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RWBYMon Chapter 2: A New World

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Ruby awakes seperated from her friends, can she survive alone, and can she deal with a monsterous rampage, read and find out.
"Welcome to the Digital World Ruby"
Ruby read the message on the device, she was very confused . where was her team? Where was She? She looked around and saw a small town, maybe there was someone there who could help her. She put the device in her pocket, and made her way to town.
"Woah", ruby said in awe.
"It's very... Colorful".
As she walked through the town, she noticed many of the creature's giving her odd looks.
one of the creature's a small re penguin, looked at her and said:
"A Human"!
Soon they all hid from Ruby, locking their doors and windows.
"wait! I won't hurt You"! Ruby said.
The same penguin creature opened his window.
"We know whenever a human comes, danger soon follows"!
He closed his window and hid again.
Ruby felt confused, why were humans so bad? that's when she saw something coming towards her. It was going fast to. she saw a figure, then she heard it say:
The figure leapt on her knocking her over, it started licking her face. She got the figure offf and could see that it was a red dinosaur, half her height, it had black markings all over it's body, the monster just looked at her blankly.
"What's wrong"? The creature asked.
"Don't you econize me Ruby"?
Ruby thought the creature did look familiar, she took out her journal, thinking it might give her a clue. She opened a page, and found:
She found a sketch she did of that creature, everything perfectly detailed, from head to toe, Claw to snout. It looked just like him. That gave Ruby a shocked look on her face.
"G-Gu-Guilmon"!? Ruby asked her mouth wide open in shock.
"Yup, it's me! your partner"! guilmon cheered.
"You created me, I want to thank you for that"!
Guilmon took Ruby to a lush quiet feild not too far from town.
They sat down next to some old machines, Guilmon took out a piece of bread.
"Are You hungry Ruby"? he asked.
Ruby was starving, she hadn't ate really anything today.
"Sure, I'll have some" Ruby said.
They split the bread in half, and ate it. Ruby was surprised at how warm and delicous it was, she swallowed, and took out her device, the message was gone. Weird.
"So, Guilmon..." Ruby started.
"Have you seen any others"?
Guilmon just gave her a confused look.
"Others? You mean humans, like you"? He asked.
"Yeah, my friends may be here somewhere to", Ruby said.
"All I saw were four colors in the sky, then they fell, I then picked up your scent and found you".
"So they could be here". Ruby said.
"Could you tell me more abou these colors in the sky"?
Before Guilmo could answer, they heard a loud Growling sound from behind them
"What was that"!? Ruby asked alarmed.
She got her answer, a huge monster with thickblack armor appeared and looked at them angerly.
Ruby's device started to glow, it scanned the creature, and a picture of it appeared, along with a text box around the picture.
Monochromon" Ruby read aloud.
"An Armor Dragon type Digimon with a rhinoceros-like horn growing from the tip of its nose. When fully grown, this huge horn will be roughly half the size of Monochromon's body. The horn is coated in a hard substance that makes it as hard as diamond, and it's said that nothing can penetrate the horn fully. Monochromon is a Digimon with an excellent balance of offense and defense. It is herbivorous and has a quiet nature, but once it gets angry, fearful counterattacks are doled out powerfully, equivalent to that of a heavy tank. His special attack is "Volcano Strike", where he fires out strong fire bombs".
"Volcanic Strike"! The creature shouted shooting Fireballs at Ruby and Guilmon. They quickly dodged.
"Maybe we should run"! Ruby said, They ran for their lives, as the huge Monochromon chased after them, trying to blast them with fireballs. But they met at a dead end, conered by a rock, and a rock monster.
"Uh-oh" ruby said nervous, they had nowhere else to go. Then, Guilmon got in front of Ruby.
"Leave this to me Ruby"! Guilmon said growling at Monochromon.
"It's too dangerous"! Ruby said.
"You're no match for him guilmon"!
Guilmon just looked t her, and replied:
"You Created me Ruby, and it's my job to protect you, no matter what"!
Guilmon raced toward Monochromon and fired a fireball back at him.
"Pyro Sphere"! Guilmon cried blasting Monochromon, Monochromon tackled guilmon and sent him flying. Ruby raced over to Guilmon, sitting over him.
"Why guilmon"? Ruby asked.
"Your my master, and friend, I had to"... Guilmon said,
Tears started to form in Ruby's eyes,
"Please, don't go, Your my friend, I can't afford to lose you"!
As if answering Ruby's prayers, her device started to glow, a form of light surrounded around Guilmon, as he started to get up. Monochromon got blinded by the light.
"What's going on"!? Ruby asked amazed.
"Guilmon! Digivolve to"...
Ruby's face again was of shock, instead of the small Guilmon, there was now a giant red dionsaur standing in his place.
"Growlmon"!? She asked impressed by this new creature.
"Like I said Partner"! Growlmon said.
"I will Protect you"!
Monochromon charged at him, but Growlmon easily picked him up and threw him, He then started to brawl with the other moster, he clawed at it, but Monochromon backed away, ready to attack.
"Volcanic Strike"!
But Growlmon was ready, he charged his special attack and unleashed a huge flame.
"Pyro Blaster"!
a huge wave of flame blasted Monochromon, the creature was defeated, and it turned back into a egg.
Growlmon then turned back into Guilmon.
"Are you all right"? he asked.
"That... Was AWESOME"! Ruby cried hugging Guilmon, they decided to go back to town and see if the others were there, and with Guilmon's new power, they sure are'nt gonna have any problems...
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