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Green Arrow: Eternal: S1E1: Queen Takes Island

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma The origin story of Oliver Queen retold. Not with too much detail, just the important ones. Oliver prefers to be clean-cut, after all.

This is the beginning of a new series of mine that focuses on my re-imagining of Star City's titular Green Arrow! It'll take a while for the emerald archer himself to appear, but you can wait for a bit, right?
“A ship… yes, there was a ship. That’s where it all started.”
“A ship?”
“Yes, my ship. Or my dad’s ship, rather. We were out on a cruise together. There was this big party, and I got really drunk. And then…”
“And then?”
“Well I don’t have entirely clear memories of what happened then, but I think I got tossed overboard. Somehow. Or maybe I just fell off because I was so drunk. But I think the ship fell down at the same time I did… or something. I don’t entirely remember…”
“Alright, then what happened after that?”
“Well… that’s the part I remember clearly. I washed up on Starfish Island. And when I woke up, well…”

Oliver Queen opened his eyes. “Oh god, my head hurts… The hell happened…?” Queen sat up, looking around. He was on some sort of desert island beach. “What… what the hell?! Where am I?!” Oliver got up, his tattered tuxedo showing the cuts he had received. Looking around, he didn’t see any civilization. “Oh, no. No no no no no! PLEASE don’t tell me I’m stuck alone on a deserted island!”
Oliver started walking, but then realized that his ankle was hurting. “Argh! Ah shit! My foot… it’s not broken. Is it sprained…? That’ll make things difficult.” Looking around, the 18-year-old businessman noticed a tree. “Good, I can get some support from that.”
Leaning against the tree, Queen tried to scout out the area. There wasn’t much he could see, but there was a forest. And beside him, a stick. Also a vine. Bending down, the billionaire tested the resilience of the stick. It was pretty sturdy, and bending it a bit wouldn’t break it. So he decided to try something. Taking the vine, he bent the stick slightly to form a curve and tightly tied the vine to both sides of the stick. When he backed up and looked at his creation, he smiled. He had made himself a makeshift bow.
“I always was good at archery. Maybe I can actually survive this.” Oliver said with a smile. “Now, how do I make some arrows…?”

“Alright, so what then?”
“Whaddya mean, what then?”
“What happened after that? A brief resume until the next major thing, please.”
“Well, I had to get food in order to survive. So I had to hunt. So what I did was I found a rock and a bunch of sticks. Through hard work - REALLY hard work - and determination, I managed to make myself some arrows. Twenty-three of them, in fact. I would have had twenty-four, but the first one snapped.”
“Alright, so you had yourself a bow and an arrow. What happened then?”
“Well, I shot my first prey. A bird.”
“A good first kill.”
“Yeah, it was. But I needed to start hunting bigger and better prey. I built myself a makeshift hut and a fire pit. Used it to cook my next kill, a deer. Hate to kill a sweet thing like that, but it kept me fed for a week.”
“Gotta do what you gotta do, right?”
“Right. But the next big event actually happened a few years later. See, at this point, I had been living on the island for… maybe five years.”

Oliver woke up with a start. It was the middle of a thunderstorm, and he didn’t see anything strange. Oliver knew he should go back to sleep… but he was already awake, and didn’t feel like returning to “bed”. As if a few planks of wood could qualify as a bed, anyways. His old wounds had long since healed, but he had a few new ones from his time on the island. His long beard he counted as being one, since he liked his short goatee.
Getting up and throwing on his fur coat, Oliver stepped outside. He grabbed his bow as he looked out into the rainstorm. The crackle of lightning illuminated the distance… and he saw something strange.
“Those… those look faintly like people. ...and a boat!” Oliver said in shock. He was ecstatic. Grabbing his quiver on instinct, he ran towards the people. As he approached, though, he got a better idea of who they were. Looking at them, they were armed and armored guards. Queen quieted up, hiding behind a tree. If they were hostile… well, they had big guns. He knew which side of those he wanted to be on.
“Hey, you heard about this island?” one of the guards said.
“Heard what?” the other guard asked.
“Well, more specifically the outskirts of this island.” the first guard continued. “Apparently some rich kid drowned out here. A Queen, I think.”
“Oh, those guys. Must be why they sold their company.” the second guard replied.
Oliver was in shock at this. His company… gone? But that was his inheritance! Then again, the past few years had proven he didn’t exactly need it to live…
“Probably. Hey, what if we find some of his stuff washed up here? We could be set for life!” the first guard said with a laugh.
“You know we can’t do that. Rochev said we’re guarding the perimeter until they can set up base camp.” the second guard stated. “Why’d she even pick this place for a Vertigo lab, anyways?”
“Maybe because it’s in the middle of nowhere?” the first guard suggested. By this point, Oliver was already drawing his arrow and pointing it at the first guard’s helmet. He fired the bolt, and the guard felt wood clanging against his helmet. It knocked him out, and the second guard turned around to try and find the attacker. Oliver dropped down from a tree branch above the guard, knocking the gun away and slamming him into a tree.
“What the hell are you doing here?!”
“Gah! A-Are you some kind of native?!” the guard exclaimed in shock.
“I may as well be. Now talk!” Oliver ordered.
“We’re here to set up a Vertigo lab for Isabel Rochev!” the guard replied.
“There. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Oliver asked sarcastically before knocking the guard out. Slinging his bow down from his shoulders, he headed out towards the boat docked at the edge of the island.

“And what then?”
“Well, after that, I saw that they had a ton of other people. So I took them down, too. Invaded their boat, basically.”
“And once you were on the boat?”
“I made my way straight to the bridge, where I knew this Isabel Rochev would be.”

Isabel Rochev was working in a chem lab when the door was busted open. Oliver walked in, his bow drawn. Isabel grabbed for her gun, firing at Oliver. Oliver rolled behind a table, bow still drawn, and fired while she reloaded. He managed to jam the gun. Isabel tossed it aside, and Oliver ran towards her, grabbing her by the collar.
“You’re running a drug organisation here. I’m shutting you the hell down.” Oliver said with a snarl.
“You don’t intimidate me, barbarian.” Isabel said, grabbing a knife and stabbing Oliver in the shoulder. As he recoiled, he loaded an arrow into his bow and fired it at Isabel, hitting her in the leg. Isabel crumpled to the ground as Oliver punched her across the face, sending her to the other side of the room. As she struggled to stand up, Oliver walked over.
“You’re the first boat I’ve seen in five years. You’re going to get me home.” Oliver stated.
“And where IS home?” Rochev asked.
“Star City. Queen Consolidated.” Queen replied.
“Wait… are you…?”
“Oliver Queen. Heir to the Queen family fortune.” Oliver said, staring down at her. Isabel began to laugh.
“And why would I do that? If you think about it, it’d be a smarter move to capture you and keep you as a prisoner.
“WHAT?!” Oliver was mad now. He threw Isabel across the room, smashing tons of glass as the vials and chemicals all spilled to the floor. Oliver walked over as Isabel coughed up blood.
“Urgh… I-I won’t…”
Oliver then punched her again.

“It’s something I’m not proud of doing. It worked, though. I was unable to get her to send me home, but I did hijack their communications. A Fijian cruise ship, sent off-course, was able to detect the SOS and came to my aid. They also sent word to the authorities about this whole mess. They all got arrested, and I got back home.”
“Ah, yes. The media coverage can attest to your homecoming. But Mr. Queen, if you don’t mind me asking… it seems like ever since you got to the island you’ve been having unnatural outbursts of aggression. Is this something I’m picking up on, do you think you’ve recognised something similar or…?”

“No, I think you’re onto something. I had to hunt for five years, and I spent those five years alone with no human interaction. May have had some effects on my psyche…”
“That’s very observant of you, Mr. Queen, and very likely.” the psychiatrist said, writing on his clipboard as Oliver was laying down on the couch. “I’d advise you to not get into any particularly stressful situations if you can help it.”
“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.” Oliver said, getting up. “But I’ve got a few things to figure out now that we’ve had this conversation. Thanks, Zytle.”
“Not a problem, Oliver.” Werner Zytle said, nodding as Oliver took his coat and left. “This talk has helped both of us out.”

This new series of mine, focusing on the emerald archer Green Arrow, is part of @Mockingchu's DC: Eternal continuity. This means it's going to run parallel with Batman: Eternal, which is something you should check out if you haven't already! Oliver may or may not have appeared in it, after all~
Anyways, stay tuned for this series! More's to come, and I've already got most of the first season planned out. Expect January and February to be filled with Green Arrow stuff from me!
  1. Mockingchu
    This is so good! What a strong start. I'm so happy that the Eternal Universe is expanding. I'm also glad that it begins its expansion with you piloting the new series. You're such a talented writer, and I can't wait to see more.
    Jan 22, 2018
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    Mechanist Gamma
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