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RWBYMon Chapter 3: Heart of Weiss

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Ruby and the gang went to a stange new world, where monsters from Ruby's story comes to life! Now it's Weiss's turn for the random, what will she find, read and find out...
Weiss ended up in a desert like place, on the oposite side of where Ruby fell.
She got up and looked around for any of her friends.
She shouted, but there was nothing but silence.
"Just Great"! She grumbled to herself.
"The others are off somewhere else, and I'm just stuck in the middle of Nowhere"!
She was frustrated at Ruby for having to touch everything that she can see.
"That Girl, always having to find trouble"!
That's when she felt hungry, and sick. Before she knew it, she had passed out onto the sandy ground...

"Ruby don't touch that"! Weiss warned the girl.
But Ruby touched the stone, but instead of the lights like before,
except this time, there were purple monsters coming out, each one nastier than the next, they looked at team RWBY with rage in thier eyes, Weiss tried to pull out Myanster, but it was gone, the four girls were powerless, as the monsters started to attack them, Weiss layed there Defenseless, and looked at badly hurt Ruby whose last words were:
"I'm sorry Weiss, I shouldn't have brought this on you"...
"NO"! Weiss screamed.

When she awoke, She found herself in a small hut, She smelled something delicious cooking, She also noticed she had a vast amount of blankets over her. She then noticed a voice call to her,
"Hey Miss! Are you alight"!?
She opened her eyes, and saw a blue st.brenard like creature, with a yellow horn on his head.
Weiss jumped back abit, suprised by the creature.
"What are you"? Was all Weiss managed to say.
"I am not a what but a who". The creature responded.
"I am Gabumon, a Digimon".
"Digimon"? Weiss asked, why did that word ring a bell in her mind. She never heard of it before, so why did it seem familiar...
"You haven't told me yours miss", Gabumon said getting Weiss's attention.
"Oh! Sorry, I'm Weiss". She introduced herself.
"You have a vey lovely home".
Gabumon blushed a bit, glad that she liked it.
On the table, she saw dozens of plates, and food that even made her drool.
"It isn't a top Digital house, but I get by". he replied.
"That reminds me, Dinner"! He rushed over and grabbed a huge pot from the stove, Weiss tried to sit on one of his wooden stump chairs as best as she could. It felt slightly uncomfterable for her, but she got by that.
On the table, she saw dozens of plates, and food that even made her drool.
"Well, Dig in. Have as much as you want"! He smiled to her,
She really didn't want to bother him, but she was hungry, and he was offering. After a terrific meal, Weiss decided to head out and search for her friends, then Gabumon raced towards her.
"You can't go out in your condition Weiss" he warned.
"You dunno what's out there and your still weak from when I found you".
"Look Gabumon, You've been nice and all, but my friends are out there, and I need to get out of here, this isn't where I belong, I want to go to my own world and that's that."
Gabumon gave her a disciplined look.
"Do you always think about yourself first, and your friends second"? He asked.
Weiss was surprised to hear that from someone she had just met. Her eyes grew into an angry glare.
"How dare you"! She cried.
"I care about my friends as much as myself"!
"Somehow, that's not easy to believe", he answered back.
"A true friend puts all others before him or herself".
Weiss was really mad now, She didn't just hate his tune when he said that, she hated how in fact, he was right.
"Like I need a Furball to tell me what I should do"!
Weiss stormed off, in a new direction,
"Wait! You don't know what's out there! It's dangerous"!
"I can handle myself Thanks"! Weiss said. Two seconds later, she found herself falling into a sand trap.
She looked and saw a huge long lobster like creature, it had light orange armor, and a sharp steel tail.
The device, Weiss recived, started to scan the creature, and a picture of it appeared, with some text boxes.
"Scorpiomon" Weiss read from the text.
"A Computer virus infected the databanks of a laboratory where the investigations and excavations of ancient life forms is preformed, and took in the data of an ancient life form and evolved. It became like the life form which in ancient times was the apex of the food chain, which had a great appetite and supplied it with an ability capable of allowing it to see food that was of the finest quality. Skillfully using the tentacles that grow from its head it catches the enemy and kills them with the sharp blade that grows from its tail. When the progression of a fight becomes disadvantageous, it uses its sharp tentacles to hoist up the soil of the seabed to hide its body. The radar eye that projects from its head captures the enemy like a night vision scope, watching for the chance to create a turnabout. Its certain kill move is crossing its right and left forelimbs and shooting with "Stinger Surprise".
Scorpiomon then tried to attack Weiss with his huge claw, Gabumon quickly grabbed Weiss and dodged the attack.
"Are you ok"? He asked her.
"I'm fine! just caught me by surprise"! Weiss said frustrated.
" What shall I have while I dine on my new Prey"? Scorpiomon said evily.
"How about some of this"! Gabumon cried and raced toward Scorpiomon and started o attack, he shot Blue flames from his mouth.
"Blue Blaster"!
The attack did almost nothing to Scorpiomon, his armor was too thick.
"That tickles"! Scorpiomon laughed again and easily swatted Gabumon away.
Weiss felt hopeless, she couldn't fight back without Myanster, but she couldn't let Gabumon suffer for her mistake either. She raced toward Scorpiomon and summoned glyphs, surrounding him, and tried to speed attack him.
"Idiotic girl"! he said, he caught her with his claw and threw her aside Gabumon.
"Now to destroy you both". He said, he raised his tail ready to strike, Weiss was ready, she knew what she had done was wrong, how she treated her friends and Gabumon, in a low voice she whispeed:
"I'm sorry i failed everyone".
Scorpiomon lashed out his tail, but something stopped it from hitting Weiss, she opened her eyes, and saw that Gabumon had took the hit for her.
She knelt down beside him.
"Why did you do that"? She asked.
"Because"... gabumon said weakly,
"Friends are always... There for each other"...
Tears started to form in Weiss's eyes,
"I'm sorry Gabumon", she said faintly,
"You can't go! I need you, your my"...
Weiss strugled a it but then finally yelled.
Suddenly, Weiss's device started to glow, surrounding Gabumon in a flash of blue light.
"What is this"!? Scorpiomon cried in pain of the light.
Weiss looked at the light and put Gabumon down,
"What's happening"?
"Gabumon! Digivolve to"...
Weiss was shocked to see a huge white wolf, stand in Gabumon's place.
"You Evolved"!? She asked the creature.
"Yup"! The creature answered her.
"thanks to your strong feelings, I was able to Digivolve into Garurumon! And as this new form, I will now return the favor by protecting you from this creature"!
Garurumon leapt high into the ar and bit on Scorpiomon's claws, Garurumon was so fast, he would have givin Ruby a run for her money. He leapt high into the air agian, and let loose a huge amount of blue flames.
"Howling Blaster"!
The flames struck Scorpiomon, and he was defeated. he soon transformed back into an egg.
Weiss cheered for Garurumon.
"We did it"!
"Yup, and it was all thanks to you... Partner".