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Green Arrow: Eternal: S1E14: ENDGAME - Part 2: Team Building

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma After a legendary battle against Count Vertigo and the Crimson Archer, Team Arrow plans to take the fight straight to Merlin and co. They'll need to expand their team more - a field agent and software support are needed. Fortunately, Diggle and Fyff are within contact of Ollie and Dinah! But things take a turn for the worse when Merlin figures out that Green Arrow has been using the tech of Queen Consolidated all this time...
Henry Fyff had been having a normal day.
Sure, Oliver hadn’t shown up to work yesterday. Neither had Naomi, which was both strange and sad. But Henry had taken that as basically a free day. Sure he got a bit of work done in order to keep the bigwigs off his case, but he mainly just surfed the internet.
He had spent the morning eating breakfast, browsing Twitter and getting ready for work. He thought that Oliver or Naomi would be back by then, so was expecting to see one of his friends in the R&D area that morning.
He hadn’t, however, thought that he would see the Green Arrow and Doctor Mid-Nite in his work area chatting it up with Naomi.
When Henry opened the door, he froze in shock. Naomi looked at him. “Predictable reaction… what’d I say?”
“Come on in, Henry.” Green Arrow said, sitting down. “We need to chat about a few things.”
Fyff slowly closed the door behind him, cautiously walking inside. “I-I’m no supervillain or criminal or anything!” the man stated quickly and nervously.
“We intend you no harm, Mr. Fyff.” Mid-Nite said, hoping to ease him.
“As a matter of fact…” Green Arrow said, removing his mask and hood and revealing himself to be Oliver Queen. “We need your help, Henry.”
Henry fainted instantly to the astonishment and shock of the trio.

“...ry! He… Fyff! Wak… ...HEY! HENRY!”
Henry jumped to a sitting position. Looking around, he saw Naomi and Oliver knelt beside him on both sides. Oliver was still in the Green Arrow costume.
“Ollie, you’re… you’re really…?”
“Green Arrow? Heh, yep.” Oliver sighed. “I’m surprised you didn’t recognise the Hunter Suit tech.”
“Oh, that’s the hunter suit?” Henry replied, beginning to poke at the suit. “Huh… yeah, I see it now. I also see the patches and splices where you fixed yourself up after battles and added the hood.”
“H-hey, is that necessary?!”
“Anyways, Mr. Fyff…” Doctor Mid-Nite crouched down in front of Henry. “We need your help. Someone with your technical expertise is required, and you’re the only one we can ask for this task.”
“Like?” Fyff asked.
“We need you to remotely hack into a supervillain’s computer.” Oliver explained. “We need you to find out which computer Arthur King is using and steal files proving his identity as Merlin.”
“W-wait, Arthur King? As in Queen Consolidated CEO Arthur King?!”
“Yep. Turns out we work for a professional assassin.” Naomi said. “Which is why I’m grateful I’ve got a backup job - being the Green Arrow’s support.”
“From what I saw on the original hard drive when I found it, there’s a ton of documents there about Arthur’s illegal jobs as Merlin.” Oliver replied. “If we can get those files, we should be able to get him out of the company at the very least. Cyrus Broderick is COO, right? He’d be better in charge then Merlin, I think.”
“There’s two scenarios at the moment.” Mid-Nite interjected. “Either Merlin has the USB, likely uploading it to a computer by now in order to update the documents, or the Crimson Archer has the USB. The latter is far less likely.”
“Why don’t we find out which it is, then?” Naomi suggested. “After all, we’ve got her here.”
“As in the Crimson Archer?” Henry asked. “Where is she? I don’t see her.”
Naomi walked over to a crate that had previously been designed to be sound-proofed packaging, opening the top up to reveal a tied-up Crimson Archer. Henry looked in.
“...is this kidnapping?”
“Joke’s on you.” the girl said with an angry glare. “Merlin’s already got the USB. I handed it over to him when Vertigo recorded that video.”
“Well, shoot. What now, Mr. Queen?” Naomi asked.
The girl’s expression changed from one of anger to one of shock.
“Don’t talk to me like I’m some sort of grandpa.” Oliver joked. “The situation we’re in right now is why we’ve got Henry here. If anyone can make a program to find Arthur’s computer, it’s him.”
“You flatter me.” Henry said half-enthusiastically.

“It’s searching now.” Henry stated, tapping the “Enter” key. “We should get a result back soon. As long as it’s connected to the internet, I can find it.”
“Good.” Oliver stated, testing his bowstring. “Mid-Nite and Naomi are already gone, right?”
“Yep, they should be headed to the meeting place now.” Henry replied. That’s when the screen beeped. “Ooh! I’ve got a hit!”
“Check the files!” Oliver ordered, putting his hand on Fyff’s shoulder.
Henry opened up one of the files, and Oliver immediately knew it was looking for. It was a document containing a dead body with several black arrows piercing it, and a chart representing how much Merlin was charging for the service.
“That’s… sick.” Henry said.
“It’s exactly what we’re looking for. Grab all of it. We’ll get it to the cops.” Oliver stated. “We’ll make sure to take him in for doing all of this.”
“Right.” Fyff replied, beginning to copy all of the documents straight to an empty USB drive.

Naomi was driving ahead, hands tight on the steering wheel. “Y’know, this is my first time going into the field for a full-fledged mission and not just picking you up.”
“You’re the girl in the chair usually, tech support. So it’s not that surprising.” Pieter replied. The doctor had decided it would be better to fold up his suit and put it in the back for the car ride just in case anyone decided to target Mid-Nite.
“I guess, but it just… makes me feel a bit nervous.” Singh continued. “See, I’m not Lion right now. I’m Naomi Singh. And Naomi is a lot more vulnerable. Besides, if someone somehow figured out Ollie’s secret identity, we could get attacked at any moment.”
“But it’s not like we ARE getting attacked, are we?”
How fitting that Doctor Pieter Cross would learn the same lesson he had taught to Count Vertigo a mere half-day ago - don’t tempt fate.
Bullets suddenly rained down from a nearby roof, and Naomi shrieked. The bullets dented off the car, some even piercing the metal, and Naomi quickly drove the car down an alleyway.
“You just had to jinx us!” Naomi shouted.
“I didn’t think anyone was actually going to attack us!” Pieter replied, unbuckling himself and climbing into the back seat.
“What are you doing?!”
“Getting into costume, what else?!”

From the nearby rooftop, Onomatopoeia lowered his guns. Underneath his mask, he smiled. The guy who had taken him out of prison - Merlin - had told him that the people in that car - Naomi Singh and Pieter Cross - were connected to the Green Arrow. Onomatopoeia didn’t even need to be told to take them out.
The gunman quickly put his guns back in his cloak and grabbed the zipline he had set up earlier, heading down into the alleyway. He landed on top of the car with a resounding thud, putting his guns up to the driver and passenger seats before firing.
No screams.
Onomatopoeia was shocked. He walked onto the hood and looked inside the car. No one there.
A Midnight Bomb exploded next to the masked gunman, and Doctor Mid-Nite tackled Onomatopoeia to the ground.

“That’s everything.” Fyff said with a smile, ejecting the USB drive. “Now we’ve gotta get this to the police.”
“Oh, I’m afraid you won’t be leaving with that.”
Green Arrow quickly masked himself and stood in front of Henry, who was backing up his chair. Merlin walked through the door, an evil smile on his face.
“I figured it out.” the archer said with a smile. “Oliver Queen, you son of a bitch. My worst rival using my own company to fund his campaign.”
“This company doesn’t belong to you.” Green Arrow replied, notching an arrow.
“The law says it does.”
“It won’t when the law finds out you’re a professional assassin.”
“Who says the cops’ll find out?” Merlin asked with a smirk, notching an arrow of his own and firing it. Green Arrow rolled to the side, and Henry ran out of the way.
“Henry, go!” the archer shouted. Fyff nodded and made a run for it.
“Oh no you don’t!” Merlin said, shooting an arrow towards the techie. Green Arrow shot it out of the air with his own shaft.
“Let’s go, then.” Green Arrow stated, narrowing his eyes.

Onomatopoeia blasted his guns in a wide arc, forcing Mid-Nite to roll away and take cover behind a dumpster.
“This guy is a problem…” he observed. He saw Naomi hiding nearby inside a trash can, and nodded. The Doctor was about to move out when he heard more gunshots, and Onomatopoeia gasp in shock.
Looking out, the healer saw Onomatopoeia shooting at someone in the opposite direction - someone running straight towards him. The man kicked off of the ground and jumped into the air, using his two pistols to blast Onomatopoeia in the shoulders before kicking him to the ground. The man landed on top of Onomatopoeia, pinning him to the ground. Onomatopoeia pulled out a knife, which was quickly shot out of his hands. The man then kicked Onomatopoeia unconscious.
“Doctor Mid-Nite? Naomi Singh? I’m here to pick you up.” the man stated, as the two came out of hiding.
“Friend of Black Canary?” Mid-Nite asked.
“Associate. John Diggle, ARGUS agent.” Diggle said, putting his guns back in their holsters. “Black Canary sent me to make sure you were alright. We got attacked by some goons at the rendezvous, and she had to wait.”
“Well, thanks for that.” Naomi said with a smile, shaking his hand. “My car’s a bit beat up, though. How far are we going to have to walk?”
“Not far.” Diggle replied.

Green Arrow huffed as he rolled, dodging Merlin’s next shot. Grabbing a shock arrow, he fired it straight at Merlin. The arrow caught on Merlin’s metal bow, electrocuting the archer. Arthur stumbled to the ground, flopping on top of some boxes. Getting up, he shot another arrow in Ollie’s direction, who used the Hunter suit closet as cover. Several more arrows flew, with deflections and reflections abound. Eventually, however, Oliver used a trick arrow - a boomerang arrow - to whack Merlin in the back of the head. The dark archer walked forwards with a groan. Green Arrow tore his quiver away from him.
“Game over, Arthur. You’re done.” Oliver said.
“Am I, now? Because unlike you…” Merlin said with a chuckle.
Suddenly, Oliver felt a sharp pain in his back and tumbled to the floor. The Crimson Archer walked over and plucked the Green Arrow’s own Tranquiliser Arrow out of his rear.
“...I’m always watching my back.” Merlin chuckled as Green Arrow fell unconscious. “Sweet dreams~”

Henry’s car roared forwards, as he raced ahead towards the meeting place. He had to wonder - why had Ollie chosen a florist’s shop?
Henry stopped the car, parking in front of the shop. He got out, trying to be subtle about entering. When he saw Naomi inside, he walked over to her.
“Naomi! Where are the others?” Henry asked.
“They’re in the back room.” Naomi gestured towards a door. “I’ve been keeping watch for you and Ollie. Where is he?”
“That’s what we have to talk about. He likely won’t be joining us for a while.” Henry stated, grabbing Naomi by the hand and pulling her into the room.
Inside were Doctor Mid-Nite, John Diggle and Black Canary. The three stopped talking as Henry entered the room.
“Is something wrong, Mr. Fyff?” Mid-Nite asked.
“Yes. Arthur attacked us back at Q-Core.” Henry stated, breathing heavily.
“What?!” Naomi gasped. Dinah stood up immediately.
“Last time, Merlin had Oliver matched. And that was with Naomi’s support!” Black Canary said. “We have to make sure he’s alright!”
“Agreed. We’ve got to go now.” Mid-Nite replied. “We need Oliver for this. Oh, Fyff, did you get the files?”
The techie held up the USB. “Got six terabytes of evidence on this.”
“Perfect.” Diggle said. “Hold onto that until we can pass it to the feds. Naomi, Henry, stay here and provide us with tech support. Marianne - the woman who owns this store - set us up with two computers for you. We’ll get onto the field.”
“Take my car.” Henry tossed the keys to Mid-Nite, who caught them with a smile.
The trio of heroes stepped outside, and Mid-Nite was about to unlock the car when he was blasted with a wave of dizziness. Black Canary and Diggle felt it too. The doctor looked across the street to see where it was coming from.
“I’m afraid you can’t leave just yet.” Count Vertigo said, walking towards the group. “We have… business to attend to.”

The Endgame continues. Q-Core is compromised as Green Arrow is attacked at home by Merlin! With Merlin, Count Vertigo and the Crimson Archer loose - not to mention Onomatopoeia having been loose before being taken down - who else has Merlin recruited to fight? Team Arrow will be getting one more friend before all is said and done.
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