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RWBY/Digimon: Blake and Impmon

by NerdyNinja

Blake and Impmon.jpg
NerdyNinja If your a RWBY or Digimon fan you'll enjoy this. I'm making a story about a RWBY and digimon crossover. this is one of the many arts to come.
Name: Blake Belladonna
Gender: Female
Digimon partner:Impmon
Digivice: Purple Fusion Loader
Bio:Blake was a member of the White Fang, a group of faunus (People with animal features) who a first wanted to co exist with humans, but their old leader stepped down, and a new leader arose, Adam Taurus. A man who turned peace signs, into weapons, Blake realised what she had done was wrong, and during a mission she split herself away from Adam, and finding herself at a school called Beacon. Several days later, she joined Team RWBY. Some time after, her and her team had recieved four strange devices, each a different color. Blake recieved a Purple and Black device, but before they had time to figure out what had happened, She and her friends had been sucked into a digital field. Blake woke up in a strange town, she was definately not at Beacon anymore. She decided to explore and met a small purple creature Impmon. Impmon had sensed Blake's arrival and Blake was his Partner. But Blake didn't understand too well about the partner thing, she didn't even know where she was! That's when trouble started, they were attacked by a huge angry snake digimon called Sandiramon. Blake tries to fight it, but her attacks seem to do almost nothing. impmon tries to defend his partner by attacking the snake,but is easily overpowered. That's when Blake realises that even though they just met, she could tell he was pure in heart. All he wanted to do was protect her from that snake. Blake gets angry and faces off against it. Suddenly her device's screnn glows a bright gold color, with an odd symbol on the screen. Impmon gets up and has the same glow around him. This new strength he has obtained from Blake allows him to Digivolve into a new creature, Beelzemon. With this new form he easily defeats the snake and it vanishes into bits of data...