I can’t pass up any chance that could lead me to her.”
“...I see.” the Question nodded.
“You know, why DID you bring me on?” Green Arrow had to wonder. “This is your case, as you said. So why did you bring it up with me?”
“You’re the local superhero.” the Question replied. “And after the Westberg attack, you would have gotten involved one way or another. It’s best to have you in the know.”
“...if you say so.” Green Arrow chuckled, turning away. “So, I guess we’ll chat when-”
Turning back, he saw the Question had vanished.
“Oh. So he’s one of those types.”

“What did you think you were doing?”
“...I’m sorry, teacher.” Quiver said, looking down solemnly. “But I had to encounter him again.”
“And why is that?” Smithy asked.
“Because now…” Quiver slowly removed his mask, revealing the face of Roy Harper.
“I know who Green Arrow is.”

One second, when did I last post a chapter...?
October 14, 2018
Yep, Roy Harper does exist in Green Arrow: Eternal - as a VILLAIN! Quiver has been revealed to Green Arrow, but the opposite is just as true. Roy knows about Ollie, and the Question knows about the Ninth Circle. Who's going to track down the truth of their foe first?
I can attribute the release of this chapter mainly to Young Justice Season 3, in all honesty. Put me in a writing mood! I can't promise a set schedule, but I am trying to catch up to Mock and Sect, so expect more sometime soon! (Not for at least a week tho.)
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