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RWBYMon Chapter 4: Love and Magic

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Blake finds herself in the desert, but the suprises there, bring back an old friend, read more and find out hat happens in chapter 4 of RWBYMon!
Blake found herself,in a desert.
She was hot and tired, but she was also worried about her friends, especially Yang. She didn't like to think about it, but there was something else that made her different from othr girls besides her being a Faunus. She didn't realise for a while, but she slowly built a small crush on Yang, her team partner, but she was afraid of what Yang would think of her if she told her... She soon saw something that caught her attention, a sign of hope, an oasis.
"Maybe the others are there"! She thought to herself, she raced over, but only found nothing, No Ruby, No Weiss, No Yang. There was only trees, sand and water. So she decided to wait there in case the others came looking for her. After all, thre was plenty of water, she took out her water bottle, and filled it up, when she heard a sudden noise in the trees, a Purple creature poped out of the trees.
"Hey Kitten! Long time no see"! The creature said to her.
Blake tried to pull out Gambol shroud, but didn't have it with her.
"Who are you"? Blake asked.
"C'mon! You don't remember your old pal Impmon"!? The creature answered back.
Blake didn't know any Impmon, unless...
"if your real, Why are you here? Why now? where have you been"?
"Yunno, for a cat, You sure know how to hound a guy". Impmon sarcasted.
Blake splashed water all over him.
"Satisfied"!? he asked.
"You are real"... Blake said surprised.
"Yeah, and wet"! Impmon grumbled.
"Look, all I know, is that I'm here to help you out with your problems or hatever the heck you really need me for".
"Like your little crush on Yang"...
Blake's face went beat red.
"How did you know about"-
Impmon cut her off.
"I'm your childhood friend Kitten, I know alot a things about you, just because I had to leave, dosen't mean I don't watch over you... Blakey".
"You had to go"? Blake asked him.
"Look Kitten, I had alot to do back then, but I'm here now, so let's just appriciate the fact".
But before they could, the sand began to shift fast, and the ground started to shake.
"What was that sound"!?Blake asked nervous.
"You think I know"!? Impmon said.
Then, a huge snake creature rose from the ground, it was pure white, and had a purple shell on it's back. blake's device scanned the creature, and a picture of it appeared along wit it's bio:
"Sandiramon" Blake read.
"An Exalted Beast Digimon whose name is derived from the mythological Śaṇḍilya and design is derived from the cobra. It is the "Snake" Deva, and serves the Digimon Sovereign Zhuqiaomon. As a follower of Zhuqiaomon, it is the most cunning and cruel among the Deva. It doesn't like to decide matches in an instant, and prefers to instead choke the life out of the opponent while tormenting them bit by bit. It usually lives deep beneath the ground, and subterranean maneuvers are its specialty. During battle, it can produce a spear made of light, the "Bǎo Kuí" (宝鉾?lit. "Treasure Lance"), from its mouth, and skillfully wield it with its tail wrapped around it like a hand. Although the Bǎo Kuí vanishes once it slashes the opponent, as long as Sandiramon's energy lasts, it can spit out any number of them, and they will not degrade in sharpness".
"I smell a cat"! Sandiramon said hungerly, eyeing Blake.
"A cat and a human, Mmm, a delicous combo indeed.
"Oh no you don't you over grown serpent! Bada Boom"!
Impmon shot a small fire ball, but it did almost nothing to him, Sandiramon charged at impmon, then he shot a Venom Axe attack at blake, but she dodged fast.
"Leave Him Alone"! Blake yelled.
"My pleasure", Sandiramon chucked Impmon away, and wrapped his tail around Blake, cruching her.
Impmon got up to see Blake screaming in pain by Sandiramon's Crusher Grip.
"Blake"! Impmon yelled to her.
"Impmon... Run while you still can"! Blake cried to him.
Impmon had a sudden flashack of all the times he and Blake shared, ever since she was 5, he always played with her, and taught her how to read, all except for a certain day. A man in the shadows, took Blake away from him, he had to run from the very thing he loved in order to survive.
(Out of Flashback)
"That was then, and this is now"! Impmon proclaimed,
"I'm not running... Anymore"!
Suddenly, a flash of purple light came from Blake's device, blinding sandiramon, and glowing brightly around Impmon, he knew whathe had to do
"Let's do It"!
"Impmon! Digivolve to"...
Blake looked at the new creature. That was Impmon.
"Impmon"? Blake asked.
"No my dear Blake, i have Digivolved into the mighty Wizardmon, my thunder staff attack will shock my enemies into submission".
The new form, Wizardmon unleashed a huge lightning bolt
"Thunder Staff"!
It zapped Sandiramon, and Sandiramon fell to the ground, he then turned into an egg.
Wizardmon changed back into Impmon again. Blake smiled at him.
"That was amazing"! Blake said hugging him.
Impmon blushed,
"It was nothing" he said.
"Hey impmon, would you have happened to see"...
"Your friends"? Impmon finished her scentence, i seen four lights in the sky, the purple light led me to you, they formed over that town", Impmon pointed to a nearby town".
"They'll probably be there best guess".
" Then let's go"! Blake said, she put Impmon on their back, as they travelled, toward their new adventure...
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