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Green Arrow: Eternal: S2E2: Ascension

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma In a surprise move (well not surprising to you readers I assume) CFO Cyrus Broderick names Oliver Queen as the new CEO of Queen Industries! Oliver wasn't expecting this, but now he's got big plans...
Oliver Queen sat up, holding his hand to his forehead. Glancing over at the clock, he saw it was 7:23 AM. He could still sleep in for another half-hour, right? So why was his clock going off?
It wasn’t. His phone was the one beeping, and it was because he was getting a ton of text messages.
Picking up the phone, Ollie noticed that at least four different people had texted him. Dinah Lance, Pieter Cross, Naomi Singh, Henry Fyff - he had messages from all of them.
Before he could read the texts, his bedroom door smacked open. Robert Queen walked in with the biggest smile on his face, marching right up to his son and grabbing him in a bear hug. “Oliver Queen you lucky son of a bitch!”
“H-hey Dad? What’s this about?” Oliver asked, confused. “I just woke up…”
“You’ve gotta see the news.” Robert said. He pulled his son out into the living room, turning on the TV. Robert switched over to Koma News 2, one of Star City’s lead news channels.
“This is Victoria Much reporting on the new developments with Star City’s leading company, Queen Consolidated.” the reporter said on the screen. “Anyone with eyes on the business side of Star City are aflame at CFO Cyrus Broderick’s decision to NOT rise to the position of CEO, instead naming the recently-returned formerly-rich playboy Oliver Queen as the new leader of the company.”
Oliver merely looked on in shock as Robert laughed happily. “See what I mean, Ollie boy? You’ve got it made! That old Queen family luck.”
“I believe that Oliver Queen can be a better CEO than I could be, as he’s been shown so far to be a hard worker and to have an eye out for the people.” Broderick said over the TV, being interviewed by Ms. Much. “And I have every faith that he will lead Queen Consolidated to rise to the top of Star City’s community as a helpful and supportive body.”
“...son of a bitch.” Oliver said, chuckling.

Oliver Queen sighed, nervously twiddling his thumbs. He had never been to floor 9 of Q-Core before. Well he had passed it, but he had never gone inside it. This floor was home to the office of Vice President Cyrus Broderick of Queen Consolidated. Hell, Oliver had never even met the guy.
Oliver knocked on the door. “Mr. Broderick? It’s Oliver.”
“Ah, Mr. Queen.” Broderick said from inside. “Come on in.”
Oliver entered cautiously, seeing a… well, a bit of a strange room inside. The left wall seemed to be divided into three parts, with filing cabinets lining the lower half and photos of business contracts and meetings filling the top half. Or at least the left and right parts of the wall were like that. The middle part of the wall was strangely barren. The right side of the wall featured something extremely strange for an office - a wall of masks. Oliver looked at the masks strangely. In the middle of the room was a large desk like what was in Arthur’s - now Oliver’s - office. Sitting in front of it was Cyrus Broderick, who gave him a large smile. “Welcome, Mr. Queen. Or should I call you boss?”
“Oliver is fine.” Oliver walked over and sat down opposite Cyrus. “So… I’m the president of Queen Consolidated now. Why?”
“I’m comfortable with my current position and feel you could do a better job than me. Simple as that.” Broderick explained.
“Okay then. So… what do we need to do?” Oliver asked. “Sign some papers and stuff?”
“I’ll walk you through the steps.” Broderick smiled, and the two got to work.

Dinah walked forwards, looking around the cleared out space around Q-Core. Oliver had announced that he’d be having a press conference there. Dinah noted the dozens upon dozens of chairs laid out there. Ollie had told her early so she could get a seat. As Dinah sat down, she looked at the stage and podium. It seemed pretty old.
News crew slowly started filing in. Dinah sighed. Queen Consolidated had gone public about the press conference. Finally. As the chairs began to be filled, Cyrus Broderick stepped out and clapped his hands.
“Hello all! Welcome, welcome.” Broderick said. “This is a very special Queen Consolidated press conference because of what we’re talking about here. Specifically, who. Oliver Queen, the new CEO, and his plans for the company.” Cyrus took a step back from the stand to allow Oliver to walk forwards, soaking in the applause. He looked at Dinah and flashed her a smile. Dinah smiled back.
“Yes, I am Oliver Queen. I’m not a body double, trust me.” Ollie said, trying to set the lighthearted mood. “Look, this press conference… I’m not gonna treat it that seriously. But that’s not to say that what I say here is false, because it’s not. For example, I am indeed going to be - in full - reinstating the Queen Charity Fund. Oh whoops, should I have saved that tidbit of information for later?”
The reporters blazed up at that. They began asking questions all around like rabid paparazzi. Dinah sighed. That… That’s such an Oliver Queen move.

Oliver smirked to himself, happy with what he had done at the press conference. He wasn’t going back on his word, so he had ensured the reinstatement of the charity fund and the expansion of the technology that Queen Consolidated supplied. He decided he also needed to give Naomi and Henry a raise for their work. And maybe a promotion. He had to decide if they’d earned that or not.
Dinah walked at his side, scrolling through her phone’s Twitter feed. “I seem to be getting tagged in a lot of these posts…” she said. “Did you really need to announce we were together on the live stage?”
“The reporter asked!” Oliver defended. “I answer truthfully.”
“You and no other CEOs in the history of ever.” Ms. Lance sighed. She then looked ahead, spying someone. “You’re headed back to your office, right Ollie?”
“Huh? Yeah.” Oliver said, looking over at her.
“You expecting anyone?”
Before Oliver could respond, the man walked towards them. He wore a dark blue hat and dark blue overcoat with a blue vest, blue pants and brown button shirt underneath. The outfit cleaned up with a dark blue tie and black shoes. But that wasn’t what was spooky about the man… it was the smoke that seemed to always be around him, giving him a mystifying look… and the lack of a face.
Oliver took a step back. “Who the hell are you?” he asked.
“I’ve had many ask that.” the man said. “I have some questions for you, Mr. Queen.”
“And why should I answer them?” Oliver asked, he and Dinah in fighting positions.
“Because I need to know them to safeguard the city.” the man replied. “Now then. The island you say you were trapped on for five years. Did you clean up the drug ring there?”
“Yes.” Oliver said. “Most definitely.”
“Alright. Why did Cyrus Broderick decide to elevate you to the position of CEO so quickly after you rejoined the company?”
“He didn’t want the hassle, was comfortable with his position and thought I could do a good job.” Oliver answered, still tensed. “That’s what he told me, anyways.”
“And does your company have any links to outside organizations that you know of with a, let’s say, less than legal record?” the man asked.
“No! Of course not!” Oliver responded. “If we do, then I’ll be sure to cut off said link immediately.”
“One final question. What do you know about a man who calls himself Smithy?”
Oliver was just confused now. “Who the hell’s that? For that matter, asking again, who are YOU?”
“Hm. Now that’s the question.” the man chuckled to himself. “Farewell, Mr. Queen.” The man dropped a smoke bomb of some sorts. Oliver and Dinah covered their eyes, and when they could see again the man was gone.
“What now?” Dinah asked.
“I’ll do what I was going to do in the first place.” Oliver said. “Get some money and documents.”
“For what?”
Oliver smiled.

As the door opened up, the woman looked in shock. She had been trying to deal with the day’s expenses, but it was a bit too much even with the donations. She didn’t know how to stop the shelter from going into debt… But then he walked in.
“You still got that old sign?” Oliver Queen asked, several documents and a briefcase of cash in hand. “I think it’s time to put Queen’s Helping Homes back in business.”

“Understood. I’ll get them on it right away.” the large man nodded. He walked out towards the large training room, where bullets and arrows were flying. Quiver and Barrel were in the middle of a training session, both firing away at each other. Scythe and Blade watched on from the side.
The large man stepped out. “Quiver, Barrel, stop your match.”
The two trainees stopped. “What is it?” Quiver asked.
“I’ve got an assignment for you, Quiver. You and Blade.” the large man ordered.
“What is it, sensei?” Blade asked, stepping next to Quiver.
“It seems like someone’s not a fan of Chief Broderick Westburg…”

HAH! HAHAHAH! I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF ALL WHO SAY I CAN'T KEEP TO A SCHEDULE though to be fair i did barely finish this one in time so SHUSH
Anyways, this episode of Green Arrow: Eternal resolves an old plot thread from back in Episode 2 of Season 1 (wow it seems like such a long time ago :'|), sets up a few characters, shows that Twitter exists in the Eternal universe and teases the next episode! It's about time we got a big action scene.
no I'm not salty both Batman and Superman got better opening arcs than I did and they deserve more reads shut up ;)
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