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RWBY: Legends of Humanity - "Sterling" Trailer

by Red Gallade

Red Gallade Two years before the Fall of Beacon, a new story takes place. Follow the top students of Leonardo Lionheart on their quest spanning not just Mistral, but the whole of Remnant, in a story of friendship, bonds, trust and betrayal.

A warrior lies within us all. Some are wilder than others.
Deep within the woods darkened by the night sky, an enigmatic figure wearing a long jet black trench coat and his hood up to conceal his face a bit silently traversed the rough path, carrying nothing but a curious looking bat on his back. The breeze was calm and the air was slightly cold, but it didn't bother the figure who eventually stopped when he saw an open space within the woods that seemed to lack any trees of any kind.
The figure nonchalantly looked around upon hearing a growl from the distance, then another... and another, his head soon darted somewhere behind him and found the source of the noise: A group of Beowulves, the most common of the Grimm, but deadly foes regardless. The figure put his right hand on his bat and took it out, the Beowulf in the front was the first and only one to charge toward the figure, who activated something in his bat which made rows of spikes protrude from the barrel as it extended lightly. The figure swung his newly transformed kanabo at the Beowulf and knocked it a few meters away from him, causing the Grimm to fade into dust and scatter along the gentle breeze. The figure then charged at the other Grimm who responded by charging back. His memories began to flood his mind as he fought the Grimm.
A teenage boy with fire like orange eyes, glistening silver hair and wolf ears swung his baseball bat at an old man who strongly resembled him, the old man quickly caught the bat before it hit whilst the teenager quickly let go of the bat with his left hand to punch him. The old man tried to block the punch, but he didn't react in time, the punch forced him to let go of the bat and the teenager went to swing it into his stomach... but stopped as the bat was an inch from the old man who looked at the teenager with a smile and a weak chuckle.
"Heh, not bad, well done, Sterling." The man commended nonchalantly as he went to ruffle Sterling's hair a bit which caused the latter to laugh a bit as his ears wiggled.
"Thanks dad, do you think I have what it takes to be a huntsman yet?" Sterling asked as he went to put his baseball bat over by a relatively old looking woodshed.
Sterling's father brushed a bit of dust off his stomach. "Eventually, you're definitely showing some promising results, just as long as you -"
"-Learn to control my anger and semblance." Sterling said in a relatively more serious tone. "But it's easier said than done, I can't help but get angry and my semblance doesn't work like everyone else's." He added as he folded his arms and leaned on the side of the shed.
"Big brother!" Two young and identical females shouted simultaneously as they ran toward Sterling with open arms, one had wolf ears just like Sterling and his father whilst the other one lacked the ears, but had a wolf's tail instead which wagged as she ran.
Sterling grinned as he got down on one knee and opened his arms. "Heeey! Get over here you adorable pups!" He said as he hugged his sisters. Sterling's father chuckled at the sight of how close his children were with each other.
A nearby tree fell over as a few more Grimm began to show up, this time consisting of Ursas and Borbatusks alongside more Beowulves who watched as Grimm dust blew around the figure who turned to the new Grimm and let out a growl a lot like the one an angered wolf would make. Before the figure was about to attack, he looked up when he heard a screech from the skies and noticed a large bird like Grimm, a Nevermore spotted the figure and began to swoop down to attack him. The figure instead jumped and grabbed on to one of the Nevermore's talons as the latter began to fly up into the air, taking the figure with him, as they flew, the figure's kanabo started to change, first the spikes retracted, then the barrel turned horizontal and the top of it opened to show what looked like a rocket housed within it. The figure let go of the Nevermore and aimed his newly transformed Bazooka at it, he fired off a powerful fire dust rocket that flew straight into the now defeated nevermore, particles of it spread alongside the burning flame of the explosion, the figure turned around in mid air, the wind from falling pushed his hood back to show silver hair and wolf ears, Sterling aimed Da Huai Lang down at the group of Grimm beneath him and fired an ice dust rocket at them, the recoil of his weapon made his falling speed slow down briefly. The rocket hit the ground and froze a lot of the Grimm in place, if not cause a few other Grimm to get stuck. Before Sterling hit the ground, his weapon transformed back into a kanabo and the rows of spikes began to spin, Sterling slammed his weapon into the ice which caused it to break along with every Grimm unfortunate enough to get caught in the frozen water.
No! Let me go!
A female wolf Faunus with a wolf's tail shouted as she tried to resist as a few men attempted to pull her away from her home. Two other men were locked in a fight with Sterling's father whilst Sterling stayed behind to protect his sisters, swinging his baseball bat at anyone who tried to get close to him.
"Gladion!" The female shouted as she tried to reach her hand out to Sterling's father who punched one of the bandits away only to be tackled by another.
"Quiet you!" One bandit said as he grabbed hold of the arm that the female reached out with and attempted to tie her, but she struggled too much.
"Our master's gonna pay us well for bringin' you in, so stop strugglin' so we can get the full price on bringin' you unharmed!" Another bandit said as he went to whack the female on the back of the head with his pistol and cause her to black out.
"Let her go! NOW!" Sterling shouted as he charged toward the criminals who held his mother captive only to be pushed down by the one who went after his sisters.
"And give up the chance for some new slaves for our master? I'll pass." The bandit said as he walked over to help the other bandit in his fight against Gladion.
"Big brother!" One of his sisters said as she ran to help Sterling.
"No!" The other one said almost at the same time as her with a similar gesture toward her brother.
Sterling attempted to get up, only able to see three things... The first thing was Gladion losing in his fight against the bandits... The second thing were the bandits who attempted to drag his mother away... The last thing were the clouds that slowly parted from each other to reveal a full moon.
Sterling slowly got up and stood in a sloppy, slouching position, holding his bat weakly as he began to radiate a light gray aura around his body which made a light crackling sound, his sisters cautiously stepped back as Sterling began to let out a sinister growl which caught the attention of a few of the bandits.
One bandit began to walk toward Sterling with an axe in his hand. "Ha, still got some spunk left in you, eh?" He asked rhetorically as he attempted to swing the axe at Sterling only for him to grab the handle with his bare hand and stop the attack completely.
"The hell is this? He just grabbed my-" The bandit said as he tried to pull the axe back, but to no avail. Sterling snatched the axe away from him and threw it to the side, he looked up at the bandit as his growl became louder and charged violently at the bandit.
Sterling managed to defeat the last Grimm in the forest and wiped a bit of sweat on his forehead and panted lightly. He looked up once more to see that a few clouds had moved away to partially reveal a full moon. When Sterling looked back down at the forest, he began to hear stomping that closed in on him, but stopped another second later, he readied his weapon by holding it near him like a batter would in a baseball game. Suddenly, a large boulder shot toward Sterling who quickly smashed it with his weapon, as the dust cleared, a large gorilla like Grimm: A Beringel emerged from the trees and looked down at Sterling for a moment. Sterling growled as he readied his weapon and the rows of spikes began to spin, the Beringel roared and thumped its chest before it lunged at Sterling and attempted to slam him with its fists, Sterling quickly back flipped away and dashed to the Grimm's side, the Beringel quickly responded by attempting to punch the wolf faunus who quickly blocked the attack with his weapon, the rotating rows of spikes lightly damaged the Grimm's knuckle, but still managed to successfully knock Sterling back lightly. As the rest of the clouds began to move away and reveal the full moon more and more, Sterling looked up and showed clear signs of anger as his aura crackled and glowed briefly. Both fighters exchanged glares at each other and began to charge at one another, the Beringel began to deliver a barrage of punches whilst Sterling violently swung his weapon to block them, the moment the Beringel let its guard down, Sterling darted forward and began to swing Da Huai Lang at the Grimm's stomach and launch it into the air, then he transformed his weapon into a bazooka once more and aimed it at the Beringel. Once locked on, he fired another fire dust rocket at it which homed in on the Grimm.
The last bandit flew into a wall and smashed through it. Gladion looked injured, but was still able to hold his unconscious wife in his arms, Sterling on the other hand held his now broken bat at what appeared to be the bandit leader who looked at Sterling and attempted to crawl away whilst whimpering in utter terror.
"Look! I-I won't go after your family again, I won't go after anyone's, I swear! Please don't kill me... please!" The bandit pleaded as he continued to try and crawl away, only to be stopped when Sterling stepped on his leg. Sterling was about to stab the bandit with his broken bat, the irises in his eyes almost looked as if they were on fire.
"Sterling!" Gladion called before the attack met its mark. Sterling paused and looked back at his family, Gladion had a strict expression on his face whilst his sisters showed clear concern. Sterling let out a faint sigh and dropped his bat, then he went to pick up the bandit by his jacket.
"If you go after any other innocent person again... you're going to wish I killed you right here." Sterling said in a low and hoarse tone of voice before he threw the bandit to the ground, the bandit quickly got up and ran off as if Hell was after him. Sterling looked back at his family once more and walked toward them.
"Is mum okay?" Sterling asked with clear concern which clearly brought comfort to his father and sisters.
The Beringel disappeared into the fiery explosion as Sterling returned his weapon back to its kanabo form, he looked at his scroll to see that he got a message, but before he could answer it, he saw more Grimm head toward him. Sterling looked up to see that the sky was clear and the moon was full, nobody else was around, but that didn't bother him one bit, he showed a sinister and toothy grin as he readied his weapon once more.

Because with no other people and a clear full moon, he was able to freely use his semblance and unleash his full fury.

The fury of the Big Bad Wolf.

  1. Red Gallade
    Red Gallade
    @Eeveechu151 Sorry if it felt like I stole it, I just thought it seemed like the best way to separate the present and the past for Sterling.
    Mar 7, 2019
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  2. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Fantastic work! Sterling’s family looks super interesting, and I can tell he’s struggled a LOT. My only criticism is the implication he easily dealt with a Nevermore solo seems fairly unlikely, but otherwise, great work! I see how you took the flashback format from me tho >>
    Mar 7, 2019
  3. Vacat1o
    Very nice.
    Mar 7, 2019
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