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RWBYMon Chapter 1: Digital Huntress

by NerdyNinja

It was a peaceful day in Beacon academy, a school where people learn how to be Hunters and Huntresses, People who hunt the monsters of Grimm. But today there was no threats, A girl with short black hair, with red streaks was writing in her journal. She had silver eyes, and a black and red jacket with a "Combat Skirt". She noticed a Blonde haired Girl approach her.
"Hi Ruby"! The blonde said to her,
"Hey Yang"! Ruby replied.
Yang sat down next to her, admiring her writing skills.
"What's this one about"? Yang asked.
"I wanted to make a story about 4 girls, who find themselves in a new world, and there's all these cool monsters inhabiting it"! Ruby answered.
Yang startled Ruby by pouncing at hr.
"Are they scary monsters"? She teased.
"Well, some are, but there are nice ones to" Ruby said.
"Each Girl has thier own pet monster to help them fight off the bad ones".
Yang took intrest in how Ruby explained about it all, that's when two more girl's appeared, one had long black hair, she had cat like eyes, and a black bow on her head. The other had a long white pony tail, she had a simular fashion to Ruby, but she was dressed in all white clothes.
"Where have you two been"!? the girl qwith white hair demanded.
"We got worried for a bit there", the girl with black hair said.
"No need to worry Blakey"! Yang said making the black haired girl blush a bit,
"I just went to see what Ruby was writing".The white haired girl picked up Ruby's book, and started to read it.
"Agumon? Impmon? Whatin the world are you writing about"? she asked.
Ruby took the book back from the white haired girl.
"It's about monsters and adventures" ruby said.
" Not really anything the all- perfect Weiss Schnee would take a like to".
"I can take things that sound half as intresting as whatever you would be writing in that ridiculous book of yours Ruby"! Weiss snapped back.
Yang seperated the two by getting in between them.
"Hey you two, we don't need to cause a scene" Yang said.
"I suppose she's right". Weiss said.
the girls decided to take a stroll in the forest when suddenly, there was a weired sound. the girl's pulled out thier weapons ready to strike.
"Think it's a Beowolf"? Ruby asked readying Crescent Rose.
"Let's go find out"! Yang declared. They headed into that direction and soon found a pathway that lead them to a odd stone.
"This wasn't here before"? Weiss said confused.
Ruby took a closer look at the stone, and Yang pulled her way.
"It could be dangerous". Yang warned her.
"Relax sis"! Ruby said smirking.
"What could a odd stone possibly do"?
She touched the stone and it started to glow, she backed away, as four lights appeared to come out of the stone, then four strange devices came out of the lights, they fell into each of the girl's hands. Each Girl had recieved a device that matched thier colors. They all looked in confusion.
"Does that answer your question sis"? Yang replied.
"What are these"? Blake asked.
"ine matches me, is that not weird"? Weiss asked.
Ruby looked at her device, it was black ith red stripes. She thought it almost looked familiar.
" I feel like I've seen this somewhere", Ruby pondered.
But before she could figure it out, a huge blue portal appeared. it started to suck them in, as soon as it swallowed them whole, then it closed.The girl's fell in what felt like a huge abyss.
"Ruby you dolt"! Weiss shouted
"Look what you di-"
before Weiss could finish, everything went black, when Ruby woke up, she didn't see Weiss, Blake, or Yang anywhere.
"Sis! Blake! Weiss! Where are you guys"!? Ruby asked. she now saw that she was in some sort of village, she then saw a terrifying sight, a whole village full of monsters, but they looked like the ones exactly from her story book. That's when her device started to flash, she took it out of her pocket, and saw a message that said:
"Welcome To The Digital World Ruby"...
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