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Green Arrow: Eternal: S1E7: Countdown Clock

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma As the Clock King's plot develops, Green Arrow and Lion find themselves faced with a choice - whose life to save?

Uh... this counts as weekly, right...?
“Found it!” Captain Pike shouted.
Green Arrow ran over to the police chief, who had located the bomb attached to the west wall of the prison. “Perfect! Now we need some way to get rid of it.”
“Bomb specialists here!” a policeman replied, running through with special gear. Three others followed him. “We’ve got a containment device that should be able to hold in the explosion. Can you get it off the wall?”
“Already on it!” the Arrow said, taking out an arrow and activating the saw blade. He hacked away at the wall for less than a minute, taking out a bit of the wall with the bomb. As soon as it was free, Pike caught it and handed it to the bomb specialists. They put it in a mobile containment unit and set it down in an area away from the building and the people. The bomb went off, but the MCU contained the bomb so that all that erupted was a muffled blast and a low hiss. The lid was lifted off, and smoke floated into the air.
“That’s the prison done.” Pike said with a smile. “Where next?”
“Courthouse is next.” the bowman replied. “We’ve got T-minus five minutes to get there.”
“No need, Green Arrow.” the voice of Chief Westberg came in through the radio. “Our men have already located the bomb over there, and Bomb Specialist Team 2 is one minute away. We’ve located the bombs everywhere but at my house. I’m on the way over there now. Meet me there, Arrow! Over.”
“Roger roger.” the vigilante said with a smirk. “Let’s move, Captain!” The two hopped into the car and drove off.

She was finally here. Black Canary stopped her bike, walking up to the abandoned warehouse. It was old and the outside showed obvious signs of deterioration. She walked up to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. She didn’t care. Winding back her foot, Black Canary kicked the lock apart. Shoving the door open, she walked inside. It was really dusty. But what she noticed when she walked inside was incredibly strange.
There were thousands of clocks.

Chief Westberg groaned as his police car pulled to a stop. He climbed out, two officers climbing out beside him.
“Move!” the chief ordered, throwing the door open and running in. He lived by himself in a small house, so there was no one else to evacuate. Because of that, he knew all the ideal places someone would put a bomb. He ran over to his kitchen, pushing the fridge back. No bomb. He ran into the living room and looked behind the display case. No bomb. He looked inside the display case. No bomb. He looked under the display case. No bomb. He ran downstairs, taking out his flashlight and sweeping around the basement. He walked around a support, looking at the 90-degree corner between the roof and the support.
Bingo. A bomb was located right there.
“Found a bomb in the basement.” Westberg said. “Bomb Specialist Team 7, get down here. It’s at the top of one of the supports, north-east side.”
Suddenly, Chief Westberg heard footsteps behind him. The chief’s radio was suddenly smacked out of his hand and across the room. The chief reached for his gun, but before he could he was whacked right in the chin. As his vision grew blurry, Broderick stumbled into the pillar.
“Tick tock, Broderick. Time for you to come with me.”
The chief attempted to throw a punch at Tockman, but missed. William then used his pocket watch to smack Westberg across the face hard, knocking him out.
“Time for sleep…”

“How many clocks are there in here?” Black Canary asked to herself, walking into the room.
But she got careless.
A blast went off, and Canary just barely rolled out of the way of a flying arrow… rather, make that a flying clock hand. She looked at the clock hand, shocked.
“Traps…” She looked around, trying to spot more. She moved forwards more carefully, looking all around for any sort of trigger. She noticed a tripwire, and hopped over it.
She just so happened to hop into the middle of a large clock pattern on the ground.
As soon as she landed, the middle pressed down. Several iron bars rose up around the rim of the circle, locking the hero in. She ran over and tried kicking one of the bars. Nothing happened.
“Damn it.” she said to herself. Looking behind herself, she noticed the clock hands in the middle were rising up. Ducking under one of the hands, she was hit in the side by another. As she streaked across the floor, she saw one of the clock hands spinning low towards her face. She didn’t have enough room to dodge because of the hand above her.
Smack. She lost consciousness.

As the police car pulled up, a truck pulled up beside it. Green Arrow and Captain Pike got out alongside the four members of Bomb Specialist Team 7.
“We’re here, Chief.” Pike said over the radio. “The bomb specialists are moving in to deal with the charge.”
The captain waited for a response. Nothing.
“This is weird. The Chief’s not responding.” Pike said.
“Yeah, I got that.” Arrow stated, getting out of the car. “I’ll take a look for him with the bomb team. Keep an eye outside, will you, Pike?”
“Sure.” Pike replied, hopping out as well. “Good luck in there.”
“Thanks.” the bowman smiled at Pike. He ran in alongside the bomb handlers.

Entering the building, Green Arrow took out his bow and notched an arrow. He walked in front of the group, looking around as he made his way downstairs. When they got to the basement, they found no one there waiting for them.
“He’s not here…” the archer noticed. The quintet then noticed the bomb, 12 minutes away from going off.
“We can handle things from here.” one of the bomb handlers said. “Thanks, Arrow.”
“Always happy to help stop a criminal.” the bowman replied with a smile. He then noticed a glint of light. Walking over, he saw Chief Westberg’s radio. Broken.
“That’s not good.” the vigilante said to himself. Just then, a voice crackled over the radio.
“Green Arrow!” Pike shouted over the comm, picked up by the radios of the bomb handlers. “Someone’s running outside, and it doesn’t sound like the chief!”
The Arrow put things together. “Stop that man! He’s kidnapped Chief Westberg!”

As Pike heard the Arrow’s statement over the radio, he took out his gun and fired some shots. The man, running with the chief’s limp body over his shoulder, smiled. He hopped into a car and drove off.
Green Arrow ran outside. “Drive, Pike! Drive! I’ll ride on top!” As the vigilante hopped onto the roof of the car, the Captain hit the gas pedal hard. His sirens whined as the police cruiser drove after the old Sedan.
The archer notched an arrow, pulling it back and aiming at the back of the car. He fired it, and it locked itself into the back of the car. Just in time, too - the car drove down a side street unexpectedly, and Pike’s car skidded to a halt. They were in the part of town currently under construction.
“Don’t worry, Captain. He’s not going to escape from me.” the bowman flashed the officer a smile. “Lion, where is he?”
“Tracker’s working like a charm.” the vigilante heard over his comm. “I’ve got him. He’s heading towards the abandoned warehouse on Cross Avenue.”
“Cross Avenue, let’s go!” Arrow ordered, and Pike drove off.

A few minutes later, the pair arrived at the worn-down location. Green Arrow was shocked to see Black Canary’s bike outside.
“I recognise that bike.” the vigilante said as the car stopped.
“Good to know. We might get some help then.” Pike replied. “Let’s go inside.”
As the Captain opened up the door, he saw a shocking sight. Thousands and thousands of clocks. As well as clear signs of booby traps.
“Someone’s already been here. And pointed out how dangerous this place is for us.”
“Cool.” Green Arrow said, walking in casually. He stepped on a pressure plate, and a clock hand flew towards him. The bowman twisted around and shot the arrow out of the air with his own. “I say we get a better vantage point. Ever gone rock climbing?” he asked.
Pike nodded.

Where was she?
Black Canary had lost consciousness when the clock hand struck her. But now she wasn’t sure where she was.
There was light, at least.
The blonde bombshell felt that she was being suspended in the air. Doing a quick check-up, she could tell she was bound by ropes. Lovely. She was also gagged. That was a problem.
Looking to her right, she saw another man tied up and suspended in the air like she was. She recognised his face - Chief Westberg, head of the SCPD.
“Good morning, sunshine!”
The Canary looked down at the voice. It was a man in a brown suit with scraggly blonde hair and a pair of glasses… that looked like clocks. Weird.
“I see you’re finally awake. I’ve heard that you worked with the Arrow once. Considering he’s chasing me right now, I think you’re the perfect bait. Oh, how convenient that I return to find you knocked out by one of my many traps!”
Black Canary tried to wiggle out of her bonds, but couldn’t.
“So sorry, love. That’s too tightly wound to Houdini your way out of.” the man said. “Oh by the way, if you’re wondering what to call me? I go by Clock King nowadays.”
“Good, I know what to put on my sketchbook of supervillain takedowns.” a voice said. The Canary looked over to see the Arrow behind Clock King, pointing an arrow at him. “Now let them go.”
“Uh-uh!” Clock King said with a smirk, walking back. He took out a remote. “You see this? This gives you a choice, Arrow. In your career so far, you’ve never been morally tested. Let’s see how you react when you are.”
“What do you mean, Tockman?” the vigilante asked.
“The blue button will release the rope holding Chief Westberg in the air. The green one will release Black Canary.” Tockman said with a smile. “But if that rope is released, they’re falling right into a pit of sharp clock hands - essentially, a pit of spikes. And as you see, if someone falls there… well, bye-bye to the living!”
“What’s your game?” Green Arrow asked, glaring.
“It’s simple, Arrow. I want you to make a choice.” Clock King laughed loudly. “Chief Westberg or Black Canary - who do you want to save the life of? Thirty seconds until they both fall…”
Canary looked at the Arrow worriedly. The archer smiled.
“How about Option #3?” the vigilante said.
He then fired an arrow that split into two, severing both ropes.

Pike heard the twang of the bow string, and knew it was time. The gun held securely in his hand, he fired the shot, sending the arrow straight into a large, bolted-down clock and holding the rope connecting the arrow and the gun taut. Black Canary shook off the ropes easily, grabbing the line Pike had created and swinging around towards Chief Westberg. She grabbed the unconscious chief, straining to hold them both up.
“Toss him to me!” Pike demanded, and the Canary swung the limp body of the chief back and forth until she had enough momentum to toss him straight into the arms of the Captain. The bombshell then climbed her way over to the plank the officers were on, getting up.
“You one of the Arrow’s friends?” she asked.
“Work associates.” Pike replied. “He helped save my house and family, so this should make us even.”
“Then let’s go help him out.” Canary responded.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow was firing another arrow. The Clock King dodged, chuckling.
“You fire on a rhythm, archer! I can time it!” Tockman smiled evilly. “As long as I know your rhythm, you can’t hit me.”
“You call yourself Clock King or Metronome?” the bowman replied, firing off another arrow. The criminal dodged this one as well.
“Hah! Try changing things up, bowman! Surprise me!” Willian ordered… before he heard a blast behind him.
The Clock King then turned around to see that Green Arrow’s small explosive arrow was causing a bunch of the clocks to fall on top of him.

“Th-thanks, Green Arrow.” the chief was saying. “If you hadn’t been there… I don’t know what would have happened.”
“Thankfully, we don’t have to figure that out.” the archer said. “I’ll always be here to help out the SCPD. You’ve got some fine men working under you.”
“I try to make the best of the ones I get.” Westberg smiled.
“You could make the best out of this one for sure.” Black Canary said with a smirk, lightly bumping his chest. “From what I’ve seen, you don’t get anything but.”
“I do what I can.” Green Arrow replied.
“I see that.” the Canary smiled at him before walking over to his bike. “I’ll see you around, Arrow. I’ve decided this is a good place for me to stay for a while.”
As Black Canary drove off, the archer smiled dreamily.
“Hey, earth to Arrow!” Lion said suddenly. That snapped the bowman out of his trance.
“Y-yeah, Lion?” Green Arrow replied.
“You’ve gotta get back to home base now. We’ve got to check up on some things.”
“Ah, alright.” the Emerald Archer nodded. He turned back towards Chief Westberg. “It’s been fun, chief, but I gotta run. Places to be and all that.”
“I understand.” Westberg replied. “No rest for the weary and all that. Hope I see you around, Arrow. You’re a good partner for the force.”
Green Arrow waved before firing an arrow out into the sky, landing his grappling arrow and pulling himself away.
Naomi, Black Canary, Chief Westberg… Well, it’s good to know Star City’s Emerald Archer has some people he can count on. Green Arrow thought, grappling across the roofs.

Maybe expect another one this week if you're lucky? Sorry, but I've got a huge science project right now... I finished this one up during free time in school.
But fortunately @Mockingchu's Batman: Eternal isn't affected by this! Somehow my series is more popular so go read his - he deserves it more.
Batman: Eternal - https://pokecharms.com/series/batman-eternal.4946/
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