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Ryder's Journey: Ryder Blackwell's Journey 2

by EmoKitty21

EmoKitty21 This is the second part to Ryder's story.
The first week of collage for Ryder was a bit of a freeing experience. Life in the dorm for Ryder made his life much more enjoyable. With his roommate was around, it seemed that he was very into his studies, as he spent a lot of his time with his nose in a book.

Ryder had taken up painting as something to pass the time. It was also something that he used to do with his grandmother, so it also meant a lot to him to take up a hobby that brought her so much joy in her life. Ryder was not a bad artist considering his lack of experience, his work was not bad. With a little practice, his work could be considered on par with a lot of the artist that were making names for themselves.

Though he was not home, his parents still called him and only talked about his sister. Though he was used to it, he hated that they never really asked about him. It was always about what Hannah was doing, and how she was the top of her class. He knew for a fact that his sister was paying someone to do her work for her. His sister had never really had a sense of pride when it came to anything, but trying to ruin Ryder's life.

Though he felt that his life would get better after he moved out, he hoped that his parents would be more open to him. Ryder had not felt that they would be ok with him and who he was. Ryder had not felt that he could share who he was with his parents or his sister. Ryder knew that he was gay since he was in his early teens, and he knew that his parents were some of the most homophobic people that he had ever met. He had tried to tell them before he left for collage, but his sister had to have it her way when it was his time to talk to his parents alone.

Though he had not really been that happy with his life, he actually was more happy then he had been. Through his paintings he felt more free, and he felt his emotions come through his paintbrush. With every stroke of the brush, he felt the weight lift off of his shoulders. The result of them turned out to be better then he thought he could produce.
  1. EmoKitty21
    @Hecotoro, I think you are right about the painting. Though he was very yound when he started painting with her. His major is undecided at the moment as I have not done much thinking yet as to what I want him to major in. So until I decide on that he is undecided.
    Feb 14, 2020
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  2. Hecotoro
    Read your comment after reading this xD If you're looking to improve, then I hope you don't mind me pointing out what I didn't like. For example, two sentences began the same way. Also, he used to paint with his grandma and then you say he took up painting. Wouldn't it be that he continued to paint or he retook it? Also what is he studying?
    Feb 14, 2020
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