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Green Arrow: Eternal: S1E9: Queen Checks King

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma After a visit to his psychologist, Oliver comes across a shocking secret - Arthur King works with the Vertigo drug syndicate...
Werner Zytle was typing a message on his computer when he heard a knock on his door.
“Come in!” the psychologist said, still typing away. As the door opened and Oliver walked in, Zytle sent his message. “Ah, hello there Mr. Queen. How have you been feeling lately?”
“Good. The mental exercises you advised me to do have been helping.” Oliver stated, sitting down on the couch where he normally did. “I haven’t had one of my episodes in weeks.”
“That’s good news.” Zytle said. “So then, why are you here?”
“I’ve been having nightmares. Nightmares about my enemies.” Oliver explained.
“You see, ever since I got back I’ve been doing some things that has made me some dangerous enemies. I’ve been able to deal with them so far, but…”
“You’re scared that you won’t be able to later, and these dreams are the manifestation of your fears.” Werner imposed.
“Well, they’re just nightmares.” Zytle said. “If you do a few mind-calming exercises, they should quickly vanish. Can you remember anything about the nightmares?”
“...no.” Oliver replied, hesitating a moment before speaking. “I just remember it’s about my enemies.”
“Then there’s not much else I can do to help then give you a list of mental exercises.” Zytle stated. “Is that all, Mr. Queen?”
“Yes, that should be good.”
“Then let me get your list for you.” Zytle moved his chair over to his desk, making a new document and copy-pasting some images of mental exercises on it. He printed off the Word document, handing it to Oliver. “Alright, here you go.”
“Thanks, Werner.” Oliver smiled, taking the list and heading out.
“My pleasure.” Zytle said with a smile, turning back to his computer. “The shipment is at the docks” were the last words on the screen before the psychologist turned it off.

Oliver was donning his mask as usual, with Naomi typing along at the computers. Another day had gone by, some more inventing and building done. Naomi smiled as she finished installing a program. “Alright, this computer is now locked on a secure network.”
“Perfect, that’ll help.” the Arrow stated, donning his mask. “Y’know, in case anyone decides to crash my date.”
“So why exactly am I still at the command center?” Singh asked.
“Because I’m still patrolling!” the archer explained. “Anyways, I’m gonna head out.” The bowman locked his gauntlet in place and slung his bow and quiver over his back, running out onto the stairs. He was running up to the roof, where he normally began his patrol, when he heard a voice.
“The shipment cannot be disturbed. Green Arrow’s already messed with our operation here in Star City, and we need it secured.”
Green Arrow didn’t recognise this voice. He decided to be cautious.
“Lion, can you read me? I’m still inside Q-Core, but I think something suspicious is going down. I’ll try to get closer.”
“Be careful, Arrow.” Lion stated. As the archer crept towards the voice, he realized it was coming from Arthur King’s office. The door was open a crack, so he peered in.
“Indeed. We have already invested much into this endeavor of yours, Count Vertigo.” a man said. The bowman could see that Arthur was on a videophone conference with three people. One of them wore a strange, triangular red mask. Another seemed to be your ordinary goon, wearing a black tuque with a bit of stubble. The third was the strangest, as there was no man there but a spiral symbol. It appeared this “Count Vertigo” wanted to remain anonymous.
“Please. Your investments in my syndicate are a trifle compared to your other businesses.” Count Vertigo stated. “But nevertheless, I would indeed like to hire Merlin’s services for the next week. How much will that cost?”
“Seven hundred thousand. American.” King stated. “My services are cheaper than they should be.”
“High praise.” Vertigo replied. “It’s a deal. I’ll perform the transaction myself. Does one hundred thousand per day of service work for you?”
“The first day needs to be up front.” Arthur demanded.
“That works with me. I assume you already know the rendezvous?”
“Indeed I do.”
“Then I’ll meet you there.” Count Vertigo stated before signing off.
“I’ll look out fer you an’ the boss.” the goon said before signing off himself. The last man signed off himself, and Arthur got out of his chair. Walking over to the wall, he grabbed his bow and quiver of arrows. He opened the door and walked down to the lower levels… not noticing Green Arrow hiding behind the door.
“Lion, Arthur’s gone. I’m in the clear.” the archer said.
“Good. Get to investigating.”
The Arrow nodded, walking inside the office.

As the archer entered his boss’ office, he looked around to find the office almost the same way it was when he had been in there with Bruce Wayne. Only a few differences. For one, the wall he had put a hole in was still broken, just covered up with egg cartons. For two, the bow and quiver placed on the wall that he hadn’t noticed before was missing. For three, Arthur’s laptop was left on his desk. Perfect for the archer, as the computer being there worked wonders for him. It still hadn’t automatically logged out, so Oliver was able to get inside without having to guess his boss’ password. Smiling as he did, Oliver went to the “Recently Opened” section of Windows Explorer (the computer file searcher, not the web browser). There he saw a document recently copied over. He opened it.
The document was a file on the Vertigo Drug Syndicate.
“Lion, you need to see this.” the archer said. “Remember that drug cartel I took out in my first outing as Green Arrow? They’re back, and they’ve got a plan.”
“What plan?”
“A place where they’re going to smuggle their drugs all across the state.” Green Arrow explained. “It’s Vertigo, the same drug as before.”
“What does it do?” Lion asked.
“No clue.” the archer stated. “Something pretty bad, though. I saw someone howl in pain when it got on his arm.”
“I’ll see if I can find anything about it.” Lion said. “Where’s this all happening?”
“...it’s a good thing you’re my third wheel for the date, Lion.” Green Arrow said. “It’s taking place at the docks. Where Black Canary is…”
“Convenient that two superheroes were going to meet up there.” Lion replied. “Should I alert the cops?”
“Not yet. We don’t have substantial proof that this is happening without me blowing my secret identity.” the archer said. “I’m headed to the roof. Got to get to Canary as soon as possible and take out this operation.”
“Then move, Green Arrow!” Lion shouted. The Emerald Archer closed the computer and ran towards the roof.
Third time’s the charm. I’ll finish Vertigo for good!

Not only two parts of GA:E in less than a week, but also within 24 hours?! What?! I guess you could say I've been on a bit of a writing frenzy these past two days. Vacation does that to me.
Anyways, this part is pretty short, but it's for a reason. The stalling and world-building is over - we're now in the second half of Season 1, which means it's time for Team Arrow's first real mission, taking out the Vertigo drug syndicate! Green Arrow and Black Canary take on Count Vertigo and Merlin the Legendary Archer... NEXT TIME! But rest assured - every character that has come before will have a part in this epic coming saga. Be prepared to see what Green Arrow: Eternal can truly be! ...after the cruise I'm going on since it's Internet-less...
Make sure to follow the rest of the DC: Eternal universe to get the whole story!
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