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Green Arrow: Eternal: S1E5: Screech

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma The introduction of two new major characters - a villain and a heroine! At least one of them is going to make a major impact in the life of Green Arrow sometime soon...

I've decided that from now on, I'm gonna be aiming for releases on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Ideally I can meet this, but I may not be able to. But this does mean more Green Arrow: Eternal!
She was tired of walking.
Ever since Barbara, her best friend and partner, died, that was all she had been doing. Walking. She had left her home and team behind. Without Barbara, the Birds of Prey had fallen apart. That wasn’t surprising - there had only been three members. Batgirl, Katana, and herself.
Ever since then, she had left everyone and everything she knew behind in order to try and keep her mind off of it.
But she was hardly able to forget it.
She had only met Commissioner Gordon that night. She was so regretful she had only met him after his daughter had passed. Barbara was so young when that bomb went off…
Suddenly, she heard a bike pull up to her right, and another to her left. It was a biker gang.
“Hey there, missy. Need a ride to Star City?” a man with greasy long hair asked.
“I can manage.” she replied.
“We’ll give you a ride anyways. Goodwill and all that.” the man replied, and one of the bikers grabbed her arm. She glared at them.
“In return, we’d like a ride ourselves.” another man said, causing their group to laugh.
She tore her arm away from the man, causing him to growl.
“We’re being generous. Accept our generosity.” the first man growled.
“No thanks.” she replied, walking past them. One of the bikers reached out and grabbed her hair. “You’re going to let me go this very second.” she demanded.
“Or what?” the biker asked.
“Or I’ll scream.”
The bikers laughed. “You hear this? Miss Blackbird here’s gonna scream if we take her for a joyride!”
The bikers weren’t laughing when they were sent several feet into the air by sonic waves seconds later.

“You hear about what those bikers said last night?” Henry asked, typing away at his computer.
“You hear about what you could be doing?” Naomi shot back playfully, working on modifying one of the capsules.
“I’m writing today’s report.” Henry replied. “As well as making small-talk. So apparently, these bikers encountered some woman out on the highway. They tried to take the woman with them to Star City by force.”
“Is this a rape story?” Oliver asked, working on some blueprints for the next design of the capsule.
“It would be, if the woman didn’t have super powers!” Henry stated. “Apparently, she screeched at them and sent them flying into the sky!”
“Really?” Oliver was intrigued. A metahuman? “Where was this, exactly?”
“Outside of Star City. The woman’s probably here by now.” Henry replied.
“Interesting. Wonder if I’ll meet her.” Oliver said to himself.
“Please. Only chance you’d have of meeting her is if you were prowling the city streets 24/7.” Naomi chuckled. “And it’s not like you’re the Green Arrow, or anything.”
“As if the Green Arrow could have a full-time job at Queen Consolidated and still be a vigilante.” Oliver smiled to himself.

8:00 PM. A time where most people would be setting into bed or finishing up their work for the night. Not Green Arrow, however. For the Emerald Archer, his work shift was just beginning. He was normally up from 6:30 to 12:30, clocking in a full six hours of his vigilantism. It seemed people were expecting this now, as he saw several people cheering for the Green Arrow in the center of town. He hadn’t been expecting to go this way, but he didn’t want to disappoint his fans. The bowman shot one of his new grappling arrows into a tree branch before swinging across, landing on top of a fountain in the center. He took a bow as the people cheered for him.

Hearing the commotion, she walked towards a large amount of people gathered in the center. Looking up, she saw Green Arrow bowing for the large gathered crowd like some sort of showman. She couldn’t understand why he would do it.

Though he looked happy and peaceful, the Arrow was actually thinking things over. Specifically, last night, where he had run into Batman. The two had had an altercation, where they took down a serial killer that was revealed to actually be Chloe - the secretary of Arthur King. The Emerald Archer had been trying to figure out how she hadn’t been caught sooner, and why she hadn’t appeared on Green Arrow’s radar.

To her, it appeared that the Arrow was just mindlessly praising the crowd. Suddenly, she saw a suspicious member of the crowd. A man in a black trench coat was slowly walking towards the fountain. At first, she thought he was just covered by shadows, but she soon noticed he was wearing a black suit. Someone in costume…?

Arrow bowed down towards a certain section of the audience when something caught his eye. Rings? White rings, like a target? But there was no red with the white rings, just black. Standing up, he looked over to the rings, seeing a man dressed in black amongst the large crowd.

She walked towards the man in the black suit, confused at what was happening. Then she saw the man take two semi-automatic handguns from his jacket.

Green Arrow heard the shout, looking towards the source. It was a woman, who was getting the people to run away from the man in the black costume. The bowman then looked back towards the man in the costume, and sure enough, he did have two semi-auto pistols… aimed straight at him!

“BANG! BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!” the man shouted as his guns fired. Thinking quick, Arrow back-flipped off of the fountain, sidling up beside the fountain’s marble stone as the bullets tore away at it. Meanwhile, the woman dashed towards the gunman, kicking him in the side. The cloaked man took the impact, going back before starting to run away. As soon as the bullets stopped firing, the Emerald Archer dashed back out around from the fountain, firing an arrow towards the cloaked man. The man put his pistols back in place and took out a knife, knocking the arrow out of the way.
“Shing!” he said as metal collided with metal. He jumped into a car and started driving off. The bowman didn’t want to let him get away, so he shot a grappling arrow into the back of the car.
“Hunter suit, please tell me you can handle road rage and protect my feet…” Arrow whispered to himself as he was dragged along. He held his bow out in front of him and started water skiing on solid land. His boots grinded against solid pavement, as he struggled to hold on.

A few minutes later, the cloaked man stopped the car. Green Arrow quickly leapt up and kicked against the back of the car, stopping himself. The mysterious man dashed towards where he had arrived - a building still in construction. In fact, the building had only started construction a few days ago. The man started running up the makeshift stairwell, the bowman following him. When Arrow arrived at the eleventh floor, he saw the man drop down to the tenth floor and run along the steel beams. Arrow ran above him.
“Who are you?!” he shouted, demanding an answer.
“Onomatopoeia.” he replied, turning around and firing at the Emerald Archer. Arrow jumped down in front of Onomatopoeia, landing on some wooden planks and knocking the guns away from the gunman. “Crick… snap.” Onomatopoeia said with a grin, and the wooden planks fell out from underneath Green Arrow. The archer quickly shot another grappling arrow which hit the steel at the top, stopping the bowman’s fall. But that’s when Onomatopoeia pulled out a knife. “Skritch… skritch… snap!” he said, and the rope snapped. Green Arrow was helpless, falling down between incomplete floors towards the ground.
Suddenly, he was blasted with sonic waves, sending him hurtling onto solid wood that was strong enough to support his weight. Looking at where the waves had come from, he saw a blonde-haired woman standing there.
“You… wouldn’t happen to be the metahuman that sent those bikers flying last night, would you?” Arrow asked. “Because thanks for the save.”
“Don’t mention it.” the woman said with a smile. She then ran up the steps, chasing after Onomatopoeia.

She didn’t want to admit it, but she had been waiting for someone like this to take on. Someone that wasn’t just some ordinary scumbag - an actual villain. It reminded her of her days with the Birds of Prey. The days before Barbara died… the days she had been trying to forget. But this was where she truly felt alive.
“Hey, scumbag!” she shouted, arriving on the ninth level. Onomatopoeia fired at her, but she managed to avoid the shots by using the steel beams as cover. As soon as she got close enough, she screamed at him. Sonic waves went straight for Onomatopoeia, sending him flying into the air. When he landed, she hit him in the back. He fell to the ground in pain, reaching for his gun.
The gun was kicked away from him by Green Arrow, who smiled at him. “Jesus, that was terrifying. Thanks for that.” The archer then kicked Onomatopoeia, knocking him out.
“I wouldn’t have simply knocked him out if he did that to me.” she said, walking over to the bowman.
“I’ve been working on calming my mind recently. A quicker end to the fight is a better one, anyways.” the Emerald Archer replied with a smile. “So what’s your name, songbird?”
“Black Canary.” she replied. “That’s the name I used to go by, anyways.”
“Crime fighter?” Arrow asked.
“Yep. Used to operate out of Platinum Flats and Gotham.” Black Canary replied. “Did it for a few years before everything went to hell in the attack of the Nobodies.”
“Why’d you stop?”
“I lost someone precious to me.”
“...I can understand that.” Arrow said. “But from the skill you showed just a bit ago, I wouldn’t say you’re exactly out of practice. I could use some help cleaning up Star City, y’know.”
“I’m sure you could.” Canary replied, turning away. “I might stick around for a bit. Who knows? Could find something interesting.”
“You can never truly leave the superhero business, can you?” Arrow asked with a smile. “Anyways, I’d better get this chump tied up for the police. You gonna stick around for an interview?”
“Please. You’re the one who wants the press, showman.” the woman said, walking down the stairs. “Might see you around sometime. Who knows?”
“See you, Black Canary.” the Emerald Archer said with a smile.

A few minutes later, the archer had Onomatopoeia tied up to a steel beam on the bottom level of the building. As the police cars arrived, he saw a black bike driving off in the distance, Black Canary riding it. The Green Arrow waved to the cops before shooting an arrow into the sky, grappling to the rooftops to continue his nightly routine.

Don't have much to say this time, so I'll just say the obligatory stuff.
Welcome to the Green Arrow: Eternal series, Black Canary! Oh, and Onomatopoeia.
More DC: Eternal in @Mockingchu's Batman: Eternal series: https://pokecharms.com/series/batman-eternal.4946/
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    Mechanist Gamma
    Jan 30, 2018