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Green Arrow: Eternal: S1E3: Queen Takes (On) Crime

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma Oliver goes out for a bit to clear his head in preparation for writing his resume to get back into his company. However, he just so happens to discover the same drug cartel he encountered on Starfish Island setting up in Star City's docks. Good thing he brought his bow.

As expected, part three of Green Arrow: Eternal is here on schedule. It seems it's finally time for the Green Arrow to rise!
Oliver highlighted everything he had written so far and deleted it. It was the sixth draft of the letter he was sending to Queen Consolidated to attempt to get back in. He had been talking to his psychiatrist and doctor a lot over the past week, and was feeling much less aggressive. He felt like he was ready to return to his company. But first, he had to get back in. He had always been good at making things, so he was applying for work as a constructor or designer. But he wasn’t satisfied with any of the drafts he came up with. Slumping back in his chair, Oliver sighed.
“What’s the problem?” Robert Queen asked, walking over.
“I can’t find the right words I want to use for my letter.” Oliver stated. “It just doesn’t sound right, no matter what I say.”
“You’re trying to get back into Queen Consolidated? Still?” Robert asked, looking over his shoulder. “Geez, Oliver. I know you’re stupidly stubborn, but this is pretty ridiculous.”
“Go.” Oliver said, and Robert raised his hands in surrender before leaving.
“Oh, Oliver? I’d recommend doing something to get your mind off of it. May keep your mind clear when you come back to it with a better mindset.” Robert added before shutting the door.
Oliver took the words in. His dad had actually said something pretty smart. Oliver hadn’t done much in the way of past-times forever now. So he didn’t know what to do. Go for a walk, maybe? Or better yet… perhaps brush up on his archery?
There was a bow on the wall. An old bow he used to use to hunt with his father, back when… they actually felt like they were close. Nowadays, Oliver felt like his father was a distant stranger more than anything. Rather than get all sentimental, Oliver decided to take the bow. Grabbing a quiver of arrows from the storage area, he headed out.

It took Oliver about half an hour to find a good area - specifically, the docks, nice and quiet at that time of night. Oliver found a good area with some empty wooden boxes and planks in between some cargo containers already unloaded. Setting them up, Oliver was practicing with his bow for about an hour when he heard voices. Stopping, Queen decided to try and listen in. He wasn’t keen on others finding out what he was doing, after all. Crouching behind a cargo container, he carefully listened in.
“You’re sure the operation’s safe here?” someone asked.
“Absolutely. No one goes to these docks.” a second person replied. “And even if they did, we’ve got guns. They’d likely be some unarmed tourist.”
I’m far from unarmed. Oliver thought to himself. Getting a better look, he saw one of the two people talking.
The person was wearing the same armor as the people had been back on the island.
Shocked at this, Oliver turned back around. He needed to investigate further. But he couldn’t risk anyone finding out that Oliver Queen was prowling the docks with a bow... He needed an alternative.
As he walked away to try and figure out a solution, he bumped into a crate with his foot. It was one of the ones he had used for target practice before, but now he saw that there was actually something inside this one. Opening it up, he saw multiple different masquerade masks of varying colors with strings. Oliver smiled. This was exactly what he needed.

Two guards were chatting to each other while a third guard worked on unloading a crate. Suddenly, one of the two guards saw a sliver of green at the top of a red shipping container.
“Hey, do you see that?” he asked.
“See what?” the second guard asked, looking towards where the first guard was pointing. Suddenly, a man wearing a green hoodie dropped down from the top of the container, landing on one of the guards. The other held up a gun, pointing at the man in the sweater. “Freeze! Hands up!” The hooded man seemed like he was complying when he turned around and fired an arrow at the guard from his bow, hitting the guard in the shoulder. The man then knocked the guard out cold.
The third guard put the box down, turning around to see a man with a blonde goatee, green hoodie and emerald mask standing over the unconscious guards. The third pulled out a syringe launcher, but the Emerald Archer fired an arrow straight at the syringe’s container, shattering it. The man yelled as the liquid inside poured on his arm before he was knocked out with the flat of his bow.
Oliver Queen smiled from within the hood. He had already taken thugs like these down before with the same equipment. Walking towards the box, Oliver opened it up to see a bunch of containers inside - all labeled “Vertigo Pills”. Queen recoiled in shock for a second. These weren’t just thugs like the ones he fought on the island - they were part of the same group! Oliver clenched his fist. Their drug cartel runs all over the place. Star City’s affected by these guys, too! I’ve got to stop their efforts here. Bust them, and get the cops to handle these drugs. Satisfied with his plan, Oliver nodded and started searching for the others in the cartel.

Four guards ran in between the containers, guns loaded and ready to fire. They sidled up against a shipping container before one peeked outwards. He didn’t see anyone, so he waved the second guy forwards. As soon as the second guard started running through the artificial corridor, an arrow pierced his helmet and pinned him to the wall. The other three guards ran out, pointing their guns around to try and find the enemy.
“There!” one of the guards shouted, firing at the green hoodie he saw in the distance.
Oliver knew he had no time to lose, so he started running as fast as he could. Growling, he loaded and fired an arrow while on the move, shooting one of the guards’ guns while the other two continued to fire on him.
The jammed gun ceased functioning, so the guard using it threw it to the ground. The two still armed ran towards where the hooded man had just jumped down. The third guard followed with the pinned guard’s gun, but as he turned the corner he saw the hooded man running towards him, the two other guards knocked out on the floor.
Oliver rushed the man, hitting him hard with his elbow. The fourth guard fell to the ground, unconscious. “That should be all of them.” Oliver said with a smile. “Guess I’ll alert the police now.” Turning around, Oliver then noticed a security camera that was pointed at him. Walking over, it looked like it was a security camera planted by the drug cartel. It didn’t need to be plugged in to work. Oliver held up the camera, taking a sort of selfie with it on video. He then turned it off, placing it on top of the box with the Vertigo inside. Taking all of the guards and tying them up in a shipping container with tons of Vertigo, he shut the door and put one last Vertigo crate outside to tell the police where they were. Queen then ran over to a public phone, dialing the cops.
“Officer Lance here.” someone said over the phone.
“Hey there. I’d like to report a drug smuggling operation I discovered.” Oliver replied smugly.
“Give us your location and we’ll handle it.” the officer said.
“No need, I already did.” Queen stated with a smile. “You’ll find them gift-wrapped in a green shipping container with all the boxes of Vertigo I could find. There’s one such box in front of the container, just so you know which one you’re looking for.”
“You… what?”
“Took them down and gathered up the drugs for you.”
“Are you joking?” Officer Lance asked.
“Hardly.” Oliver said with a smile, thinking of the perfect response. “Some ordinary criminals can’t handle the Green Arrow.”
“Green Arrow? Are you some kind of masked vigilante, like the ones in Gotham?”
“I prefer the term social justice warrior.” Green Arrow replied. “You’d better come to pick them up sometime soon, officer. I’m afraid I can’t stick around myself. See you around!” The emerald archer then hung up the phone, walking back off towards his home.

“...and in other news, police discovered a drug smuggling operation at the Star City docks last night.” the reporter said over the news. Oliver was sprawled across the couch, half-asleep. “The two-dozen criminals responsible for heading the operation were all found tied up in a shipping crate, surrounded by many crates of a mysterious new drug. The Star City police have yet to comment on the situation, except that they were not responsible for taking down the cartel. Apparently, the credit for that goes to a vigilante who calls himself Green Arrow.”
As the news anchor said this, the footage shifted to a clip of Green Arrow taking down the three guards.
“Who is this mysterious Green Arrow, and where did he get his skill?” the news anchor asked, the footage shifting to a still shot of Green Arrow’s “selfie” with the camera. “We may not know who he is, but the people on the streets have already taking a liking to this new potential hero. Multiple different Green Arrow theory chats and fan servers have already been created online, and the people of Star City are now on the lookout for the next appearance of the emerald archer. This is Lois Lane, and this is the Daily Planet with Star City news.”
As the news broadcast ended and started to shift over to the weather, Oliver turned off the TV and smiled. After all that, he just wanted to nap for a day.
He’d need his rest for when he got to work on both of his missions, after all.

Welp, Green Arrow finally shows up! Oh yeah, Oliver lives with his father at the moment. Anyways, for the time being Oliver's going to be going on his own story, so expect an original, not so interconnected tale starting now!
This still runs parallel to @Mockingchu's Batman: Eternal series tho, so go check that out. https://pokecharms.com/series/batman-eternal.4946/
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